Mock Draft Series 2.0

Edited by Matt Hicks, Staff Writer

Welcome back to the Mock Draft Series! This is a series of mock drafts that will happen throughout the 2018 NFL off-season. The drafts will have different rules, that are tailored to different league formats. This draft is Dynasty, PPR, Supeflex and does include rookies. This article provides some reaction/feedback to picks but we go into full detail on the Top2Pod, our podcast that you can listen to, or download via Apple Podcast HERE. The writers have their twitter handles linked in their comment. Each featured writer has one pick explained, and that pick is unedited and in their own words, not mine.

1.1        THE FANTASY TYPHOON              Ezekiel Elliot

1.2        Derek Brown /FFB 24/7               DeAndre Hopkins

1.3        Dave H/ DynastyDorks                 Todd Gurley

1.4        Josh P/Top2/Dorks                       Odell Beckham Jr.

1.5        Eric Adams/Top2                          Le’Veon Bell

1.6        Marc S/ FF Addicts                       Antonio Brown

1.7        Rick from The Checkdown           Leonard Fournette

1.8        Wheeler/nflmock                          David Johnson

1.9        PKRipper/Pyromaniac                 Deshaun Watson

Why Watson this early? this is how I Superflex! Despite playing just 6 1/2 games he threw for 1,699 yards, 19 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. He also rushed for 269 yards and 2 more Touchdowns. If you translate that over 16 games, you get 4,180 passing yards, 46 Tds,19 interceptions, 662 rushing yards, 4 rushing touchdowns.

1.10      Rysn/fntsyfbconnect                    Michael Thomas

1.11      AZ/RedraftFootball Factory         Kareem Hunt

1.12      Matt Hicks/Top2                           Mike Evans

2.1        Matt Hicks/Top2                           Dalvin Cook

2.2        AZ/RedraftFootball Factory         Melvin Gordon

2.3        Rysn/fntsyfbconnect                   Saquon Barkley

It feels absolutely strange taking a rookie this early. The thing that truly separates Barkley is his elite receiving floor. He’s just as talented catching the ball out of McCaffrey with far more upside as a rusher. As well he’s been getting ridiculous value in trades; the more the hype builds which will only go up after the combine.

2.4        PKRipper/Pyromaniac                  Alvin Kamara

2.5        Wheeler/nflmock                          Carson Wentz

2.6        Rick from The Checkdown           Julio Jones

2.7        Marc S/ FF Addicts                       Christian McCaffrey

2.8        Eric Adams/Top2                          Keenan Allen

2.9        Josh P/Top2/Dorks                       AJ Green

2.10      Dave H/ DynastyDorks                 Davante Adams

2.11      Derek Brown /FFB 24/7               Derrick Henry

2.12      THE FANTASY TYPHOON              Joe Mixon

3.1        THE FANTASY TYPHOON             Amari Cooper

Im sticking with my young, high draft capital template. Here is another talented former NFL draft, first round pick, laying around. Welcome aboard team TYPHOON Mr. Cooper. He had one down season and the fantasy community immediately says, Ut oh he’s a bust. One day folks will learn that most players value fluctuate from year to year especially when you have constant changes with OC/HC and GM’s. Now with Gruden in the building on a nice long contract Amari can get the stable and consistent coaching he desperately missed last year for the next 5+ years. Now he can learn and build up his game and continue to grow. Gruden will make it a priority to make Amari pop in 2018 and beyond. With his fantasy value set to make a rebound back to the mid first conversation, I already have my ticket. Bought at the 3.1 on 2/16/2018. When we look back on this exercise, watch how INSANE this pick will be.

3.2        Derek Brown /FFB 24/7               Devonta Freeman

3.3        Dave H/ DynastyDorks                 Stefon Diggs

3.4        Josh P/Top2/Dorks                       Russell Wilson

3.5        Eric Adams/Top2                          Cam Newton

3.6        Marc S/ FF Addicts                       Aaron Rodgers

3.7        Rick from The Checkdown           Tom Brady

3.8        Wheeler/nflmock                          Tyreek Hill

3.9        PKRipper/Pyromaniac                  Marcus Mariota

3.10      Rysn/fntsyfbconnect                    Jordan Howard

3.11      AZ/RedraftFootball Factory         Jared Goff

3.12      Matt Hicks/Top2                           Jarvis Landry

4.1        Matt Hicks/Top2                           Zach Ertz

4.2        AZ/RedraftFootball Factory         Alshon Jeffery

4.3        Ryan/fntsyfbconnect                   Brandin Cooks

4.4        PKRipper/Pyromaniac                  Josh Gordon

4.5        Wheeler/nflmock                          Derrius Guice

4.6        Rick from The Checkdown           Carlos Hyde

4.7        Marc S/ FF Addicts                       Allen Robinson

4.8        Eric Adams/Top2                         LeSean McCoy

I expect Shady to have another good year being the main focal point in what should be a revamped Buffalo offense. Lamar Jackson as the QB would work wonders for McCoy. Also good value here in the 4th

