Buying and Selling QB and RB for Week 3

Week 2 is over and I’m here to try and figure out what’s going on in a few backfields. Some of these guys are on your team and you need to get rid of them fast. Some are on your opponents team and you need to finesse them over onto your squad. I’ll spare you the obvious Mahomes/Cousins and Gurley/Kamara takes as  I don’t expect any of their owners to give them up at the moment. So here’s what we need to do if your QBs and RBs stink.



Jared Goff

Goff and the Rams had a fairly easy go of it on Sunday as the Arizona Cardinals proved they are pretty pathetic once again . Todd Gurley scored three touchdowns and Jared Goff didn’t really need to pass but he did anyway. It’s quite encouraging to know that a quarterback threw for 364 yards in a shut out. That bodes well for future games where the Rams are trailing and Goff truly needs to air the ball out. A QB who is still slinging it on a team with a great defense is a good sign of things to come .

Blake Bortles

He has been the butt of many jokes since his breakout season in 2015. Heck I’ve even given him a jab or 2.  But the fact remains that this team is without their number one running back and who knows how long it’s going to be before he’s back at 100% . Another quarterback that you wouldn’t expect to air the ball out too much because of his defense but what we saw on Sunday did not support that. Towards the very end of the game when Jacksonville was nursing a lead Bortles was still passing the ball. Bill Belichick himself must’ve been wondering what these fools were doing but it worked.  Another thing to consider is how much Bortles uses his legs and with Fournett out for who knows how long, Blake may be running a bit more than usual.


Andy Dalton

Dalton never looks good in primetime games and that’s why I used the Baltimore defense against him last Thursday. Yes he made me look silly for doubting the red rifle and he’s also making fantasy players take a second look at someone who was not on their radar during draft season. This isnt the first time Dalton has had success but we have yet to see him finish the season as a top 10 quarterback so I would sell him while the stock is high.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

What else can be said about the man who looks like he just came off the field at Gettysburg instead of the field in Tampa Bay? What’s not to love about a guy who is averaging over 400 yards per game this year? Well I have a feeling they’re going to name him the permanent starter soon and that is the kiss of death for Ryan Fitzpatrick.  History has shown as soon as the pressure is on for this guy he starts to stink up the place like three day old fish. I don’t believe the stock will ever be as high as it is at this point in the season and you could probably get something really good for him. Something that’s going to help you more in December than Fitzpatrick will.

Running Backs


Kenyan Drake

Drake was my preseason pick for the gem of the fourth round. So much talk about Frank Gore kept Drakes draft position stagnant for three months straight. In week one he saw the field over 74% of the snaps and improved on that in a week 2 win over The Jets. I believe his production could’ve been greater but there was a little too much passing in the early part of the game and it took the coach a little too long to realize Drake should be the focal point. Stubborn and seemingly angry people are funny to me and Adam Gase is one of them.  Seems like he’s finally coming around on Drake. Hopefully the Drake owner in your league is still not sold on him and you can find a way to snag Mr D!

Ronald Jones

Jones’ price is low. Very low. Peyton Barber doesn’t seem to be doing much and Ronald Jones might be the stash for the end of the season that we’re all looking for. If my predictions about Fitzpatrick come true they will be relying on Winston and more on the running game. Fresh legs and a running back with the job all to himself in November and December is just what a fantasy team needs. Dirk Cutter is a stubborn guy as well.  Many times once these coaches have no choice but to give an opportunity,  we see the talent come through in players they weren’t necessarily fond of. We have to remember sometimes coaches don’t like you because they don’t like you and it has nothing to do with your ability on the football field.


Austin Ekeler

Ekeler has a role on this team. A role that resembles Danny Woodhead of 2015. Woodhead finished a top 10 PPR running back that year and I should remember because I drafted him.  I also remember that one week he would get me 30 points and the next week he would get me six. So far the game scripts for the Chargers have been ones that include Ekeler And he’s making the most out of this opportunity.  There are a few top running back‘s like David Johnson who  are under performing at the moment. You might be able to package Ekeler and one other scrub  to a panicking Johnson owner. A longshot but it’s worth a shot!

Buck Allen

Javorious Allen Is another non-starter that is being used quite a bit by his team and making Alex Collins owners quite upset when they see him in the game.  Especially at the goal line. Allen is another player who I believe is at peak value for the year. I think Collins is just the victim of game flow and has simply not been needed for what Baltimore has been trying to do for the past two weeks. Someone out there might be able to trade Allen for Collins straight up  to a disgruntled Collins owner. If not then get what you can for Allen now. Collins breakout game is just around the corner.






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