Redraft Waiver Wire Targets: Week 2

We’ve finally landed on week 1 and I for one am really excited! The highs, the lows, the tilts and the “oh nos”. The hindsight is strong and the regret runs deep, but I’m here as always for you! So buck up buttercup, regardless of win or loss, let’s look forward to week 2 and how you can get a jump on your next opponent.

PSA: Proceed w/Caution

Please, please heed my words. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT overreact to this week. Whether you personally got blown out or blew someone out, this WILL not be the norm. The same goes for the players you have and the ones people will be running for on the wire. Week 1 games are always times where the community will crown a champion or loser when it’s just one game. Teams will correct things whether it was still getting used to a new game plan, playing a whole NFL game as opposed to preseason and so on. This is the one week where I would be quite alright with folks standing pat and strictly waiting to see if gold will be dropped from a league mate who rage dropped someone. So far, someone dropped Ingram in one of my leagues (I missed it and I’m still miffed about it). In some leagues Connor was just sitting there for the taking as well.

SN: Due to our scheduled releases, this will be completed before the Monday night games as well as before I’ve had time to digest every game in depth. So with that being said, stay tuned to my tweets @THEffVigilante throughout the week for more gems later on in the week.

Thursday’s Game



The ageless wonder (no not Frank Gore) Darren Sproles. WIth their passing attack hampered by Nick Foles inability to get down field, the short “dink and dunk” options have been Agholor, Ertz and Sproles. Until Wentz comes back, I have no faith in the vertical game. I watched Nick against Atlanta in the playoffs and he looked pretty much the same as he does now. Sproles was brought back because of his ability to catch the ball. He’s essentially your Duke/Theo/Thompson/White type. A receiver out of the backfield and will be relegated to just that with Ajayi promised to get more touches. With seven targets, he’ll pull in more than he misses. My grade on him is deep roster/leagues only. Unless you’re really hurting at the RB position.
Yahoo Own%: 4
ESPN Own%: 9.4

Sunday’s Slate



With the next games being against stout secondaries like WAS and PHI there’s no time like the present to turn eyes upon the chosen one Ebron (ok, ok Doyle too). With Doyle being mostly owned, having not really seen much action until the second half and a fumble, eyes will be turned upon Ebron. People have recency bias which may cause some (I’m telling you I’m not joking) to rage drop him. It’ll happen and you’ll thank me when you have a legit tight end on your squad. Both Ebron and Doyle, like I’ve said before the season, will see the bulk behind TY. Ryan Grant will face some tough matchups, Hines will get his along with Rogers, but not enough to hurt those two. With Delanie now gone for the year and the TE landscape having changed a lot, you better go get one of them before it’s too late.

Ebron Own%
Yahoo: 33% (smh)
ESPN: 16.5% (sigh)



This game was disgusting on the Bill’s side but Marcus Murphy still looks good for what he was able to do. He’s still a watch right now but he’s an injury away from being a viable RB2. I absolutely love this kids game and how he runs. He had a slightly better game than McCoy but that’s not saying much looking at what the offense was able to do as a whole. Their schedule doesn’t get any better for a few weeks so don’t worry about other pickups.



Don’t waste your FAAB or waiver position on Godwin or Desean right now. We have no idea if Fitzpatrick will maintain this level of play against Philly. On top of that, they are co-starters and that’s worse than one being out left/right and the other playing the slot. It’s a committee right now and Desean did little to relinquish his hold on the job. The only thing is if he ends up missing a game due to a concussion he got during the end of the game. If that’s the case, then go get Godwin if you can. This is a hurry up and wait situation because I’m not grabbing both and again, someone will drop another player for one of them that you can possibly take advantage of later in the week. If anything watch for the over pickup up of Desean Jackson. Fantasy football is like chess folks, make calculated smart moves.


They get the Cleveland Browns next who just gave up 5/119 to Juju Smith-Shuster because they doubled down on Antonio Brown a lot. I expect to see Michael Thomas to see the same treatment which for me means Ted Ginn is primed to have a good game. Drew Brees is very capable of making the same throw that Ben can (with better weather) so don’t be surprised if Ginn has a nice game. Maybe not the type of game Juju had, but one worthy of a pickup.

ESPN own%: 17.3
Yahoo own%: 17



Look to pickup Ellington if Will Fuller misses more time with the hamstring issue. Those types of injuries tend to linger. 4/37/1 isn’t a bad stat line for a flex/wr3.

