Week 2 Devy Review

Some exciting running back performances stood out this week starting with Benny Snell who, despite not finding the endzone, toted the ball 27 times against a ranked Florida team for 175 yards. That is a good day in my book and a good look for Snell who is proving he can handle the workload in a grind it out type of game. As the season rolls on, keep looking for Snell to handle significant workload. If he can maintain this level of efficiency, he has a little room to rise fantasy wise.

Scottie Phillips had a big time Week 1 scoring twice and followed that up this week with another two touchdown game.  He also broke 100 yards for the second week in a row. It may have been against a lower level opponent in Southern Illinois, but I am excited to see what Phillips can do for the rest of the year. He transferred from JuCo coming into this season.  More solid production that continues to look good on film, plus a solid combine could get him to the league in this weak running back class.

Bryce Love had a bounce back week after that abysmal week 1 showing.  He ran for 136 and a score against USC. There wasn’t any reason to worry about Love for a poor showing and this is proof that he is going to be just fine going forward. While I am not huge on Love due to size and workload concerns, he has the talent to contribute at the NFL level. He will make on to a team and he will be worth drafting in dynasty when rookie draft season rolls around.

Johnathan Taylor had a big boy week that makes these other guys look sad.  33 carries for 253 yards and 3 touchdowns against New Mexico was the performance of the week stat wise. The competition was not great, but the production is undeniable. Taylor is a stud who doesn’t have to do much outside of stay healthy to be a top 5 rookie pick in 2020. Behind this Wisconsin offensive line, he will be in the conversation for the Heisman trophy, not only this year, but likely next year as well.

Wide receiver play was not lacking either as Tee Higgins helped his team stave of the upset hungry Aggies with 3 receptions for 123 yards and a touchdown. He showed off his downfield prowess averaging 41 yards a catch on the day. He brings an extra dynamic to this Clemson offense. He is going to bring the Clemson wide receiver line back to prominence after Deon Cain slipped down draftboards last year. Higgins is looking like every bit of a top 3 receiver in the 2020 class.

We won’t have to wait until 2020 to see Bryan Edwards in an NFL uniform and thank goodness for that. Edwards is a guy who is getting a lot of hype lately surrounding his sky-high potential. Well last week against Georgia, he proved he has more than the potential to be great with 7 receptions for 111 yards and two touchdowns against one of the nations top defenses.  His team got stomped 41 to 17 but Edwards shone brightly. This game will be enough for him to move up slightly in my rankings. More production at this level will force me to continue that rise.

We will wrap this up with Kyler Murray, who you might know as the successor to one Baker Mayfield. Murray looks like a stud already and put up over 300 yards to go with 3 touchdowns and that was just through the air. He added 69 (nice) yards on the ground and two more touchdowns. He looks like Heisman candidate as well and the only problem that can be seen is that he wants to play baseball. Murray is a phenomenal two sport athlete and the general feeling seems to be that he will take a crack at baseball prior to declaring for the NFL draft. I will be rooting for his success either way, but I would love to see him play quarterback at the NFL level.

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Josh Padgett

Husband and dad. From Indianapolis, to Purdue University, to living in Fort Wayne. Colts season ticket holder. On Twitter too much (@jpadgett94), but thrilled to talk about football, basketball, wrestling and more with anyone, anytime. Resident Devy/Draft guy here at Top 2 Sports. If you learn anything from me, it's that you got to risk it for the biscuit.

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