Airing of the Grievances: Week 7

Matt Hicks, Staff Writer

Did you take a bad beat this week? Are you angry with player(s) who cost you a big win? Don’t be that person who “@’s” someone on Twitter (seriously that’s lame, don’t do that). Instead, participate in our weekly Airing of the Grievances where we take a lighthearted approach and tell the players who let us down, just how disappointed we are in them. Here’s who let us down this week:

The Ten Quarterbacks without a Passing Touchdown this Week

Hey quarterbacks, you’re an absolute mess this year! Tell me how ten…TEN…of you don’t put up even one touchdown? These quarterbacks include Brissett, Mariota, Cam, Keenum, Siemian, Trubisky, Kessler and Kizer, and Beathard and Hundley (who each had a rushing touchdown). Some of the bigger disappointments here are Mariota (against the Browns), Cam who also threw 2 interceptions, and Keenum; who seems determined to keep us guessing on what he’ll do every week. Trubisky gets a pass because he only threw the ball 7 times. Get it? A pass. Alright, moving on.

Carlos Hyde and… Alshon Jeffery

We always ask our Twitter followers who let them down, we had some good answers this week, but @flowwords had us laughing with this one. First, they’re spot on with Hyde, who was coming off his second best performance of the season (with 19 points). In Week 7 he put up just 9 points, including 14 attempts for 68 yards. It’s actually very Hyde-esque but I just want him to be that next level player so bad. Now let’s get to Jeffery, who hasn’t actually played yet this week. I’m interpreting this submission in two ways: first, that Jeffery has been disappointing all season; which we can all agree with. Second, I’m thinking @flowwords already knows Jeffery will let them down this week, so much so they’re ready to air grievances before Jeffery even puts on the pads! Let’s see how this one goes, and you can tweet us your grievances next week to be featured!

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

I realize you’re just doing your job, your honor, but what my opponent (who has Zeke) just did to me is criminal. I was ROBBED, your honor. I thought I had this game in the bag, I even figured Zeke for 20 points, but 39 of them is just criminal. I do recognize, your honor, that I deserve this because I played Amari in my line-up and he had no legal right to put up 33. Still, your decision to allow Zeke to play cost me a critical win this week and I have to use my first amendment right to air my grievances!

Bill Belicheck

I wrote last week that Dion Lewis has taken over as RB1 in New England, and I stand by that. The problem is that New England also as a RB2, a RB3, AND a RB4. Bill insists on using all 4 of his running backs, making Lewis (who I started in 2 leagues) a diluted fantasy option. Lewis has 6 yards/carry for 76 yards total; which made him a good fantasy option. However, if he got the 14 carries given to Burkhead and Gillislee he would’ve had another 84 yards (on his 6 yards/carry pace) for a total of 160 yards and 16 fantasy points. I was so angry with Lewis’ workload that Eric had to tell me to stop texting him about it. Note that I left White in the mix, so I’m not even asking you to use just 1 back, Bill, I’m asking you to let Dion be an impact player.

Melvin Gordon

What happened, man? You’ve been a DFS hero the last two weeks, you got me hooked on you, and then you fall flat this week. Gordon totaled just 38 yards, on 18 carries. Eckeler also had 38 yards, but on just 7 carries. Eckeler also put up a touchdown, unlike Gordon. We weren’t the only ones let down, either. When we asked Twitter who let them down this week, 39% of y’all said Gordon. Shake it off, Mel, New England is up next and we need you to return to form.

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Matt Hicks

Matt’s writing is focused on dynasty and devy fantasy football. He loves blending his experience writing research in the field of education with fantasy football stats. Matt currently lives in Baltimore, MD and graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. You can follow Matt on Twitter: @TheFF_Educator

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