5 Tips for Drafting Quarterbacks

It’s officially Fantasy draft season 2018. All 32 training camps are in full swing and I’m ready to spew some QB tips. Today we will go through the top rules I live by to make sure I have the right quarterback playing for my team each week.

Tip 1.  NEVER (ever) draft a QB early

This one is easy so I’m going to keep it short and sweet since most savvy fantasy football players already know this. But even just a couple years ago people were taking Andrew Luck in the first round thinking they were slick. If it works out then you got luck-y.

Tip 2. Ditch the Blanket. 

Most drafters in this day and age like to have a security blanket on the bench for a back up QB. A guy they feel can take them to a Championship in case QB1 doesn’t pan out. Deciding  which backup to draft is not as simple as it may seem. In fact you may be better off without one.

If you’re one of those drafters that takes Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, Russell Wilson Tom Brady, or Cam Newton then you are probably drafting them in an earlier round (4-6) than the next tier of QBs will go in. If I end up with one of those guys on my team then I’m committing to them to the point where I won’t draft a second quarterback.

I’ll just use Aaron Rodgers as an example. In week two of the 2018 season the Packers will be playing the Vikings. Many fantasy football experts will be wondering if that’s a possible week to bench Aaron Rodgers? If I draft Aaron Rodgers early I don’t want to ever think about benching him. I drafted him early because he’s a stud and can get it done every week. I don’t want a second quarterback on my bench who might have a “better matchup” that week to clog up my brain with thoughts of benching Aaron Rodgers. Same goes for any of the other quarterbacks I mentioned. You invested a very high draft pick to get one of these guys and to even fathom benching them would be doubting the pick you made in August. 

Tip 3. Wait to Compliment Your Mid-Tier Quarterbacks 

If you took the high road and waited the extra round or 2 for guys like Brees, Cousins, Wentz or Garropolo then it’s time to start thinking about who their backup will be? This is also tricky because you don’t want your back up for these guys to be too close in talent and numbers. Having two quarterbacks that put up close to the same numbers will have you pulling out your hair out as to who to start each week!

Avoid the Matt Ryan’s, Ben Rothlisbergers, Jared Goffs , Matthew Staffords and Phillip Rivers’ of the world. Those guys will have you looking at matchup’s each week and wondering who to play. Wait a few extra rounds and take a shot on Guys like Prescott, Mahomes, Trubisky, or Case Keenum. None of those guys will be having you doubting your number 1 QB The first couple weeks. And if one of them blows up then you’ll have an easier decision benching a tier 3 guy drafted in round 9/10 than Rogers or Brady. 

Tip 4. Scoring Systems Matter  

The value of a quarterback may rest in the scoring. If you are in a league that rewards QBs with 4 points for a passing touchdowns, that can elevate certain quarterbacks. Russell Wilson and Cam Newton are always good candidates for the most rushing touchdowns. Those 6pt touchdowns and what they can do with their legs give them an edge over guys like Rogers and Brady 4pt touchdown leagues. In 4pt touchdown leagues Cam has only been out of the Top 5 twice. 

Tip 5 Tier to Avoid Tears 

It’s never wise to have your heart set on one particular player in a draft. Someone else might want them more and you’re stuck at the draft thinking about what got away instead of what’s to come. If you tier up the QBs then you only need to get one of those guys instead of Thee guy. Here are my 2018 QB tiers.

Tier 1

Aaron Rogers

Russell Wilson

Tom Brady

Tier 2

Cam Newton

Deshaun Watson

Tier 3 





Tier 4





Tier 5







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