Buying and Selling WRs and TEs for Week 2

What a week. What a glorious week it was. The NFL returned with some very surprising games and some not-so-surprising. But, if you’re a fantasy junkie like me, you loved every minute and also dreaded some of it (looking at you Matt Stafford) As we move into week 2, we look ahead at some of the players I’m loving and loathing at the wide receiver and tight end position.

Wide Receiver


Emmanuel Sanders: 

Dat boy Manny, what a game he had and to be honest, a lot of people saw it coming due to his preseason usage. He saw 11 targets and nabbed 10 of them for 135 yards and 1 touchdown. I absolutely love him in PPR leagues and still think he has immense value in standard. The Broncos offense looked good and looked bad at times with Keenum at the wheel but I think his trust in Manny keeps him valuable and if we look at how Keenum targeted the slot with the vikings last year (over 140 targets) We will see something similar this year for the Broncos. The Raiders defense looked to be off to a decent start but that all disappeared in the second half = Manny has a big week this week.

Allen Robinson: 

I’m loving ARob as the year goes. The bears have a favorable schedule for a decent chunk of the season and Trubisky is evolving as a quarterback and I expect for him to get more comfortable as time goes. He saw 7 targets against Green Bay and snagged 4 of them for over 70 yards and no TD. That’s not impressive, I know, but we’ve seen what he can do when healthy and clicking and I expect that offense is just getting ramped up. He depends on Trubisky, obviously, but I don’t think going into week 2 that Mitch is at risk as that Seattle defense didn’t get a lot of pressure on Keenum and I think Chicago has a better O-line than the Broncos. Look for Allen Robinson continue to develop in that offense.


Larry Fitzgerald: 

He was a the lone high spot for the Arizona offense but they struggled. While he saw 10 targets, his offense sputtered and couldn’t move the ball nor could the defense get a stop. I expect they will see similar struggles against the Rams and then you’re at an 0-2 start. Their schedule doesn’t get any easier either. You could argue, “He’s Larry, he’ll be okay.” You’re right, he will be, that’s why you sell him now before it gets worse and the offense continues to struggle.

DeSean Jackson:

Oh my lawddd, what a week 1 for DeSean and Fitzmagic. 5 targets with 5 receptions for 142 yards and 2 touchdowns. HE SHOWED HE STILL HAS BIG PLAY ABILITY. The issue is, that is so not likely to happen again. He disappeared last season, I know, I had him. Godwin is nipping at the heels as a young up-and-comer and I think DeSean won’t sustain this level of play for long, nor will the Bucs. Sell him now while his value is at an all-time-high. Oh, did I mention that he may also be injured? So, instead of betting on an aging, injured WR who seemingly needs big plays, sell em and get something in return.

Stash then Pass:

Randall Cobb: 

Whoa, it’s like a ghost reappearing. 10 targets, catching 9 for 142 yards and a touchdown. I know that a decent chunk of yards came from one play but his target volume still stands. Teams are keying in on Adams as the number 1 and I think this can create some holes for Randall. He’s been a top receiver before but then injuries happened. If he stays healthy, I think he could be in the top 20 this year.

Tight End


George Kittle: 

Georgie looked like the best weapon in SanFran and Jimmy G looked like he still had a Patriot mentality using the tight end. He saw 9 targets for 5 catches and 90 yards. Kittle was looked at all preseason as someone who could breakout but he had his own injury issue that sidelined him for a good chunk of time going into the season so many were skeptical. We got our answer, he will be used and he seems to have the trust of Jimmy G. They head into week 2 against a Lions defense that flashed and the sputtered out, expect a big game.


Jordan Reed: 

He finally did, he finally played a full game with no injury seeming to hamper him. He ended with 5 targets and 4 catches for 48 yards and touchdown. A pretty solid stat line when it comes to the tight end position. Alex Smith has used tight ends effectively and I think he will again but the issue is with Jordan’s history, he will miss time because of an injury, it’s just a matter of when. I think you sell now while you can make the pitch of “He’s back, Alex loves the TE, he looked.” before he goes down for 4 games or more.

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