T2’s CFB Playoff Ranking Prediction

Justin Shelley, Contributor 

In honor of the first College Football Playoff Rankings being released tonight, I have decided to post my Top 10 along with the order I believe the committee will have the teams. I decided to do a Top 10 list because there are still a large amount of teams that have a chance at making the playoff. As the season progresses, I will go down to a Top 4 and include the first 2 teams out.

The projection for the committee is based off of the CFP Selection Protocol (http://collegefootballplayoff.com/documents/2017/10/20//CFP_Selection_Committee_Protocol.pdf?id=23) and what we have seen in the first 3 years of the system. My rankings are based on what we have seen thus far and NOT projecting what will happen in the future. One of the unqiue aspects about the CFP rankings is we still don’t understand if the committee is choosing the 4 BEST teams or the 4 most DESERVING. Each member of the committee has a different opinion on this debate which makes the rankings very difficult to project week to week. 

 My Top 10:

1. Georgia 

2. Alabama 

If you’ve watched any CFB this season and have a functioning brain you can clearly see that UGA and Bama have been the top 2 teams on the field this season. Both have dominated the majority of their opponents and have looked great on both sides of the ball. The reason I have UGA ahead of Bama is the big win at Notre Dame, the projected #3 team in the rankings.  

3. Notre Dame 

With wins over NC State, USC, and Michigan State, ND has by far the best resume of the one loss teams. Also, the Fighting Irish have the best loss against the projected #1 team UGA.

4. Oklahoma 

Best win of the season thus far at Ohio State in week 2 by double digits. The loss to Iowa State is looking better and better as the Cyclones should be ranked in the top 20 tonight.

5. Clemson 

2 great wins over top 15 teams, on the road at Virginia Tech and against Auburn. The only loss for the Tigers was at Syracuse by 3 in a game where they lost their starting QB Kelly Bryant.

6. Ohio State 

– Huge win over Penn State this past weekend but thats basically it for the Buckeyes. I believe the lost at home to Oklahoma by 15 points should hurt them at this point in the season.

7. TCU

Great win in Stillwater vs. a top 15 Oklahoma State team. Not much else to talk about for the Horned Frogs

8. Penn State

Tough loss to the Buckeyes by 1 point in the Shoe. Nitty Lions need Michigan to keep winning to make their W look more impressive. 

9. Miami

10. Wisconsin

Yes the Hurricanes and Badgers are undefeated at this point but we still don’t know much about them. Both teams have yet to beat a ranked team this season and haven’t dominated their relatively weak opponents. We should learn a lot about the Canes this weekend as they host a top 15 team Virginia Teach.

What I believe the committe will have:

1. Alabama 

2. Georgia

3. Notre Dame

4. Ohio State

5. Clemson

6. Oklahoma

7. Penn State 

8. TCU 

9. Miami 

10. Wisconsin

As a college football fan I always love a healthy debate so please tweet us (@Top2Sports) or leave a comment with your top 4 teams. Remember there is still a TON of football to be played and I’m sure this will look very different one month from today.

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