Heating Up The MVP Race Week 15

Eric Adams, Staff Writer

One week was all it took for the 3 primary MVP candidates to take a hit. One of them took the biggest hit of all unfortunately as Carson Wentz tore his ACL late in the 4th quarter against the Rams. All the words have been said around the sports world about how bad everyone feels for Wentz and the Eagles. This has got to be torture for Philly fans and I won’t pine on it much longer but Wentz was on his way to the MVP. They outlasted the Rams and Wentz played great, as he has all season long. He would’ve torched the defensive backfields of the Giants, Raiders and Cowboys even though he probably would have sat for rest in week 17. If not for a busted wheel on the Wentz wagon, then the Philly QB would be adding ‘MVP’ to his credentials.

However, the show must go on. The other two candidates had rough weeks, which opens the door for a new candidate. Ladies and gentleman, Antonio Brown has entered the race and should be considered the favorite.

Antonio Brown, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers


Antonio Brown entering the MVP race like

Team Record: 11-2*NFL Best

Stats: 99 Rec / 1,509 Yards / 15.2 AVG. / 9 TD

Remaining Schedule: VSNE, @HOU, VSCLE

Week 15 Analysis: As I said above, one week is all it took. AB went off against the Ravens, catching 11 passes for 213 yards (!!!) in a game that…well, has become routine for AB. I said before the season Odell Beckham JR. will be the best receiver in fantasy this year and I’ll never speak such tomfoolery again. Antonio Brown is BY FAR the best receiver in the league. He will be in Canton one day and mentioned alongside the likes of Jerry Rice, TO and Moss. He has two simple tasks (ok they’re not simple at all) to winning the MVP. The first is to play like AB for the remaining 3 games and that sounds pretty status quo for Brown because it is. The second task is to beat New England on Sunday. If the Steelers beat the Patriots on Sunday then Antonio Brown should be the MVP of the league. I don’t care that he is not a QB, I don’t care how many other weapons the Steelers have on offense. This guy is most deserving of the award given to the player who has the best season. If his team dispatches its chief competition, securing home field advantage in the playoffs and what will likely be the NFL’s best team record when it’s all said and done then he deserves the MVP.

Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots

Team Record: 10-3

Stats: 67.4 CMP% / 3,865 Yards / 27 TD / 6 INT / 68.9 QBR

Remaining Schedule: @PIT, VSBUF, VSNYJ

Week 15 Analysis: What a difference a Gronk makes. Brady looked very un-GOAT-like on Monday night against the Dolphins. While it was a total team effort contributing to the loss, Brady was uncharacteristically bad without his top target and honestly, it’s not surprising. Outside of Gronkowski, the Patriots don’t have anyone to fear. I know Cooks is there but deep threats are easily neutralized when they are the only threat. With that said, Gronkowski is back this week and that is bad news for the Steelers who have been owned by both Brady and Gronkowski. Also bad news is the fact that the Steelers defense is putrid. I said if Brown and the Steelers beat New England then he is the MVP and vice versa for Brady. If the Patriots beat the Steelers then Brady is likely going to be the MVP. The outcome of this game should tell you who MVP is.

Russell Wilson, QB, Seattle Seahawks 

Team Record: 8-5

Stats: 61.9 CMP% / 3,527 Yards / 29 TD / 11 INT / 61.5 QBR 

Remaining Schedule: VSLAR, @DAL, VSARI

Week 15 Analysis: While Wilson performed admirably against one of the leagues top defenses; he did not pull out the victory. Seattle is still in play for the NFC West but unless Russell wins out AND Brown and Brady both have a hiccup, I see Wilson as a long shot MVP candidate. He deserves to be in the conversation but the other two have stronger cases at the moment. Beat the Rams, however, and we’ll see what happens because week 14 proved that any given Sunday (or Monday) is still a relevant phrase for the NFL.

Honorable Mentions:

Jared Goff/Todd Gurley: If the Rams had pulled off the upset and beat Philly, then these two would have been in the conversation but a loss hurts them. However, the loss of Wentz for Philly has opened the door for the entire NFC and the Rams just may be the biggest benefactors to that injury.

Case Keenum: Nice try Keenum.






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