Fantasy Value Targets: Pryor & Butler

Mike Wallace, Contributor

This is continuation of valuable fantasy targets I will be keeping my eye on as the 2018 season approaches. This group goes into guys a little deeper. Some of these guys have less of a chance of paying off, but there is something interesting I see in each of them.

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Terrelle Pryor, New York Jets WR

Like many other people I was burned by the Pryor hype last year. I bought in to the situation in Washington and I was not happy with the result. I am not even saying he should be drafted in most 2018 drafts at this point. The biggest thing with Pryor, for me, is the situation with Robbie Anderson, I expect he will be suspended and if it is for a significant number of games Pryor will have a chance to establish himself in the Jets passing game. They will not have a lot of other options without their top guy. He most falls somewhere in the middle of his 2016 breakout year and his 2017 washout.

Pryor is interesting, but falls into a wait and see category. If Anderson will be suspended to start the season he is an interesting end of the bench guy to see if he can provide some value. If he looks anything like last year I would move on from him pretty quickly.

Brice Butler, Arizona Cardinals WR

Butler is a player that could have no value, but with the veteran players that have left Arizona and Larry Fitzgerald operating out somewhat out of the slot, but he will have opportunities on the outside, as well. He will most likely be competing with Chad Williams for playing time. Butler played in a limited role in Dallas, but whenever I saw him out there he made me wonder why they didn’t use him more than Terrence Williams and that is enough for me to at least monitor this situation. I think it will be interesting to see him in a larger role to see how he performs. In his rookie season Chad Williams did not show much, so a good off season could mean Butler gets that chance.

Butler is hard to predict and falls into more of a watch list player then a draft target. He will likely be on the waiver wire; I will be watching to see how involved he is week to week. If that shows a positive trend he is interesting as a speculative add from the waiver wire.

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