Start/Bench/Drop: Week 4

Matt Hicks & Adam McKay

Introducing: Start/Bench/Drop where I go through my leagues and find trios of players that could lead to a tough decision for fantasy owners. I’ll then breakdown which, out of the three, I’ll start this week, which I’d keep on my roster but bench, and then which I’d drop. Start/Bench/Drop is so nice, however, that we play it twice: so Adam will be weighing in as well. Alright let’s do this:

-Crowell, Kelley, Cohen (Standard/Keeper/12 Player)

                Matt: Cohen/Crowell/Kelley

This is a tough one (and from my team), I don’t believe it Crowell but I can’t drop him yet, so I’ll bench him, drop Kelley based on health (I’ll likely regret this) and Flex Cohen, who has too much potential to drop, even in standard leagues.

                Adam: As an Isiah Crowell owner, it certainly has been a frustrating ride but he continues to get a ton of volume. He has a tough match-up with Cincy so I would sit this week and start Cohen where he may get a lot of targets in the pass game. Kelley is at the very best sharing the two-down role with Perine so it might be time to cut bait.

-Abdullah, Funchess, West (PPR/Redraft/12 Player)

                Matt: Funchess/Abdullah/West

                Funchess has been consistent in a bad offense (19 points the last two weeks), if the Panthers get it together against New England it could be a big day. I hate that I’m not dropping a Lions RB but   West only has 14 attempts in the last two weeks, it seems like the Ravens like Buck better. Imagine losing you starting job to a dude named “Buck”, that must be tough.

Adam: Let’s be honest here, Cam is just not right. I understand that Funchess might be one of the only receivers left with a pulse but good luck trying to get production in this offense. Abudullah appears to be the RB getting the majority of carries, but maybe sit the Vikings out this week. I like Terrence West sneaking a TD over Buck Allen so go ahead and plug him in your flex.

-Martavis Bryant, DeSean Jackson, Terrell Pryor (PPR/Redraft/10 Player)

Matt: Bryant/Pryor/Jackson

                Bryant has been anything but consistent, however, the Ravens gave up 44 points to the Jags so he’s gotta be able to haul in at least one TD right…right? Pryor has been anything but good, however, he’s still got good potential…maybe? Jackson has looked great so far, but he’s burned me so many times in the past cutting him from my roster just feels so good.

                  Adam: No emotion in fantasy Matthew! I’d prefer to not cut any of these three but if I had to pick one it would be Bryant who is just simply too inconsistent. Pryor has been bad but I do think he figures things out and becomes a reliable option week to week, just not this week with Marcus Peters therefore sit. As much as this hurts me, I’m going with Desean against my Giants. Jackrabbit will shadow Mike Evans which provides Jackson an interesting opportunity.

-Sanu, Lee. Matthews (PPR/Dynasty/12 Player)

                Matt: Lee/Sanu/Matthews

                Lee is getting overlooked amongst the Hurns hype, but he has 11 receptions the last two weeks. More importantly he’s playing the Jets, so he gets the start. Matthews gets dropped because I think Tyrod Taylor forgets he has WRs, Matthews has just 8 receptions through 3 weeks…pass.      Sanu has been surprisingly featured in a dynamic Atlanta offense, but don’t love his match-up.

                 Adam: Sanu has 15 catches in 3 games and has looked more comfortable in his second year with the Birds. I like him in all formats, especially PPR and against at best CB EJ Gaines so go ahead and start. Marquis Lee has been getting looks from Bortles so I’d say keep him in a PPR but sit this week against an underrated Jets defense. That leaves Matthews to the waiver wire until Tyrod gets more comfortable with him.

-Montgomery, Ajayi, Diggs (PPR/Redraft/8 Player)

                Matt: Ajayi/Montgomery/Diggs

                Don’t be a prisoner of the moment; Diggs will not drop 37 points with Case Keenum every week. Ajayi looked terrible last week but he’s got the Saints this week and I expect a huge bounce back performance. Ty Mont’s yardage looked bad last week but he was still featured in the offense, a lot. I bench him vs. the Bears who limited Bell last week but I refuse to drop him.

Adam: Another tough one but in an 8 player league, Montgomery would have to be the one dropped with Jamaal Williams nipping at his heels. Diggs is the number one fantasy receiver in football so good luck making an argument to drop this stud. However, I do like Ajayi against the Saints after a truly dreadful performance against the Jets. Diggs will probably have a field day against this Lions secondary as well but go with Ajayi for the safe bet. Ideally, you want to start both if possible.

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Matt Hicks

Matt’s writing is focused on dynasty and devy fantasy football. He loves blending his experience writing research in the field of education with fantasy football stats. Matt currently lives in Baltimore, MD and graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. You can follow Matt on Twitter: @TheFF_Educator

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