The SEC is in a Glass Case of Emotion

Matt Hicks

Staff Writer, SEC and Fantasy Football 

Much like Ron Burgundy himself, SEC fans are confused, very emotional, and don’t quite know what’s going on right now. This week’s SEC games were pure pandemonium; leaving no clear path to the SEC East and no clear threat to Alabama in the SEC West. It was a wild weekend that left Mississippi State cowbells ringing loud late into Saturday night and Rocky Top being sung only by a few very sad and very drunk Tennessee fans.

Let’s start there: Mississippi State was the biggest winner of the weekend. Nick Fitzgerald lit up the LSU defense, totaling 4 TDs through 180 passing yards and 88 rushing yards. Aeris Williams solidified the potency of the Bulldog offense, totaling 146 rushing yards on 23 carries. This loss means that Alabama’s two biggest threats to the SEC West, Auburn and LSU, both have taken early losses on the season. This could make for an easy path to Atlanta for the Crimson Tide, or maybe it’ll lead to late season drama.

Vanderbilt also won big on Saturday; with a 14-7 win against 18th ranked Kansas State. The Commodores win will be sure to shut down Big 12 and Kansas State truthers, who saw the Wildcats put up just 7 points behind Jesse Ertz who went 10-28 for 76 yards and 2 INT. Although Vandy made the SEC look good, Ole Miss and Mizzou showed that the bottom of the conference can’t compete with an average Pac-12 team (Cal) and a Purdue team that gets made fun of in the BIG 10. Texas A&M also looked bad, again, finding themselves trailing at halftime to yet another irrelevant out of conference opponent.

Speaking of looking bad, I’ll breakdown the Tennessee and Florida game. Neither team looked like an SEC East champion, albeit that’s a low criteria recently. Florida deserved to win the game, but looked very beatable. Butch Jones left an overwhelmed and under talented Quentin “Sleeves” Dormandy literally throw away the chances Florida’s defense kept giving him. I wrote before the game that Dormandy can’t win the Vols the East, and he proved it this game interception after interception…after interception. The good news for the Gators is Franks looked markedly improved from Week 1, throwing for 18-28 with 212 yards, 2 TDs. Florida also rushed for 168 yards. That’s exactly 157 more rushing yards than against Michigan. For the Vols, John Kelly looked like a Heisman candidate. Kelley rushed for 141 yards on 19 carries and caught 6 passes for 96 yards, capped off by a touchdown and a very controversial Gator chomp.

Other Week 3 winners include: Kentucky who fought off a tough Gamecocks squad and Georgia and Alabama who easily handled their out of conference opponents.

Watch for Kentucky in Week 4 to potentially upset the Gators in Lexington. You’ll also want to watch Georgia take on Mississippi State, in what I’m calling the “Battle of the Most Generic Mascot in College Sports”. After their performance against K-State, Vandy and Alabama could be an intriguing prime time game. Last but not least, if you’re having a bad day next Saturday make sure to tune into the Auburn and Mizzou game and you’ll be able to see the Mizzou squad have a much worse day than you.

Published by

Matt Hicks

Matt’s writing is focused on dynasty and devy fantasy football. He loves blending his experience writing research in the field of education with fantasy football stats. Matt currently lives in Baltimore, MD and graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. You can follow Matt on Twitter: @TheFF_Educator

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