Rookie Spotlight: Equanimeous St. Brown

Josh Padgett, Contributor

This short article is first in a small series of guys that I am going to be higher on than most.  I will discuss some of the combine measurements, some of the tape, and just give an overall prognosis of what I am hoping for from these guys, and of course, where I am looking to take them in a rookie draft.

Equanimeous St. Brown had a tough year this past year with a quarterback who should really play running back trying to throw him the ball.  This lack of production has really turned some folks off of him. That is perfectly fine with me because I will be happy to get even more value on him than I would already be getting.  The Notre Dame offense was pretty bad overall and absolutely terrible through the air leading to the ugly 35 catches for 515 yards and 4 TD’s he put up this year. However, St. Brown was successful at getting open all year when you watch him on tape.  

He showed that he has all the physical tools and some solid route running to boot. While St. Brown didn’t participate in everything at the combine, he impressed in what he did. A 4.48 40 yard dash is very fast for a 6’5” boundary receiver, even one who weighs in at 214 lbs; which is a little on the slim side.  After weighing in light though (which was widely expected), he put up 20 reps on the bench press; far more than I expected. To me, this shows that he can not only play with the bigger DB’s, but he will have more than just a height advantage. I am not scared off at all by the poor production this past year; that Notre Dame offense was brutal.

The smoothness with which he moves on tape is impressive. He seems to run very natural, smooth routes. It is interesting that he didn’t run either shuttle or the 3 cone drill at the combine or his pro day; this could indicate he’s lacking in the agility department.  I could see him struggling after the catch in especially against bigger safeties and linebackers in the middle of the field. However, his build and long speed will allow him to make big plays in other ways.. I am all about the size and potential here, but I think he is more polished than people give him credit for.

His dad is a two time Mr. Universe who has been training him and his two younger brothers as athletes basically since birth.  This kid has all the tools. Now just wait until he has a quarterback. Overall with St. Brown, I want a team where he can take that number 1 role from day 1. I think he will benefit from the pressure and grow with it. He is my WR2 at this point, right behind Courtland Sutton, and I am looking for him in the middle of the first round at this point. The more I see of him, the more I like him. The receivers in this class have been far too maligned.

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Josh Padgett

Husband and dad. From Indianapolis, to Purdue University, to living in Fort Wayne. Colts season ticket holder. On Twitter too much (@jpadgett94), but thrilled to talk about football, basketball, wrestling and more with anyone, anytime. Resident Devy/Draft guy here at Top 2 Sports. If you learn anything from me, it's that you got to risk it for the biscuit.

One thought on “Rookie Spotlight: Equanimeous St. Brown”

  1. I agree he did well with the qb he had and that big frame will excel in the pros as long as he goes to a team that will use him the right way could turn into a m evans guy in my opion


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