Super Powered Superflex Draft Strategy

Are you new to superflex? Are you’re a veteran looking to grow and get a better strategy going into the draft this season? If your answer is yes, then boy do I have the write-up for you! If you answered no, then still continue to read, you may learn something by accident.

Drafting Rule of Thumb

I have a rule of thumb in any draft: GYG aka Get Your Guy. We will get into some of the nuances of superflex, but not just yet. I want to hammer home getting your guy. We play this game because we love to have fun and we love this sport, yeah? Then have some fun and maybe “reach” on a guy who maybe some view as attainable later. Take a swing on someone you think could have great potential. What’s having fun if you’re following a strict guideline, ADP and perceived value? Have fun and do your best in the draft, through waivers and trades. Now that we’ve had that conversation, let’s talk about the next step into the murky world of superflex.

What is Superflex?

Who is superflex? Why is superflex? Where is superflex? Well kids, it all starts when a fantasy football player wants more out of their flex position. No more are they satisfied with the run of the mill RB/WR/TE setups. No, they want more. They want a world where all assets are able to be flexed and not just some.

They want the quarterbacks to feel included which means your flex position allows QB/WR/TE/RB. So what? You can flex a QB if you want, big deal. Well, it really IS a big deal. Flexing a QB means you have the game’s highest scoring position starting on your roster twice. What does that mean? It means it gives more value to all 32 QBs in the league and extends to some backups and rookies who end up taking the reins for one reason or another.

The Principle Plan

In fantasy football, the objective is to score as much points as possible to put your opponent in the dirt. That is just absolute fact. Seeing as we know this to be our founding objective, we then aim to maximize on said objective. How do we maximize on that you ask? By running the gambit on QBs. Sure, laugh, call me names, but it’s the truth. I’m not advocating for drafting 3 QBs in the first three rounds, however, you need to go after a strong QB core.

Sure, you have to get your Todd Gurleys (last years darling) and Gronks of the fantasy world, but you need at least 3 good QBs. The setup would be two starting QBs with a more than apt backup. Essentially, you’re turning your superflex league into a 2 QB league. In a league with this setup, unless there are other premiums (TE, higher scoring for other positions), your main goal MUST remain 3 QBs. This way, during bye weeks you always have someone to rotate into one of those spots and your production from your highest scoring position doesn’t dip too much.

Also, make sure you know what your league scoring format is. This is important because running QBs are worth more when the scoring for TDs is set at 4 instead of 6. If it’s set at six then that means that you need a QB who has a high probability of throwing a high (although fickle) amount of TDs.

Now that you understand the importance of getting your 3 QBs, let’s discuss more strategy.

And With the First Pick of the Draft…

Let’s be real, you still have to go in with your preferred strategy (no RB, no WR, no TE, etc…) but don’t be married to those ideas. Court them, even flirt a little, just be ready to change in a heartbeat. Here’s why:

From the mocks I’ve done, I’ve seen QB runs you wouldn’t believe in the 3rd round. Over half the teams grabbed a QB right around this spot. Whether it starts there or not, I would go ahead and snatch your starting QB there. More than likely, that’s where it will happen in real drafts, so just be prepared to grab one there. Backing up, in the first two rounds, grab your powerhouses. Whether they be RB/RB, WR/WR, WR/TE, RB/TE or whatever, make sure you grab those guys there.

Regardless of the heightened value on QBs, in PPR, this is how the top 10 shook out:


Even if you grab a QB in the first two rounds (my philosophy is always GYG/no shame in your approach), you must also grab a high end WR or RB. We’re talking about maximizing points here which is why I left names off of the positions. So really, one could argue taking a top tier guy and 2 QBs in the next two, but do what makes you comfortable while also being smart and drafting for success (although drafts don’t guarantee a trophy). Again, bring your best draft go to move and sprinkle QBs early. It’ll give you strength at the position and the superflex and the third will give you depth. Make sure you go about building your draft as normal otherwise, I can’t harp on that enough.

Your best option to nab the proper QB is to grab differing styles of QBs. The reason behind this is that your are maximizing the points that can be had. Those types are:

1.The QBs who throw high amounts of yardage and TDs

Let’s be real, you’re not going to get 100 Tom Bradys or Aaron Rodgers.

2. The QB with the legs

Get your guy who is a dual threat QB. He can get you rushing and passing yardage at a high clip. He also can snag you a few rushing TDs and that’s important if your passing TD format is just 4 points.

3. Mr. Efficiency

This one may not net you a lot of yards or TDs, he may not rush the ball like Russ or Cam, but he doesn’t get you killed for interceptions. I like these types because they keep points on the board where gunslinger type will lose some but give you a lot in return. So during bye weeks, you’re not suffering too bad.

Final Thoughts

Finally, YOU MUST BE FREEFLOWING LIKE OCEAN WATER. You have to realize that with you going after QBs with such a tenacity, people may copy you and begin runs. When those happen, you can be fluid and pick up some pieces that you need knowing that you’ve already set yourself up for success in the QB/superflex positions. I promise you, if you heed my words from this piece, you will come away feeling happy and have an edge for the start of your season. HAPPY DRAFTING FOLKS!

Published by

Christopher A.E. Nelson

Christopher Nelson is a very avid fantasy football fan and analyst. Currently writes/evaluates college prospects through the off-season being part of multiple mock drafts with other entities and making #VigilanteViDSesh threads for public consumption. He loves music and marvel comic lore just as much and tries to find time for all three. Fantasy football has taught him the love of numbers and bolstered his drive for research making it only right that he writes. You can find him @THEffVigilante on Twitter and the_o.f.i.s on Instagram.

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