2018 Redraft Quarterback Rankings

As we inch closer to the start of the 2018 NFL season, we start to solidify our feelings on certain players. Who belongs where in the rankings has been thought about since early March and it is now time to set it in stone. This year, my QB rankings are reflected in tiers. There are 7 tiers amongst the 32 starting quarterbacks around the NFL and the order they are listed in is where I have them overall. Here are my Fantasy Football QB rankings for Re-Draft leagues in 2018.

Tier 1

Aaron Rodgers (1)

Deshaun Watson (2)

Rodgers is my top QB going into this season. The Packers went out and got Rodgers 3 new wide receivers in the draft, all of whom stand 6 feet 3 or taller. At least one or a combination of the 3 will be able to replace top target Jordy Nelson. Adams should take another step forward, Randall Cobb still mans the slot and they have a talented group of running backs to take pressure off of 12. Oh yea, they also signed Jimmy Graham. Rodgers is the top dog this year. People seem down on Watson and expect him to regress even mightily… I don’t see it at all. I see an offense primed for a continued breakout. The only thing that scares me is his horrid offensive line.

Tier 2

Cam Newton (3)

Kirk Cousins (4)

Tom Brady (5)

Carson Wentz (6)

Cam finished QB3 last year and has added CJ Anderson and DJ Moore to an already potent offense. Greg Olsen needs to have a healthy bounce back season but I still believe in Cam, especially with his ADP of 1st pick in the 6th round. I was stunned to find out that Kirk Cousins finished as QB5 last year. He is now in a much better Minnesota offense so I expect him to be a high QB1 this year. Tom Brady is Tom Brady. You can still trust him because he is still in a pass heavy offense with great weapons and a great offensive line. Wentz might fall for me before the season but if he can get back by week 2 then I’m confident in saying he’ll be a QB1.

Tier 3

Russell Wilson (7)

Matthew Stafford (8)

Philip Rivers (9)

Drew Brees (10)

Matt Ryan (11)

Ben Roethlisberger (12)

Andrew Luck (13)

Other than Drew Brees and Russell Wilson, who still own an ADP of a 5th round pick, this is where you should target your qurterbacks. The later the better because the depth is too strong and the points are too close for quarterbacks. You should be loading up on wide receivers and running backs early. I really don’t like the Seattle offense this year and I only have Russell at 7 out of respect. Brees is officially in a run first offense and while he can still produce, that 5th round pick is too rich for my blood. Stafford is consistently a QB1 and is going in the 9th round. I worry a bit about Todd Haley leaving Pittsburgh but Big Ben still has a ton of weapons so I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Rivers is always solid and I expect Ryan to be better in year 2 under Sarkisian. Luck is a player who could rise before the season but the Colts’ offense is Jack Doyle and TY Hilton dependent and that I don’t like.

Tier 4:

Case Keenum (14)

Dak Prescott (15)

Jared Goff (16)

Patrick Mahomes (17)

Mitch Trubisky (18)

Marcus Mariota (19)

Jimmy Garoppolo (20)

Eli Manning (21)

Derek Carr (22)

I definitely think the coaching change is a step down for Case Keenum in Denver but the talent at wide receiver actually might’ve improved. For that I have him not too far from QB1 territory. Dak Prescott still has no weapons. Actually, that’s wrong, he had barely any weapons last year but now he really has no weapons. That offense is Zeke dependent with a dominant O-Line. I think the O-Line keeping Dak clean is the only reason he’s so high for me. Goff should have another solid QB2 season. I think Cooks is a better fit for the Rams offense and he will provide the big play ability that Sammy Watkins couldn’t consistently.

I have Pat Mahomes up at 17 because of who is in his backfield and whom he is throwing to. I am not a believer yet so he has something to prove. Mitch Trubisky also has a promising new offensive minded head coach along with a new, big time receiver in Allen Robinson. The bears revamped their offense and are solid at the skill positions. Mahomes and Trubisky are 2 guys to watch this year because if they are as good as the Chiefs and Bears hope they are, then QB1 territory is coming sooner rather than never.

I wish the 49ers did more for their offense instead of just signing Jerrick McKinnon and drafting Dante Pettis. They took a tackle in round 1 and while that makes Jimmy G happy, it does nothing for the fantasy community. I believe in Jimmy G and think he’s the future at QB, but the only thing going for him is possible second year improvement under Shanahan and I don’t think that’s enough to justify how hyped people are on him. Eli and Carr are dart throws that could either struggle like they did last year or thrive because they actually have some talented players to throw to.

Tier 5

Tyrod Taylor (23)

Alex Smith (24)

Blake Bortles (25)

Andy Dalton (26)


Tier 6

Ryan Tannehill (27)

Jameis Winston (28)

Sam Bradford (29)


Tier 7

Josh McCown (30)

Joe Flacco (31)

AJ McCarron (32)



I expect Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen and possibly even Josh Allen all seeing the field this year. I think Jackson definitely deserves a look and should be monitored BY EVERY FANTASY RE DRAFT TEAM. He will make an impact the moment he hits the field.I think Mayfield, due to a strong offense filled with weapons along with a great coordinator in Todd Haley, should also be kept under close watch. The Browns’ offense is one to keep an eye on.

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