Week 3 RB/TE Start ’em / Sit ’em

Greetings! I hope you were braver than me and put Isaiah Crowell in your starting lineup for week 3. He was an easy candidate for my sit ’em section, so I ducked that dodgeball.

Also, start your studs!

Week 2 Recap

RB Starts – I went 1 for 2. I was very high on Chris Thompson over Adrian Peterson and boy was I right. He finished as an RB1. However, I wasn’t expecting Breida’s success and thought Alfred Morris would show up against an awful Detroit defense. He did not.

RB Sits – 2 for 2. WOO! Neither Rex Burkhead nor Derrick Henry could muster even an RB4 level performance. Makes me feel pretty good.

TE Starts – 0 for 2 – I’m scratching my chin at the George Kittle miss. Jonnu Smith was a riskier play and he paid us back with big giant goose egg. Maybe that one will look smart in the long run.

TE Sits – 1 for 2 – Ebron continues to score a touchdown with his limited work. I still believe he is a risk/reward player. As someone who roots for the Lions, I am confused by his sudden ability to catch a ball. I was spot on with Mike Gesicki, who delivered a goose egg, as well!

Running Back: Start ‘Em

Sony Michel

The Lions defense just made Matt Breida look like a stud. Sony Michel has potential to be a long term stud running back. What better week to try out his abilities than against a run defense that can’t stop a beach ball? They drafted Michel high and he is not on the injury report as of this writing. Go for it!

Lamar Miller

The Giants run defense is equally awful. They even allowed TJ Yeldon to look good in week 1. Miller is still the only guy in town for the Texans backfield and the positive matchup puts him squarely in the mix for a great week 3 result. My spidey senses are telling me that he will finally find the endzone this week and for the first time in 2018.

Running Back: Sit ‘Em

LeSean McCoy

Is he hurt? How bad are those ribs? Is Josh Allen ready for for the big show? There are new abuse allegations against McCoy. Way too many distractions. On top of all that? They’re playing the Vikings IN MINNESOTA. Avoid! Alarm! Leave him on your bench unless you have absolutely no other choice due to injuries.

Jamaal Williams

The Redskins are a positive matchup. They even let the Colts running game look somewhat efficient. There is an alternate reality where Jamaal Williams has a solid week 3. This just isn’t that reality. Jamaal Williams has been mediocre at best. This is your friendly reminder that week 3 marks the return of Aaron Jones. We might see a changing of the guard.

Tight End: Start ‘Em

Austin Seferian-Jenkins

You might look at the matchup on your lineup page and see the Tennessee Titans are shaded red. Just looking at the numbers, yes they seem stout against the Tight End. Coincidentally, they faced two teams with no Tight End game, whatsoever, in Miami (Gesicki) and Houston (Jordan Akins, who?). ASJ is an integral piece of the Jacksonville offense. Bortles is playing like he belongs on a championship caliber team. Start ASJ with confidence!

Benjamin Watson

Here is another matchup that is shaded red because they (Atlanta Falcons) played a Carolina offense without Greg Olsen. It’s not some major accomplishment to have held Ian Thomas to 2 catches for 10 yards. Now, it’s New Orleans turn to face a Falcons. Watson is a steady player who has 4 and 5 targets over week 1 and 2, respectively. Points will be scored in this game. Watson has an opportunity to enjoy some of those points.

Tight End: Sit ‘Em

Jonnu Smith

As much as I liked him last week, I absolutely hate the idea of starting him this week. The Titans are playing the Jaguars. The Titans are going to look JV in comparison. The Jags put the stop on Evan Engram in week 1. This week, they will put the stop on the entire Titans offense. (Sniff sniff, I smell a new QB for Tennessee in 2019).

Kyle Rudolph

Look, you’re going to start him anyway. You drafted him to be your only Tight End and you likely do not have a backup in this case. You’re looking at the matchup against Buffalo and you’re drooling. There is nothing I can say here that will change your mind. But I will try: The Vikings starters will be off the field by the 3rd quarter. Boom, there goes Dalvin for a touchdown, there goes Latavius for a TD, Thielen, Diggs. It could be 35-0 by halftime. Why go for a skilled short play when the boom plays are there waiting to be made? I’m not sure he will have the utilization before the starters are pulled from the field.

I have a tendency to be 50% on my Tight End Sit recommendations. Jonnu, up there, is a layup. Watch, Rudolph will score two touchdowns and I’ll have to tuck my tail between my legs. Meh, whatever, you’re starting him anyway. I like it out here on my limb.

Best of luck to each of you in your week 3 matchups. Unless I’m your opponent. If that’s the case, then may your starters be beset by pestilence and plague.

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