Heating Up The MVP Race Week 14

Eric Adams, Staff Writer

We are well into the NFL season and the MVP candidates have made their presence felt. While there are plenty of teams who boast a possible candidate, 3 players (all quarterbacks) have built up the best case for the award. A little side note to remember while reading this: the MVP is intentionally not the player most valuable to their team. If this were the case, then Tom Brady would be intentionally disqualified year in and year out. The MVP is the player who has the best regular season. While the circumstances surrounding those players do factor somewhat into the equation, the award is still bound to go to the player with the flashy stat lines. Hate or it love it that is how this award works and will continue to work.

On with the MVP candidates:

Carson Wentz, QB, Philadelphia Eagles 

Team Record: 10-2 

Stats: 60.7 Cmp% / 3,005 yards / 29 TD / 6 INT / QBR: 72.4 

Remaining Schedule: @LAR, @NYG, VSOAK, VSDAL

Week 14 analysis: Wentz has a tall task ahead of him in week 14 when the 10-2 Eagles travel to face the 9-3 Rams in LA. Wentz has been very good all season long and is the main reason Philly has become one of the elite teams in the NFC. His biggest game is the next one. Wentz simply can not afford to lose to the Rams if he wants to keep his MVP chances alive. If Wentz can beat the Rams, he has a stat padding game against the Giants followed by 2 home games against a couple of bad defenses. Beating the Rams would do wonders for Wentz’ MVP chances.

Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots 

Team Record: 10-2 

Stats: 68.5 Cmp % / 3,632 yards / 26 TD / 4 INT / QBR: 71.1

Remaining Schedule: @MIA, @PIT, VSBUF, VSNYJ 

Week 14 Analysis: It’s a good MVP race this year and should unfold over the next few weeks but I’m going to make this simple. If Brady and the Pats win in Miami then take care of Pittsburgh, they’re going to win out. If that happens, I have a hard time picking anyone but Brady to be MVP. He has had yet another incredible season and is showing no signs of slowing down at age 40. The game in Miami got significantly harder with the 1 game suspension of Gronk but expect Brady to ride a hot run game to victory. Brady has historically owned Pittsburgh and the location of the game rarely matters. If Brady carves up the Steelers again then this is his MVP race to lose.

Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks

Team Record: 8-4 

Stats: 62.4 Cmp% / 3,256 yards / 26 TD / 8 INT / QBR: 60.8 / Rush Yards/TD: 432/3 

Remaining Schedule: @JAX, VSLAR, @DAL, VS SF

Week 14 Analysis: For those who like using the argument ‘well where would that team be without that guy’, here is your candidate. DangeRUSS Wilson has had another great season, leading the Seahawks to an 8-4 record, one game behind LA for the NFC West lead. They have a game coming up in week 15 that will likely decide who takes the West. Wilson needs to win out and that will assure an NFC West crown. If he does just that, he will have a serious case for being MVP because that Seattle team has had some gigantic injuries.

Honorable Mentions:

Antonio Brown: Once again the best receiver in football, Brown is the Pittsburgh Steeler who deserves some MVP consideration.

Todd Gurley/Jared Goff: The young Rams leaders are setting the groundwork for a promising and lengthy run in LA. The Rams should be good for years to come and Goff and Gurley should be perennial MVP candidates.


Case doesn’t want to hear anything but his name for MVP

Case Keenum: We live in a world where I just mentioned Case Keenum as an MVP candidate. What a time to be alive.

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