4.9        Josh P/Top2/Dorks                       Travis Kelce

4.10      Dave H/ DynastyDorks                 Mark Ingram

4.11      Derek Brown /FFB 24/7               Matthew Stafford

4.12      THE FANTASY TYPHOON              Sony Michel

5.1        THE FANTASY TYPHOON              Corey Davis

5.2        Derek Brown /FFB 24/7               Kirk Cousins

5.3        Dave H/ DynastyDorks                T.Y. Hilton

Hilton was my buy low and I was surprised to see him fall.  Definitely could end up as my WR1 at the end of the year.  Rounds out my WR room and with Luck coming back, I expect him to return to WR1 form.  He didn’t have any offseason to get chemistry with Brissett so this season was a wash.  The best part of the season was that he escaped injury.  Felt like I got my best value so far this draft with this pick.  Just missed on Cousins who I was hoping to pair with Diggs.

5.4        Josh P/Top2/Dorks                       Andrew Luck

5.5        Eric Adams/Top2                          Lamar Jackson

5.6        Marc S/ FF Addicts                       Duke Johnson

5.7        Rick from The Checkdown           Adam Thielen

5.8        Wheeler/nflmock                          JuJu Smith-Schuster

5.9        PKRipper/Pyromaniac                  Sammy Watkins

5.10      Rysn/fntsyfbconnect                    Dak Prescott

5.11      AZ/RedraftFootball Factory         Marvin Jones Jr.

5.12      Matt Hicks/Top2                           Jimmy Garappolo

6.1        Matt Hicks/Top2                           Kenyon Drake

6.2        AZ/RedraftFootball Factory         Derek Carr

6.3        Rysn/fntsyfbconnect                    Matt Ryan

6.4        PKRipper/Pyromaniac                  Jamaal Williams

6.5        Wheeler/nflmock                          Jameis Winston

6.6        Rick from The Checkdown           Evan Engram

6.7        Marc S/ FF Addicts                      Drew Brees

While others are distracted by unproven rookies or youth with lots of ups and downs, I’ll be here taking proven assets and winning a championship in 2018. I can take a rookie with my #12 pick in the 2019 first round. Yep, Brees is old. But Brees is good.

6.8        Eric Adams/Top2                          Larry Fitzgerald

6.9        Josh P/Top2/Dorks                       Rob Gronkowski

6.10      Dave H/ DynastyDorks                 Patrick Mahomes

6.11      Derek Brown /FFB 24/7               Tevin Coleman

6.12      THE FANTASY TYPHOON              Calvin Ridley

7.1        THE FANTASY TYPHOON              Will Fuller

7.2        Derek Brown /FFB 24/7               Hunter Henry

7.3        Dave H/ DynastyDorks                 OJ Howard

7.4        Josh P/Top2/Dorks                      Ronald Jones II

Well it was time to address running back. Waiting this long means swing for the fences in my book. Jones is dripping with upside. Can he prove to be a 3 down back or will he fill a more Sproles-esque role, who knows? However I could easily see him being what Ameer Abdullah woulda, coulda, shoulda been.

7.5        Eric Adams/Top2                          Jack Doyle

7.6        Marc S/ FF Addicts                       Dion Lewis

7.7        Rick from The Checkdown           Josh Rosen

7.8        Wheeler/nflmock                          Baldwin, Doug

7.9        PKRipper/Pyromaniac                  Golden Tate

7.10      Rysn/fntsyfbconnect                    Devin Funchess

7.11      AZ/RedraftFootball Factory         Jay Ajayi

7.12      Matt Hicks/Top2                           C.J. Anderson

8.1        Matt Hicks/Top2                          Blake Bortles

Bortles is an absolute steal in the 8th. Bortles doesn’t sound exciting, but he’s finished as QB 4, QB 8, and QB 13 the last two seasons. More on why the fantasy football community needs to start respecting Bortles here.

