Start/Bench/Drop: Week 7

Matt Hicks & Adam McKay

It’s Friday and that means two things: it’s time for Start/Bench/Drop and we gotta get down (yes that was a Rebecca Black reference). For those not familiar with our weekly series, me and Adam find real scenarios from leagues we’re in and decide which players we’d start, which we’d bench, and which we’d drop. Alright, let’s do this:

Jay Ajayi, Alvin Kamara, Carlos Hyde (PPR/Redraft)

Matt: Start Ajayi, Bench Kamara, Drop Hyde

Ajayi has finally decided to contribute to the 2017 fantasy season! The good news: he put up 130 yards last week. The better news: he had 26 carries which means the Dolphins may be shifting to make him the focus (finally). I love me some Kamara. I’ll admit I’m biased because I spent last year watching him tear it up at Neyland Stadium but he’s a legit PPR weapon. Ajayi has a slightly better match-up, but Kamara must be rostered on every team. I don’t care what Hyde’s numbers are, he’s old and boring and I feel gross every time I play him.

Adam: Start Kamara, Bench Hyde, Drop Ajayi

It is honestly still unknown what the role will be for Kamara going forward, but early returns seem to be positive. Kamara is the type of guy that can shoulder the load in the rushing and passing game and is the future in New Orleans. Love the upside, time to give him the start. I’ve always been a bit bullish on Hyde and what he can bring in the run game, the only thing that concerns me is that one game last week he seemingly went MIA in. He’s the sixth ranked RB in PPR formats per ESPN and just came off a two TD game so no reason to abandon him now. Have fun living week to week with Ajayi, but I’ll pass given he’s been so hit or miss all season.

Chris Thompson, Matt Breida, JuJu Smith-Shuster (PPR/Dynasty)

Matt: Start JuJu, Bench Thompson, Drop Breida

I think this is the week “Fat” Rob Kelley reclaims his role in Washington. That being said, I think it’s worth keeping Thompson on the bench. I’m starting my man JuJu this week; it seems Bryant is just not going to be involved in the offense and defenses are starting to hone in on Big Ben being over reliant on Brown. Ben’s going to be forced to open the field, and JuJu is going to be his guy. I second everything I said about Hyde and apply it to Breida, except he’s young and won’t be taking Hyde’s job.

Adam: Start JuJu, Bench Thompson, Drop Breida

None of these match-ups make me incredibly excited but JuJu has been seeing more targets his way and is getting more and more comfortable with his role. He could be a sneaky play in bigger leagues for sure. The one thing I will say about Thompson is he is still getting carries, but as Matt mentioned above Kelley will inevitably take some of those away. I mentioned in the last column how I felt about Hyde and that holds true to Breida’s situation. He is nothing more than a complimentary option in San Fran.

Dion Lewis, Adam Humphries, Andre Ellington (Standard/Keeper)

Matt: Start Lewis, Bench Ellington, Drop Humphries

Unfortunately, this is again from my keeper. I mentioned this week that Lewis was a prime waiver wire target and I stand by that. He’s taken over as the feature back in New England and that’s worth a start every week. I want to play Ellington, with every fiber in my body but I’m not sure if last week was a fluke or the new Arizona offense. I’m balking this week and putting him on my bench. This drop hurt because I love Humphries, and he has a very safe floor but it’s harder to find a RB to plug and play than a WR so I’ll let Humphries hit the waiver wire and hope to get him back next week.

Adam: Start Humphries, Bench Lewis, Drop Ellington

It’s not that I love Humphries in everyday matchups, but Buffalo doesn’t necessarily have a ton of great CB depth. I could see Humphries lining up in the slot and snagging a touchdown because of a mismatch. Normally I would like Lewis more but Atlanta’s rangy LB could pose a problem for Lewis out of the backfield. Unfortunately for Ellington, his value for the Cardinals will most likely only be in the pass game and last week we saw him fall by the wayside. It really is tough to latch on to any Arizona RB other than AP these days.

Derrick Henry, Ted Ginn Jr., Matt Forte (PPR/Redraft)

Matt: Start Forte, Bench Henry, Drop Ginn Jr.

Forte came back from his toe injury and proved he’s the main back for the Jets. What is surprising is how involved he was in the passing game (8 receptions). I want Matt Forte, the dual threat in my line-up. Let’s pump the brakes on Henry, he got over half his points in garbage time last week; I’ll bench him until he’s actually the starter in Tennessee. Ginn Jr. played great last week but his 4 receptions was a season high, I’m not keeping someone who gets 4 receptions at best a week.

Adam: Start Henry, Bench Forte, Drop Ginn Jr.

Did you watch Derrick Henry last week? Man, that man can run the football and I have good news for you. He’s playing Cleveland and Demarco Murray is looking like he will be limited with a hamstring injury. Start Henry and literally don’t look back. I do like Forte in this nice matchup against Miami, but as mentioned before it’s not going to hold up against Henry. I’m a Michael Thomas owner so and Ginn is such a vulture that I don’t even feel bad about designating him to a drop.

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