Yahoo Own%: 2
ESPN Own%: .4

I’m not playing this game with patriots pieces. I’m not Hoodie Belichick level of chess playing (yet) and NFL staffs can’t even figure out who they’re gonna play from game to game. Nothing to see here unless Gronk is on waivers. Quit that league if he is, do not pass go, just quit.



The big takeaway here is that Delanie Walker is done for the season. He was such a value this draft season and then like any season, the injury bug attacked. Farewell Mr. Dependable. Say hello to the heir apparent, Jonnu Smith. This is the first guy on this list that you will have to blow some FAAB on, but don’t overpay unless you absolutely have to. The hit doesn’t hurt me as bad because I almost always draft a backup tight end. At the end of the day things like this ALWAYS happens. Be ready and have a game plan ready. It doesn’t matter about Jonnu’s own percentage, go..get..him.


Albert Wilson is the pickup here. The staff really likes him and will use him in anyway they can. Everyone in the receiving corps saw the same amount of targets for the most part but this game was full of delays due to weather and I’m sure that had something to do with that. Don’t look for it to be that spread around. The only thing that dampens Alberts value is Devante Parker. He’s been out with a finger injury and could come back next week. Something to keep an eye out for.

Yahoo Own%: 4.8
ESPN Own%: 1



Yeldon is your number 1 go to here for running back. I don’t hate handcuffing however, there are certain players where you need that insurance policy in place. He is one of them. I only have 2 shares of Fournette but in both of those leagues I also have Yeldon on the bench. Fournette is injury prone and with the way they run the ball, he’ll be of value. Even now, in deeper leagues, he’s a startable option. He is the like Kroft is to Eifert and Vernon Davis is to Reed.



If for some crazy reason James Connor wasn’t picked up this week, do it now and do what you can to get him. There might just be a league where he’s available. He’s not 100% owned so go double check. He’s in the 80% range in both ESPN and Yahoo.


Tampa Bay and FitzMagic just took the Saints and smacked them in the mouth for all to see. Cleveland (even with the weather) looked a lot better than they did last year. In terrible conditions Tyrod still came out with a QB1 performance. Maybe we’re overreacting to his performance and he actually will be great this year. I’ve always believed in Tyrod since I started playing Fantasy Football in 2015. I always had him in the QB2 range, I might just end up with him as a QB1 in week 2 when it’s all said and done. If you’re the streaming QB type or depending on Nick Foles, go grab Tyrod and take a dart throw.

Yahoo Own%: 12
ESPN Own%: 36.9



Looking at what the Ravens RBs were able to do against the Bills, I would go grab Ekeler now. He looked good in preseason and continues to shine. I’m looking for both he and Gordon to eat against the Bills.

Yahoo Own%: 17
ESPN Own%: 11



They didn’t look good but, will look to do better against the Giants this week. Cole Beasley is Dak’s go to so far like he said he would be in the offseason. With the team looking to run a lot more than they did this in week 1, I don’t see Dak throwing much. Cole will get those short shots from the slot (sounds like something Skip Bayless would say haha).

Yahoo Own%: 8
ESPN Own%: 12.5


With Greg Olsen done for some time, the team will look to Ian Thomas to fill the role Olsen left behind. I don’t usually like rookie or second year tight ends, so take this situation with caution. My thoughts are that the Panthers actually utilize McCaffrey more in the slot and pound it with CJ Anderson. Next game against Atlanta will paint that story for us. TE isn’t a position that just automatically produces. History shows that the receiving corps has to be a lot more decimated for a rookie to produce numbers of value. He will have his games where he does well but in redraft, you want the best you can at each position. The kid is very athletic and will be great for the red zone with jump balls. He’s going to be available everywhere. My young tight end bias says to not, but this is the week to get him. Afterwards, I see his percentage going up into the 70s.



Phillip Lindsay looks like he gave the “This is Sparta” kick to Devonte Booker in the depth chart. His performance visually reminded me of what I thought all preseason, this kid is good and a lightning rod. He reminds me so much of Cohen/Hill with how electric he really is. He’s in that mold of a new age Sproles and I pray it sticks. If ANYTHING he should have forced himself into that third down role. Royce Freeman good as well and matched him carry for carry and rushing yard for rushing yard but he’s not on your waivers. Denver has a delicious matchup against OAK this week who lost their best pass rusher this offseason in Khalil Mack.

Yahoo Own%: 4
ESPN Own%: 2

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