Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

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Inaugural 2 Off the Top

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A weekly series every Sunday (or in this case, Tuesday) where Matt and Eric choose a player in Fantasy Baseball (and soon Football) and predict a certain stat line for the week. They will then either agree or disagree with each other. Let the games begin!


Every week we are going to highlight one player on each of our fantasy baseball rosters who we believe will be the difference maker for our respective rosters. This week is even better since we are facing off against each other for the first time since launching T2 Sports.

Current Standings (8 Player, Head to Head Most Categories)

1st Eric: 10-2-3

3rd Matt: 9-4-2 (1.5 GB)

Matt: Starling Marte averages above .333 this week

Eric: Marte has been hot since returning plus he faces the Giants and Padres this week so I will agree that he hits above .333 for the week…unfortunately.

Matt’s defense: I’ve been waiting since April for my 4th round pick to contribute to my roster after Marte was handed down an 80 game ban. It appears my patience has paid off; in Marte’s first week back he went 9-27, with hits in 5 of the 7 games he played in. That consistency, and his desire to make up for lost time makes Marte a prime candidate to lead my offense this week. Not only do I want this to happen, I need it to happen. I currently rank 6th overall in our league for average (.2655) and Eric ranks first in the league (.3002) so if I’m going to knock him off the top spot I’m going to need Marte to play like the superstar I thought I had drafted.

Eric: Jose Altuve hits over .400 for the week

Matt: Everything Eric said about Altuve is correct. He’s a superstar player and has justified being drafted #2 overall this year. I’m going to play the numbers here, though, and say he doesn’t hit .400. He’s batting .364 on the season and will face a competitive Detroit pitching staff towards the end of the week. It’ll be close but he’s going to fall short.

Eric’s Defense: Jose Altuve has been arguably the best player in all of baseball this season on arguably the best team in all of baseball. In his last 15 games, Altuve has hit .500 while driving in 9 runs and scoring 9 as well. He has also stolen 3 bases and has been the star I projected him to be when I selected him 2nd overall. .500 over his last 15 is impressive but .615 over his last 7 is even more impressive, which Altuve also has going for him. Combine this all with the fact that he went 4 for 4 yesterday and hitting .400 actually seems realistic.

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