The Airing of Grievances, Fantasy Football Style

Matt Hicks

Staff Writer, SEC and Fantasy Football

In a nod to the great Seinfeld tradition, we at T2 will start celebrating the great tradition of the “Airing of Grievances”. If you’re not familiar with Seinfeld, then stop reading this blog and binge watch the entire series. The rest of you will know that the Airing of Grievances an opportunity to lash out and yell at those who have disappointed us. Here’s the players who left us frustrated after their performances in Week 4.

Cam Newton

Seriously Cam? You scored 30 points in the first 3 weeks of the season…you know those weeks I decided to believe in you. Now, once I finally give up and put you on my bench you score 32 points?? My frustration stems from a season high 316 passing yards and a season high 3 TD passes. Oh yeah AND you decided you remembered how to rush the ball again, totaling 44 yards and a rushing TD. I just don’t know what to make of you man.

JuJu Smith-Schuster

                JuJu, buddy, it’s really hard for me to be angry at you. You have by far the best name in the NFL, however I’m going to need you to not take TDs away from players with actual fantasy value. I started both Bryant (7 points, PPR) and Brown (3 points, Standard) and I could’ve used those 6 points you nabbed from them. To put it simply it’s not you, it’s me…but seriously cut it out.

Demaryius Thomas & Golden Tate

                I have the both of you on my same fantasy roster, so I’ll make this a joint rant. You can’t just go all season and act like consistent, solid options and then decide to both crap out on me at the same time. Thomas, one reception, really? One, for 11 yards!? Tate, you looked anything but Golden yourself; only 3 receptions for an impressive 29 yards? C’mon now you two, I know in real life you pay absolutely no attention to each other, but when it comes to my fantasy team I’m going to need you to start thinking of me.

All of the RBs in my Standard League

                Sometimes you’re just mad at the situation. We’ve all got one of these; the roster that just keeps disappointing week after week. The disappointment this week started with you, Tarik Cohen, who I started in my flex; I knew it was risky to start you in a standard league but I figured you could muster more than 4 measly points. To make matters worse, I was actually right to start Cohen in my flex because the greatest disappointment of them all, yeah I’m talking about you Crowell, only managed to get 2 points. I’m not angry at you, Dalvin Cook, I know that injury isn’t your fault but it does make it so that Frank Gore is the best healthy RB on my roster…

Published by

Matt Hicks

Matt’s writing is focused on dynasty and devy fantasy football. He loves blending his experience writing research in the field of education with fantasy football stats. Matt currently lives in Baltimore, MD and graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. You can follow Matt on Twitter: @TheFF_Educator

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