Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

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2 Off the Top

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Recap of last week’s predictions:

Matt: I’ve never been so mad that I was right. Add Tanaka to the list of pitchers on my DL. I took a bad loss this week (1-11) to a team chasing me for the last playoff slot. I’m going to be digging deep into the free agent pool this week to accommodate for Tanaka, Hernandez, Price, Strasburg, Pineda, Turner, and now Arenado injured. On the bright side, at least I didn’t draft Bryce Harper?

Eric: After the trade of Jay Bruce, it’s easy to see who the best player on the Mets is. Michael Conforto is a young, emerging star that has been on a tear since the all-star break. I said he would hit 2 HRs and collect 5 RBIs and he did just that and then some. In what is a lost season for the Mets, it is great to see their young position players improving every day.

Scoreboard says: Eric-2, Matt-2

This week’s predictions:

Matt: I get 3 wins from Free Agent Pitchers

 I mentioned I’d be digging deep into free agency this week. I plan on using all 6 match-up acquisitions allowed per week to add and promptly drop free agent pitchers for the night they start. I want to clarify that I’m picking from scraps at this point in the season but I’m going to play match-ups and focus on pitchers with low ERAs and high IPs.

Eric: Michael Conforto hits 3 more HRs this week

 I’m riding the hot hand again this week. Conforto and the Mets have a trip across town to Yankee stadium for 2 games before returning home to play the Yankees twice at Citi field. They then play the Marlins for 3 games at Citi Field over the weekend. I’ll say Conforto hits at least 3 more HRs this week, especially since Yankee stadium is slightly larger than a wiffle ball field.

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