Draft Recap: @Top2Sports Redraft League

On Friday night, at 8:30pm eastern time, a draft began. It was not just any draft. It was the @Top2Sports PPR redraft league hosted by two staff writers (Mike Wallace-@HobbyWally and Myself @FFA_Marc). A third writer, @jpadgett (Josh Padgett), also joined the league because he just wanted to be in one more redraft league. There was some good-natured trash talk, lots of pick sniping, and an incredible amount of respect. It is going to be a great season.

For the record, the starting lineup for each team is 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 3 Flex (W/R/T). We decided to leave the crap shoot positions alone, so no Kicker or DST for us! We also have 6 bench spots available.

Best Running Back Squad

Like most drafts this fantasy season, Running Backs went off the board quickly. The result was that most teams were left with one strong running back and a low end RB2 at best. However, we have two exceptions:

@FFFreakz (FantasyFootballFreak) took advantage of his pick 1 to grab the consensus RB1 in Todd Gurley. What happened next was magical for his RB squad. He likely watched while holding his breath as pick 2.10 grabbed Mike Evans and pick 2.11 grabbed Stefon Diggs. This allowed Jordan Howard to fall to him at 2.12. A no brainer selection, in my opinion. His other RBs are Dion Lewis, Gio Bernard, Spencer Ware, and Kalen Ballage. Perhaps not the greatest of depth, but his top 3 RBs are stellar.

@HobbyWally (Mike Wallace) enjoyed a having the eleventh pick of the draft and used it to select my RB5, and 6th player overall, Dalvin Cook. This allowed him to come right back on the turn and select Kareem Hunt with the 2.02. He rounded out his RB squad with Rex Burkhead, Jamaal Williams, Jeremy Hill, and Nyheim Hines.

Best Wide Receiver Squad

Before I go on, I really like my WRs (Keenan, Demaryius, Golden Tate, Crowder). However, I’m not about to award *Best* anything to myself. Therefore, without further delay, the real awards go to:

@toupeewearer (Justin Campbell) drafted out of the 10 slot. He watched as seven of the first nine picks went to Running Backs and made a great selection with DeAndre Hopkins. He came around the turn and choose Michael Thomas with the 2.03. Instead of finally selecting his first Running Back, he went against the grain with his 3.10 by choosing Adam Thielen. While it was at the expense of his running back squad, Justin’s WRs are excellent!

@ejh1528 (Eric H) stunned us all when he choose Antonio Brown with the 1.04. (For the record, I would have done the same if Gurley and DJ were not available.) He took a Running Back with his second round pick, but managed to grab Larry Fitzgerald with the 3.04. He also has Corey Davis. I’m lower than most analysts on Davis, but I will compromise with the consensus and call this a great pick in the fifth round. He also sniped me with his selection of Nelson Agholor in the ninth round. If his injury isn’t too severe, that could be one of the best picks of the draft.

Biggest Reach

@bjzippe (Brian Zipper) selected LeSean McCoy with the 3.05. In truth, I think this is a good pick. However, in the drafts that I have completed, he is being selected in the fourth or even fifth round. I do not have any problem with this pick, but I wonder if he could have waited a round. I think he could have. I asked Brian for some feedback on why he choose Shady in the third round. Brian kindly replied, “Two rounds of guys being taken in front of my pick. It was my initial intention to go WR in the first 3 rounds and then target guys like Drake/Lewis in 4 and 5. AB was taken at 4 overall and you don’t pass up Zeke for the next WR at #5. I got my WR1 when AJ got to me in the 2nd round, so round 3 I was wide open with options. I had settled in on Fitz only to have him taken right before my pick. For me that next group of WR is good, but I thought I could get similar production later (and did get my targets). I battled between Shady and Royce Freeman, but Shady is the only show in Buffalo and provides RB1 upside for only Round 3 cost.”

@FFA_Marc (That’s me!) I have to throw myself under the bus here for selecting Isaiah Crowell with the 5.07. By round 5, I only had 1 Running Back. The other backs available were Ajayi, Burkhead, Hyde, Duke, and Peyton Barber. I don’t call Jay Ajayi “Captain Grandpa Knees” because I think he’s going to have a good fantasy season. Hyde could end up sharing, Burkhead isn’t a model of health and likely won’t own the Patriots backfield. That left me with Crowell as the last remaining lead back. Please note that none of the other RBs that I listed above lasted until my next pick.

@eastwoodff (Clint Gosselin) selected Michael Crabtree with the 5.09 a full round ahead of his ADP. Via Twitter, I asked Clint to explain his selection. He graciously replied, “I wanted to go WR there, the other WRs available in that area were Woods, Sanders, Jeffery. I think Woods is gonna take a step back with Cooks there, I like Sanders but not as much as Crabtree, and with Jeffery potentially missing time I didn’t want him in the fifth round. I think Crabtree’s gonna eat in Baltimore with Flacco playing to hold off Jackson.”

It’s almost as if Clint was reading my mind. That sounds exactly like the reasoning I would have made with that pick.

Honorable mention: @toupeewearer with Robert Woods at the 5.10.

Biggest Value

@loftinsworld (Stephen) selected Kerryon Johnson with the 6.10. When compared to his ADP of 6.02, this isn’t exactly a value. However, I’ll remind you that RBs flew off the board. KJ is getting a lot of attention thanks to Twitter and fantasy football podcasts. I wish I could get my sixth round pick back and select Kerryon with my 6.06.

@KJH05 (Greg Shirron) joined most of the league in waiting on Quarterback. He was able to snag Russell Wilson with the 9.07. Wilson’s ADP is the 6.03. I understand that people are wavering on Wilson because of the strength of the team, particularly their offensive line. But, he has legs and will be throwing a lot. Patience paid dividends and Greg’s team is impressively balanced. If his picks stay healthy, I believe we are looking at a playoff lock.

You are a Brave Player Award

@brad_kinzett (Brad Kinzett) selected Jordan Reed as his Tight End. That alone is not necessarily a brave selection, especially when it was in the ninth round. However, Brad decided not to bench a second tight end despite Jordan Reed’s……how can I say this nicely….injury history.

I Love the Raiders Award

@katscar (katscar) believes in Jon Gruden. How else can you explain her drafts of Marshawn Lynch, Jordy Nelson, and Doug Martin? She also drafted Aaron Rodgers, so maybe she’s a Packers fan (which automatically would make her awesome!) and that’s why she grabbed Jordy. I love the Marshawn pick and maybe Doug Martin is just RB insurance.

Looking to Week 1

Our week 1 matchups are tough matchups. In particular, we have a matchup between @bjippe and @katscar that is currently projected to have a final score difference of 0.2. I’ll be watching this one closely.

Please return next week for a recap of the week 1 action and follow our league mates on Twitter. Good luck to you all, unless you are my opponent.



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