The NFL Week That Was: Highlighting Some RB Studs

Eric Adams. Staff Writer. Co-Creator of T2. Human Missile, if need be.

Week 6 of the 2017 NFL Season wraps up tonight when the Indianapolis Colts travel to Tennessee to take on the Titans. Before I get to my thoughts on a couple of running backs, here’s a little rundown of what happened this weekend:

-Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone and not only as a fantasy football team owner, but an NFL fan, this sucks. For fans it sucks, for Rodgers it sucks, it all just sucks. The NFC is wide open, more wide open as ever actually. Speaking of wide open…

-The Chiefs dropped a home game to the Steelers. The Steelers may very well be the biggest obstacle to a Chiefs team that has Super Bowl aspirations. The loss ended any chance of an NFL team going undefeated this season (which is a silly thought to begin with). The NFC is wide open and I don’t believe anybody in the AFC has really stepped forward and taken on the truly elite status that everybody desires. Which brings me to my next point…

-People, it’s October 16th and it’s only week 6. I don’t want to hear about ‘O they look bad’ and ‘They might be the best team in the NFL’. It’s mid-October; NFL teams ALWAYS evolve from August all the way to December and January. We are in the middle of the season. There isn’t a truly elite team yet. They won’t reveal themselves until late November so stopped trying to crown the Super Bowl Champion in October.

-Speaking of crowning Super Bowl Champions in October, Broncos fans should probably stop dreaming of beating the Patriots in November and start worrying about the fact that Trevor Siemian isn’t the answer and that their defense just got shredded on the ground by a 0-5 Giants team at home. I’ll have more on this later from a Giants perspective

-The officials in the Jets-Patriots game made the right call on Austin Seferian-Jenkins’ 4th quarter fumble. Butler punched the ball out and ASJ fumbled at the exact split second where if he were to have fumbled, it’s a touchback. It’s not a bad call; it’s just unfortunate bad luck for the Jets and a hell of a play by Malcolm Butler.

-I have no idea what is wrong with the Raiders, but Lynch looks slow and Carr doesn’t seem to be on the same page as his receivers. They just signed NaVorro Bowman but their defense doesn’t seem to be the problem at the moment.

-If you told me back in August that the Rams-Jaguars game happening in week 6 would be an electric factory full of big-play football, I would’ve laughed at you. Those two teams are trending upward and the Rams one of those teams that have a serious chance now with Rodgers seemingly out for the year.

Orleans Darkwa FINALLY gets his due


The man above simply DOES NOT CARE about how putrid his O-Line is. This man will still ball. You’ve been put on alert.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am the founder of the Orleans Darkwa fan club. I have had to sit through a lot of bad Giants football when it comes to running the rock. He has shown speed and a lot of burst at the line of scrimmage and his best quality is he doesn’t really care how bad the Giants offensive line is. I have wanted the Giants to give Darkwa the starting job after seeing him in limited action over the past 2 plus years. He had his coming out party against a very good Broncos defense in a tough environment. If the Giants finally smarten up and let him handle the full workload then he is a borderline RB1 the rest of the way. There’s a bold prediction for you now go scoop him in your league if he’s available.

Dion Lewis is the RB to trust going forward in New England

The wait for Patriots fans for RB Dion Lewis to return to 2015 form may be over. Lewis looked good carrying the ball 7 times for 53 yards last week against the Bucs. This week he was the lead back in the New England backfield, carrying the ball 11 times for 52 yards and a touchdown. Lewis finally looks like his old quick and elusive self and he will only get more playing time moving forward. He was seemingly on the trade block as recent as 3 weeks ago and now he looks to be back in a starring role for the Pats. He is the RB to own in New England.

Melvin Gordon deserves more love for best RB in Fantasy Football

Gordon Fresh

Melvin Gordon appreciation post below. Give Gordon some love…unless you played against him…condolences if that’s the case

I know he’s currently 5th in PPR but Melvin Gordon is doing it all…. again. He’s getting rushing touchdowns, he’s getting receiving touchdowns; he is simply a dynamic back. What’s surprising is that San Diego is a team that plays from behind often (a nice way of saying they’re bad) and that usually spells doom for a running back. That’s not the case for Melvin Gordon who is the main attraction for the Chargers offense. This isn’t a ‘here’s how to trade for Melvin Gordon’ column, this is more of just a glowing endorsement to those who drafted him. He is a very worthy first round pick and deserves the spotlight after the way his career started.

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