Buying and Selling WRs/TEs for Week 1

From week to week, you’re always looking for the next move, the next one to win all the marbles. Well, here we talk about who I’m buying and selling at the wide receiver and tight end positions for week 1, one of the most tricky times of the year because you never know who will start off hot and how a player’s role will develop.

Buying WR:

Antonio Brown: I know, this generally a no-brainer but even more-so this week. The steelers will be without Lev Bell and in the 16 game pace AB has for past games WITHOUT Lev Bell, he was on track for over 2,000 yards. His targets will remain high and his ability against a Cleveland secondary that is getting it’s first test will be unmatched. I expect a monster week from AB, even with the injury concerns

Keelan Cole: He finished as a dominant force for the Jags at the end of last season getting over 500 yards and 3 touchdowns in the final 5 games of the season. He ended as the Jags best receiver and most targeted. He will resume that role with Marquise Lee going down for the year and their first game against a Giants team that doesn’t appear to have much ammo in their secondary.

Selling WR:

Josh Gordon: The counter part to AB, Gordon has the potential this year but I don’t believe he’s a start in week 1 being that he missed most of training camp. This is by no means a hate article on him but it’s an article of caution in starting him before we get a good look at what he can do. Hue Jackson has already said he wants to ease him into work because of his shortened practice time so…’nough said.

Mike Evans: He’s facing Lattimore, arguably the cornerback that gave him a fit last year and got him suspended, I suspect there will be more of that happening this time around. Couple that with no Jameis Winston, I don’t like this play for week 1. This has nothing to do with Evans, only the environment around him.

Buying TE:

Eric Ebron: He looked really good in the preseason with Andrew Luck, often drawing more targets than the supposed TE1 in Indy, Jack Doyle. Ebron has shown that he has the athletic talent but it’s felt like he’s never fulfilled that potential, this feels like a breakout situation for him and I think the Cincy D doesn’t have the linebacking core to stop Ebron. I like him as a starter for week 1, a lot.

Selling TE:

Evan Engram: This has nothing to do with his play, it’s hard to do that to anyone in week 1. This is entirely the fact that his team is facing a vicious defensive line and Eli already is a QB who isn’t good. Combine that with the hype of Barkley, Odell securing the bag, and Shepard being a great number 2, there’s just a lot of other mouths to feed in the Giants’ offense against a defense that will suffocate them.


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