I Just Can’t Quit You: 4 Players You Want To Give Up On, But Shouldn’t

The NFL regular season is quickly approaching. I don’t know about you, but I have participated in my share of mock and dynasty drafts (rookie AND startup). One thing that I’ve noticed is that my love for certain players is a bit different than the majority of my fantasy analyst counterparts. These players have a few years under their belt. In one case, he has a LOT of years. No matter their age or circumstance, I just cannot quit drafting these players. I do not ask that you agree with me, but I certainly hope that you can see and understand my points.

QB – Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod Taylor is surrounded by the best situation of his career. He has never enjoyed a plethora of receiving options like he has in Cleveland. While in Buffalo, he had possibly one receiver with some talent who was often injured and then a bunch of bums. At his new home in Cleveland, he is replete with receiving options. Jarvis Landry, Duke Johnson, Carlos Hyde (yes, he is a receiving option….look it up or read my article here), and David Njoku are just the starting point. While he might be a troublemaker, Antonio Callaway is one of the most talented rookie receivers to come out of the draft. To top it off, I’ve read that none other than Dez Bryant has reached out to the Browns for a one year “prove it” contract.

The majority of the fantasy community has Baker Mayfield starting at some point this year. What they seem to be forgetting is that Tyrod was NEVER a bad quarterback. He scrambles well. He finished as a top 3 QB in rushing in each of the past 3 seasons. His 2017 completion rate was better than Marcus Mariota, Deshaun Watson, and Jared Goff. I’m going to tell you a secret: I believe the Browns will make the playoffs which means Tyrod Taylor will play all 16 games.

Go ahead and pass on him. I’ll draft him ridiculously late and stack my running back and wide receiver positions.

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RB – Frank Gore

I’ll let his stats over the last 3 years tell the tale.

Year Yards TDs Rec Yards Rec TDs
2017 961 3 245 1
2016 1025 4 277 4
2015 967 6 267 1

Frank Gore is old. This isn’t just the twilight of his career, he is already dipping into the morning sunrise of the next stage of his LIFE! Don’t let that deter you from taking a chance. But, in every draft, I see him sitting there and I click the “Draft” button. Here are some subtle reminders to consider:

  • Kenyan Drake was not intended to be a lead back.
  • Kalen Ballage is looking slow and was booted from the huddle earlier this week for issues with pass protection.
  • Frank Gore can be drafted LATER THAN THE 13TH ROUND! Grab him! What in the heck do you have to lose at that point?!?

WR – Michael Crabtree

More stats. They make my life easier.

Year Yards TDs
2017 618 8
2016 1003 8
2015 922 9

Note: He missed 2 games in 2017.

These are the stats of a receiver who played opposite Amari Cooper with the Oakland Raiders. This year, he will be playing for the Baltimore Ravens. His receiving competition there? Willie Snead and John Brown. They might be talented, but neither of them are Amari Cooper.

Some say he is getting older. Never mind that nonsense! Michael Crabtree is the number one receiver in Baltimore and will be targeted often. Joe Flacco likes to throw the ball; his average attempts per game has been in the top 3 of quarterbacks for each of the last 3 seasons. With his late sixth to early seventh round ADP, he might be the second or even third receiver on your squad. His ADP puts him in the company of other receivers who aren’t even the main target of their quarterback (Chris Hogan, Will Fuller, Sammy Watkins). I’m going to draft him and smile. So should you!

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TE – Jordan Reed

If the 2017 version of me knew that I was going to type that header in 2018, somebody would have to pick his jaw up off of the floor. I cannot argue with those who point out that he is made of glass. I’m not sure if there has been a more injured player in the NFL.

So why can’t I quit this guy?

Is it his ceiling, which is higher than all other Tight Ends not named Rob Gronkowski?

Is it the positive reports we’ve heard from training camp?

Is it his new QB, Alex Smith, who loves targeting the Tight End?

Is it his ADP? He might be getting drafted in the middle of the 8th round in mock drafts according to the Fantasy Football Calculator, but once people are drafting for their actual teams, I believe they will be more hesitant to pull that trigger. I like picking my tight end in the 8th or 9th round. If Jordan Reed is there, I will be drafting him. I cannot pass on that upside.

I’d love to hear from you! Who are the players that you simply cannot quit no matter the negative views of your friends or the fantasy experts? Reach out to me @FFA_Marc and let me know. I look forward to enjoying this season with you!

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Marc Szymanski

@FFA_Marc on Twitter Resident of southeast Michigan and the wonderful suburbs of Detroit. In real life, I am the Manager of Technology Operations for a software company. Graduated from Baker College with an MBA in Information Systems. Fan of the wonderful game called Fantasy Football. Fan of the Packers AND Lions. Thanks to Madden '94 for the Sega Genesis for causing an internal struggle twice a year.

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