Draft Grades: NFC East

Edited by Matt Hicks, Staff Writer, Grades also by Eric Adams

Dallas Cowboys: 

Eric: B

I would have liked for Dallas to take one more wide receiver early but the pickup of Michael Gallup has the potential to be a really great pick. I think he’s the best receiver in Dallas already. Vander Esch should fit in well with what the Cowboys want to do on defense and that was a sound pick in round 1. Connor Williams may be a look-to-the-future pick but I would have preferred for them to go after a receiver there.

Matt: A-

The Cowboys draft was highlighted by their patience and playing the draft board as it came to them. Taking Vander Esch early helps solidify a key need on their defense; making it worth passing on an offensive playmaker. Connor Williams in the 2nd is great value and fits the gap they have at the guard position. Waiting on wide receiver proved to pay off, getting Michael Gallup in the third. Gallup has the ability to jump in right away as a possession-based option that fits Dak’s style much better than Dez ever did. Schultz likely isn’t the next Witten but he will be a good piece for Dak as he continues to grow as a franchise quarterback. Bo Scarborough in the 7th is a sneaky pick; giving them a great player to come onto the field when Zeke subs off; and an insurance plan incase their star back has to miss more time due to off field issues.

New York Giants:

Eric: B

The only reason the Giants don’t get an A from me is because they could have worked the board better than they did. With that said, Barkley is obviously a stud. Hernandez will provide immediate help at guard and will be a plug and play starter. Lorenzo Carter is raw but extremely athletic. Kyle Lauletta is better than Davis Webb in my opinion and should be the backup for Eli. I like hat the Giants were able to do in this draft.

Matt: B

This grade is tough for me. I advocated for trading back from the 2nd overall pick throughout the pre-draft period. Instead, the Giants took the superstar Barkley; hoping to get a generational talent that will offset their need for depth. Hernandez in the 2nd and Carter in the 3rd swung my opinion in a positive way. They addressed two major needs; and both will jump in immediately as key pieces to their respective sides of the ball. BJ Hill and RJ McIntosh ensured that even under Gettleman the Giants will always focus on drafting defensive tackles. Lauletta in the 4th is odd; although some see him as a potential NFL starter (and even start) the film I watched doesn’t agree. Lauletta seems to cock back his body to make throws past 30 yards and is consistently inaccurate when he does; often throwing interceptions. He does have good mobility and throws accurately on the run. Still, the Giants just took Webb in the 3rd last year; so why did they spend another mid round pick on a back-up quarterback? It’s hard to give anything below a “B” for the team that took Barkley (and a key offensive lineman) but I can’t help but think how much depth they could have gotten by trading out of the 2nd overall pick; still it’s one of the best drafts they’ve had in recent years.


Philadelphia Eagles:

Eric: C

Lack of draft picks contributed to the low grade for Philly but when you have practically no holes, then you don’t need to add a bunch of rookies. Goedert is a phenomenal pick and should make for a very nice replacement of Trey Burton. Josh Sweat being added to an already dominant defensive line is pretty unfair.

Matt: C-

 The Eagles only ended up with 5 draft picks; meaning each of them is important. They used their top pick on Dallas Goedert; a real head scratcher. Although they sniped Goedert from Dallas, they used their 2nd round pick on a tight end when they already have Ertz; seemingly wasting it. Sweat in the 4th gives them good upside, but he fell farther than expected for a reason. They also used their last two picks on offensive tackles; one on Jordan Mailata who is transitioning to the NFL from being an Australian Rugby player.


Eric: A

My love for Guice explains the grade. They could have taken him in the first and I would have loved it but in the second? Wow that is just perfect for the Redskins. Da’Ron Payne will offer a much-needed rock in the middle of the defensive line and Troy Apke can compete for playing time right away. Guice is the gem in a very solid draft for Washington.

Matt: B

Washington was smart to take Payne in the first. He will be a key run blocker on a defensive line that will now face off against Barkley, Zeke, and Ajayi twice a year each. For reasons that seem ridiculous and without foundation, Guice slides right into their laps in the 2nd. With him, they get the second best running back in the draft and gives them a great two down back that will be complimented by Chris Thompson on 3rd down. Trey Quinn in the 7th, gives them a player with big upside; but another high risk wideout is the last thing Washington needs.

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Matt Hicks

Matt’s writing is focused on dynasty and devy fantasy football. He loves blending his experience writing research in the field of education with fantasy football stats. Matt currently lives in Baltimore, MD and graduated from Eastern Connecticut State University and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. You can follow Matt on Twitter: @TheFF_Educator

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