Airing of the Grievances Week 5: I’m Angry with Marlon Mack and The Steelers

Matt Hicks, Staff Writer

Monday’s are tough for fantasy football players. The excitement of Sunday has turned into the agony of second guessing line-up decisions. We at T2 encourage you to not blame yourself, blame others. Don’t call them out of Twitter though, that’s childish, instead engage in the tried and true anger management exercise: The “Airing of the Grievances”. Here’s who disappointed us this week:

Russell Wilson           

Russ, bro, what happened this week? You went OFF the last two weeks, combining for 668 passing yards and 7 total TDs. On top of that, you were playing the Rams D, which gave us a combined 69 points during those same two weeks. That made me very confident to play you in multiple DFS line-ups…yet you could only manage 198 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT today. A huge letdown from what was one of the hottest fantasy QB options.

Marlon Mack

Dude, you gotta cut this out. It is a very unfortunate fact that Gore is my best (healthy) RB on not one, but two of my teams. That’s hard enough as it is, and I don’t need you coming along and taking TDs from him. You want to rack up some yards and give old man Frank a break? Cool. But you gotta do me a solid and not steal the few TD opportunities your Luck-less Colts get.

Todd Gurley and Sammy Watkins

This one comes courtesy of Jonathan Smith (@DFF_sjonathan02) who is rightly angry at Todd Gurley for putting in a 2016-esque performance JUST as we started to believe he had returned to rookie form for sure. Gurley put up just 43 rushing yards on 14 carries…and fumbled. Let’s not pretend like that Seattle D has actually been good either. Todd, we depend on you now, you can’t do this kind of thing anymore. Now to Watkins: Sammy, who are you? You have one amazing week and make us all salivate over what you can be to fantasy owners (especially those of us who got you on the cheap OR WORSE those of us who have believed in you and wasted a spot on our dynasty rosters for years). Yet, you’ve brought in just one reception the last two weeks…make up your mind, we need you to be legit. Check out Jonathan’s writing via Twitter and send us in your “Airing of the Grievances” for next week!

Everyone on the Steelers (Except Antonio Brown)

Ben, Le’Veon, Martavis…what in the world happened in Pittsburgh this week? I knew not to believe in Big Ben as a fantasy QB but that never stopped me from believing in his ability to run an offense. That’s now changed. Bell totaled just 47 yards on 15 carries, putting up single digit numbers in standard scoring for 3 out of the first 5 weeks. I understand Bryant is supposed to be “boom or bust” but there’s been very, very little boom this year. He’s scored above 4 points in standard scoring just once in 5 weeks…and I’m over it. I’m not starting Bryant in any leagues right now. With the way Roethlisberger is playing I’d even consider trading Bell in most leagues. Pittsburgh’s offense is going nowhere fast, sell while you can.

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Published by

Matt Hicks

Matt’s writing is focused on dynasty and devy fantasy football. He loves blending his experience writing research in the field of education with fantasy football stats. Matt currently lives in Baltimore, MD and graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. You can follow Matt on Twitter: @TheFF_Educator

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