Fromm Irrelevant to Irreplaceable: Georgia’s Freshman Quarterback is Leading the Bulldogs to a SEC East Title

Matt Hicks

Staff Writer, SEC and Fantasy Football 

Georgia dominated Mississippi State in what I deemed to be the “Battle of the Most Generic Mascot in Sports”. Likely fueled by the anger of a bitter Uga, Georgia scored early and often in Athens on the backs of Fromm and Chubb. Fromm, the true freshman, has gone from irrelevant to irreplaceable and he continues to fill in for an injured Jacob Easton. Georgia just needed Fromm to be a game manager, and he has managed to do that. He went 9-12 for 202 yards, 2 TDs, 0 INT this week, to add to his total stat line of: 43-69, 650 yards, 7 TDs, 1 INT. That’s exactly the consistent, safe player they need behind center. Fromm proved he can be flashy too, he threw a beautiful spiral down the field to finish off a big flea flicker play early in the game. Chubb and Swift provided a dual rushing threat, combining for 150 yards on 25 carries, Chubb added on 2 TDs to that.

Georgia (4-0, 0-1) has now defeated a better than expected Mississippi State team, Notre Dame in South Bend, and a pair of weak out of conference opponents. Their talent and schedule, combined with the mess of teams that reside in their division make me confident Georgia is on their way to the SEC East title. Next week Georgia heads north to Knoxville and barring a Butch Jones firing, Dormandy benching, and John Kelly Jr. cloning the Bulldogs will walk out of Neyland with a win. Following that they play Vandy (not in trivia, unfortunately for the Commodores) and then Mizzou, which for some reason still counts as a conference game. The Gators then come into Athens, which hypothetically is a tough match-up. The Gators however look bad. They didn’t beat Tennessee, Tennessee beat themselves (nothing new for the Vols) and does that win against Kentucky even count? I say nay (got it neigh, nay, Kentucky horses…whatever, man). I wouldn’t bet on Florida in this game even if you gave me 10 points. They will then go to Auburn, which could be a loss for them but it wouldn’t drop them below any SEC East (based on head-to-head tiebreaker). Barring a trip up to the Gamecocks (again, that’s more of a Tennessee thing) Georgia is on their way to Atlanta.

We may only be 4 Weeks into the season for the most unpredictable conference in sports but two things seem apparent: that Georgia is for real, and that the rest of the division is not. I’m confident that the Georgia Bulldogs will be playing in Athens, and if they keep building on this foundation, that may even be able to the West a run for their money.

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Matt Hicks

Matt’s writing is focused on dynasty and devy fantasy football. He loves blending his experience writing research in the field of education with fantasy football stats. Matt currently lives in Baltimore, MD and graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. You can follow Matt on Twitter: @TheFF_Educator

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