Targeting Value: Late Round Redraft Values Part 1

As you get later in your draft and you are making picks to fill out your roster, there are a lot of decisions to make. There will be players you target who you believe can breakout, if you hit they can help lead you to the playoffs and possibly a league title. There are plenty of values to be found, especially at the QB position. It is time to take a look at some guys who are currently going in the 10th round or later in PPR leagues according to as of August 14th. These are guys who are a draft value to me and who I think people should be keeping an eye on as we head into the season. Since all of these guys are going late, they are easy to move on from if they don’t pan out. I am going to lay out how each of these guys could be valuable.

Kenny Stills (11.08)

I don’t believe in DeVante Parker and I do believe Stills is the better WR for fantasy purposes. He was the WR28 in 2017 and since arriving in Miami, he has been the more productive fantasy player. In his 3 career seasons, Parker has 8 TDs and averages 13.7 yards per reception. Stills came to Miami the year Parker was drafted and over the same time frame has scored 18 TDs and averages 15.9 yards per reception. His big play ability makes him more of a boom-or-bust candidate, but it also means on the right weeks he can win a match up for you. Since he is not someone you’re comfortable starting every week, the match ups will need to be monitored. He is also the kind of guy you put in the flex against a team when you need to swing for the fences to win your weekly match up.

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Geronimo Allison (12.04)

Aaron Rodgers is back and he is going to make someone else besides Davante Adams fantasy relevant. Jordy Nelson is gone, Cobb has not been anything better than decent since 2014 and he is dealing with an ankle injury. The Packers did draft multiple pass catching options this year, but Allison has been in the system for 2 years and Rodgers is familiar with him. He has a chance to emerge as a fantasy value, especially if Cobb struggles at all to start the season. Allison has been stuck as the 4th WR in Green Bay since he has been there and he will get the chance to prove what he can do in 2018.

Latavius Murray (12.05)

As the season went along, Murray was seeing a lot of carries in the absence of Cook. He had more carries than Jerick McKinnon and he scored 8 TDs last season. Obviously Cook will be the lead back, but Murray is going to be involved. The Vikings are going to want to keep Cook healthy and fresh for the playoffs and they did pay Murray last offseason for a reason. Murray has shown a nose for the end zone during his career and should see goal line work for what will be a very good offense. Murray is going to help fantasy teams in 2018.

Tyler Lockett (12.08) 

Seattle has 176 vacated targets with Paul Richardson and Jimmy Graham leaving in the offseason. Doug Baldwin can’t be the only person Russell Wilson targets this season, plus Baldwin is being held out of the rest of the preseason with an injury. The TE position is a question mark for Seattle and I’m not certain Brandon Marshall has much left in the tank. Lockett should be more involved in the offense and, at the very least, will be a deep threat with the potential to have some big games throughout the season. Seattle had a lot of turnover on defense and they will need to score more to be competitive. Pro Football Focus ranks them as the 24th best run defense and 21st best secondary heading into 2018. Things are changing in Seattle and Lockett will be asked to do a lot more this season.

Peyton Barber (12.09)

Early reports make it sound like both Ronald Jones and Barber are going to be involved in the offense. Jones is currently going about 7 rounds earlier than Barber. Jones is the new guy and has more upside, but if they are both going to get work then Barber is going to be valuable at least to start the season. It means he has the chance to work himself into a bigger role. Even if he is only a guy you can use for a few weeks, he is a good candidate to take if you draft someone suspended like Mark Ingram or Aaron Jones earlier on. There are plenty of people who have raised concerns about Ronald Jones since the draft, so the possibility is there for Barber to lead the RBs for Tampa Bay in scoring.

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David Njoku (13.03)

Njoku is 1 of my 2 favorite targets as I wait on TE in fantasy drafts this season (the other is George Kittle). The QB play in Cleveland last year was bad; they have invested to make sure they are improved in that area this season. Tyrod has a history of targeting Charles Clay in Buffalo and Njoku is more talented than Clay. Rookie QBs tend to use the TE as a safety valve so either QB should benefit Njoku. He caught a TD from both in the 1st preseason game. The quality of the targets for Njoku is going to improve in 2018 and allow him a chance to improve that catch rate and have a fantasy breakout. The Browns offense as a whole will be better and should score more this year, which will allow Njoku to be utilized as a red zone threat. Without Kizer playing QB, the turnovers for Cleveland will come down as well. Everything is pointing to a more successful and productive offense for the Browns and Njoku has the talent to benefit from this in a large way.

Kenny Golladay (13.09)

You can find my in depth look at Golladay here:

This is the first group of guys whom I will continue to monitor their ADP and preseason performance. More potential late round values to follow soon in part 2.

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