8.2        AZ/RedraftFootball Factory         Demaryius Thomas

8.3        Rysn/fntsyfbconnect                    Alex Collins

8.4        PKRipper/Pyromaniac                  Chris Carson

8.5        Wheeler/nflmock                          Foreman, D’Onta

8.6        Rick from The Checkdown           Cooper Kupp

8.7        Marc S/ FF Addicts                       Jamison Crowder

8.8        Eric Adams/Top2                          Nelson Agholor

8.9        Josh P/Top2/Dorks                       Courtland Sutton

8.10      Dave H/ DynastyDorks                 Phillip Rivers

8.11      Derek Brown /FFB 24/7               Robert Woods

8.12      THE FANTASY TYPHOON              David Njoku

9.1        THE FANTASY TYPHOON              Ben Roethlisberger

9.2        Derek Brown /FFB 24/7              Dez Bryant

Not the sexiest pick ever but for a WR entering his age 30 season he still was WR24 on the season. 8 top 24 finishes in 16 gms. What goes unnoticed is that he finished the season healthy unlike previous seasons where he continuing recovery from an injury or surgery. I do expect him to return as the WR #1 for DAL. If DAL schemes him into space or adds WR playmakers (which I expect them too) Dez should easily be top 20 which at this point in the draft I will gladly take.

9.3        Dave H/ DynastyDorks                 Lamar Miller

9.4        Josh P/Top2/Dorks                       Nick Chubb

9.5        Eric Adams/Top2                          Jimmy Graham

9.6        Marc S/ FF Addicts                       Chris Thompson

9.7        Rick from The Checkdown           Mitchell Trubisky

9.8        Wheeler/nflmock                          Greg Olsen

9.9        PKRipper/Pyromaniac                  George Kittle

9.10      Rysn/fntsyfbconnect                    Baker Mayfield

9.11      AZ/RedraftFootball Factory         Kyle Rudolph

9.12      Matt Hicks/Top2                           Michael Crabtree

10.1      Matt Hicks/Top2                           Jordy Nelson

10.2      AZ/RedraftFootball Factory         DeVante Parker

10.3      Rysn/fntsyfbconnect                    Kelvin Benjamin

10.4      PKRipper/Pyromaniac                  Robby Anderson

10.5      Wheeler/nflmock                          Tarik Cohen

With Nagy at the helm Cohen could turn into the next Tyfreek (spelled slightly differently), think 2016 tyfreek when he was often coming out of the backfield.

10.6      Rick from The Checkdown           Marlon Mack

10.7      Marc S/ FF Addicts                       Austin SJ

10.8      Eric Adams/Top2                          Julian Edelman

10.9      Josh P/Top2/Dorks                       Mark Walton

10.10    Dave H/ DynastyDorks                 Rashaad penny

10.11    Derek Brown /FFB 24/7               Kenny Golladay

10.12    THE FANTASY TYPHOON              Alex Smith

11.1      THE FANTASY TYPHOON              Nick Foles

11.2      Derek Brown /FFB 24/7               Aaron Jones

11.3      Dave H/ DynastyDorks                 John Kelly

11.4      Josh P/Top2/Dorks                       Demarco Murray

11.5      Eric Adams/Top2                          Christian Kirk

11.6      Marc S/ FF Addicts                       Equanimeous St. Brown

11.7      Rick from The Checkdown           Orleans Darkwa

11.8      Wheeler/nflmock                          Jerrick McKinnon

11.9      PKRipper/Pyromaniac                  Dallas Goedert

11.10    Rysn/fntsyfbconnect                    Sterling Sheppard

11.11    AZ/RedraftFootball Factory        Kerryon Johnson

The 2017 SEC Offensive Player of the Year was a monster last season for Auburn. In his two regular season games against Alabama and Georgie (defenses full of NFL talent), Johnson had his way in both matchups. If he finds a nice home in the draft (TB, OAK, MIA), Johnson could have an immediate impact his rookie season.

11.12    Matt Hicks/Top2                           Josh Allen

12.1      Matt Hicks/Top2                           Kalan Ballage

12.2      AZ/RedraftFootball Factory         Sam Darnold

12.3      Rysn/fntsyfbconnect                    Mark Andrews

12.4      PKRipper/Pyromaniac                  Joe Williams

12.5      Wheeler/nflmock                          Chris Godwin

12.6      Rick from The Checkdown          Pierre Garcon

Steal of the draft. Locked for 90 catches with Jimmy G under center.

12.7      Marc S/ FF Addicts                       Eli Manning

12.8      Eric Adams/Top2                          Auden Tate

12.9      Josh P/Top2/Dorks                       Ameer Abdullah

12.10    Dave H/ DynastyDorks                 Ryan Tannehill

12.11    Derek Brown /FFB 24/7               Cam Meredith

12.12    THE FANTASY TYPHOON              Delanie Walker

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