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The Curious Case of Kevin Durant’s Twitter Accounts

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Kevin Durant is a very interesting subject these days. The former MVP turned snake/champion deserted his team in OKC for the Golden State Warriors and won a championship as well as NBA Finals MVP. You would think that would get some people off of Durant’s back right? Nope, enter the twitter-sphere and we have a full-blown scandal on our hands.

Apparently, Mr. snake has been responding to criticism on Twitter with burner accounts. What that means is KD has been creating/running dummy accounts on Twitter to respond to all of the haters. Wow, just wow is all that needs to be said about the most insecure athlete on the face of the planet. Hey KD, if you couldn’t handle a bunch of internet trolls telling you that you took the easy way to a championship then maybe you shouldn’t have taken the easy way to a championship. Did you ever think of that, hmm cupcake?

This is all a laughable turn of events. First KD releases his new sneakers that have a bunch of insults on the bottom of the shoe only to be written over by KD stating he is now a champion and now this? What’s next? Is KD going to go full Dennis Rodman meltdown mode and start wearing dresses and cozying up with the crazy North Korean psycho who could get us all killed?

I don’t think he’ll go that far, but Durant is a fragile human being if he seriously sweats people calling him out on twitter. The problem for Durant is those people are in their right for calling him out. KD left a surefire MVP and went to a team that won 73 games and, if not for an epic meltdown themselves, would be the reigning champs 3 times over. It makes it even worse that KD choked in the Western Conference Finals to the very same team he would run off and team up with.

So here is to your fragile state of being Kevin Durant. You are an enormous coward and I hope these people keep absolutely bombarding you on social media. Go collect championships with Steph Curry and the goon squad in Golden State but you will never be amongst the greats like you could have been. Why? Simply put, because you’re a cupcake and a cowardly one at that.

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