Making the Tough Decisions in Fantasy Football

When building your fantasy squad for the upcoming season, there will always be some tough decisions to be made. Player A VS Player B becomes a common practice during the draft and even during the season when adding and dropping players. There are plenty of examples to be used for the upcoming season but the 5 I am about to give are the ones that I believe are the most talked about.

Here are 5 player decisions that I will happily make for you:

  1. David Johnson VS Le’Veon Bell

You have the first pick and these 2 top the board. Who do you take? Let me start by saying I know that I said that I would make the decision for you but this one is a win/win. Personally, I like David Johnson a little more because he seems like the safer pick plus the Cardinals seem to have no weapons outside of DJ and Larry Fitzgerald. However, you can’t go wrong with either guy. They will both have absolutely monstrous seasons and will reward you for taking them 1st overall.

  1. Julio Jones VS Mike Evans


This decision might catch me some flak but I’m taking Evans. Julio always seems to have one weird injury that lingers throughout the entire season and that’s enough to scare me away. Plus, Evans doubled up Jones in the TD department 12 to 6. I think Evans is on the verge of becoming the best red zone threat in the game and he gets a ton of targets.

  1. Jordan Reed VS Greg Olsen VS Travis Kelce

A triple threat decision is to be made as to who will be the 2nd TE off the board after Gronk. My guy is Greg Olsen, who is actually ranked lower by ESPN than Kelce and Reed. Here’s why: availability and that’s all I need to know. That immediately eliminates Jordan Reed. I like Reed when he’s healthy but the problem is I have to say ‘when he’s healthy’. Kelce had a much better 2016 after a 2015 that saw him stall a bit. I don’t think the Chiefs will ever be an explosive offense so that gives the nod to Olsen. Also I, like my friend Matt, believe Cam will have a major bounce back season and that’s good news for his favorite target.

  1. Tom Brady VS Aaron Rodgers


Matt thinks I’m crazy, I know I’m right. Tom Brady will be the best QB in fantasy football this season. He has the better running backs to throw to, he has the best tight end in football AND even though one could make the argument that Green Bay has the better receivers I really don’t believe it’s by that much. New England is loaded on the offensive side of the ball. They’re going to bludgeon teams this year and could very well average 35 to 40 points a game. Take Brady, thank me later.

  1. Christian McCaffrey VS Leonard Fournette

Trying to predict what a rookie will do in fantasy football is like trying to predict the weather. You can eye ball it and even chart out what could possibly happen, but you just never know. Fournette and McCaffrey are VERY good players. They will help their respective teams immensely. However, if you are in PPR, you NEED to take McCaffrey. In fact, if it’s standard scoring then I would even make the argument that McCaffrey is a more solid choice simply because of the state of the Jaguars offense at the moment. They don’t have a QB in Jacksonville. That means teams will stack the box to try and stop the rookie out of LSU. If there is no threat of the pass, then you will have a tough time running the ball. Just ask Todd Gurley about that, he knows all too well. I would take McCaffrey and feel good about doing it.

Published by

Matt Hicks

Matt’s writing is focused on dynasty and devy fantasy football. He loves blending his experience writing research in the field of education with fantasy football stats. Matt currently lives in Baltimore, MD and graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. You can follow Matt on Twitter: @TheFF_Educator

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