5 Players To Buy Heading Into 2018

Now that we have discussed selling, it’s time to go shopping! Which players should you be targeting for the upcoming season? Some of these players you can get cheap and others you may have to pay a steep price. However, these guys are the ones you should target going into 2018 due to their skillsets, roles and situations.

Jordan Howard 

Howard has been a force on a bad offense for the first two years of his NFL career. That will all change this year with new head coach Matt Nagy, the development of Mitch Trubisky and the addition of Allen Robinson among others on the offensive side of the ball. I know Tarik Cohen flashed a bit last year but people need to realize that this backfield starts and ends with Jordan Howard. He has rushed for at least 1,100 yards in his first two seasons and has managed at least 6 touchdowns both years. I know that isn’t what you want to hear from the scoring department but the Bears’ offense is due for a big turnaround this year. Howard is a big buy now candidate.

David Njoku

This guy has to be on the list just for his current value alone. He is going in the 14th round and he has a major opportunity to be a TE1 this season. Like the Bears, the Browns’ offense is also due for a big time turnaround and I expect that to benefit Njoku. While defenses deal with Jarvis Landry, Josh Gordon, Antonio Callaway and Corey Coleman, Njoku will be able to operate freely. Not to mention Tyrod Taylor loves throwing to his tight end and you have the makings of a breakout season. I think Njoku is well worth the risk if you get passed by on the TE train.

Alex Collins

I feel as if a lot of people still aren’t aware of who Alex Collins is so allow me to introduce to you the guy that should have replaced Marshawn Lynch in Seattle. After being cut by the Seahawks, Collins was scooped up by the Ravens and all he did was rush for 973 yards at a 4.6 yards per carry clip while adding 6 touchdowns and a burst that hasn’t been seen in Baltimore (or Seattle for that matter) for quite some time. Collins needs to be the lead back of the Ravens for all 16 games this year. He needs to be given 250 carries. Why am I stating these facts as such? Simply because I am a little nervous Baltimore won’t do what obviously should be done. Buy Collins and hope the Ravens realize sooner rather than later that he is not only the best RB on the Ravens, but also quite possibly their best RB since Jamaal Lewis.

Brandin Cooks 

I’m going to say this so everyone knows where I stand on the Rams receivers. Brandin Cooks is the best one they have and I don’t really know if it’s close. Robert Woods is a great receiver but Cooks is superior in every way. Cooper Kupp rocks but he is simply the slot guy (and there is NOTHING wrong with being the slot guy, right Edelman, Amendola and Welker?). Cooks is the deep threat that Sammy Watkins should have been. On top of all of this, Head Coach Sean McVay is enamored with Cooks. In one short 2-minute clip released from Rams practice, McVay pretty much proposed to Cooks he was so in love with him. I would buy Cooks because I trust McVay to get him the ball even if he has his worst QB in his entire career throwing to him…and that is NOT an insult to Jared Goff.

Dion Lewis 

This has nothing to do with what I think about Derrick Henry. I actually think both guys will be very valuable in fantasy this year. I just truly believe in the ability of Dion Lewis. He is very dynamic and is going to be the perfect lightning to Henry’s thunder. Henry will absolutely be the goal line back so touchdowns will be hard to come by for Dion but I expect him to make up for that in receptions because the Titans know what he can do catching the ball out of the backfield. Lewis is someone you shouldn’t shy away from just because of his situation.

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