QB Streaming Options for Week 2

Last Week’s Results: My main streaming recommendation last week of Tyrod Taylor finished as the 9th QB on the week with 25.58 fantasy points and outscored some names that would have cost much more in drafts. The way Taylor did it was not pretty, but his rushing provided enough value to offset the low yardage and completion percentage.

This helps show that even in week 1 with no teams on bye it is not difficult to find a QB you can win with on waivers. Over the course of the season I will continue to track my main streaming option’s performance including their finish and average fantasy points. This will prove that there is no need to spend an early draft pick on QB in most fantasy leagues, you can work your wait to QB1 production and build a great roster by waiting.

Now it is time to look at the week 2 match ups and see what streaming options are available in at least 50% of Yahoo leagues.

Main Streaming Option: Case Keenum

Week 1 on his new team had some mixed results; he threw over 300 yards and for 3 TDs, but also had 3 interceptions. He showed a strong connection with both Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas, especially Sanders. Denver has the weapons and Keenum is good enough to utilize the talent around him. This is not just based on one game; he did it last season in Minnesota as well. This week Denver takes on the Raiders at home. This is coming off the Raiders being unable to stop the Rams on Monday night in week 1. Goff put up solid numbers and probably would have done more if the game had stayed close. This will be another week where the Raiders and their fans will be disappointed they traded away their best defensive player before the season.

Alternate 1: Mitchell Trubisky

At the start of the Sunday night game against the Packers the Bears’ offense looked really good. As the game went a long the offense stalled, especially in the second half. They showed enough that proves there is something there. The weapons are there for the Bears, there are multiple options for Trubisky to get the ball to. This week he is going against Seattle, who no longer has the same defense they have been known for over the last few years. Trubisky also has the ability to run and add some points on the ground. Outside of a great match up adding value as a runner is the biggest factor I like in a streaming QB option. Trubisky has both this week and as long as the new coaching staff in Chicago figures out how to utilize all of their weapons Trubisky will have a strong week.

Alternate 2: Eli Manning

Eli is a guy that it never feels good to play in fantasy; he has the potential to blow up in any game. However he has a lot of talented players around him and he has shown the ability to come up big in the past. The Dallas defense actually could be pretty good this year, but if the offense does not improve Eli will have a lot of opportunities. Having Odell Beckham on the outside will be a much bigger challenge for the Dallas secondary than anyone on the Panthers and they will need to prove they can limit a player of his caliber before anyone can say they are for real. Barkley provides a weapon out of the backfield that is way more dangerous than anything Eli has worked with in recent years; he can take a short pass and turn it into a big play at any time. Eli is not someone I am looking to play with a full slate of games, but if you are in a deeper league or you need to keep an eye on the injury situations for guys like Mariota or Rodgers he could be a guy you turn to this week.

Those are some QBs widely available that I like this week. If you do not like your match up or you are waiting for Wentz to get cleared check the wire and see if they are available in your league. As the season plays out I will keep finding the options to help teams that need a QB each week, once the bye weeks arrive finding these guys will be even more important.

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