Redraft Waiver Wire Targets: Week 4

Like I’ve seen all over Twitter, this was definitely a “Any Given Sunday”  type of Sunday with that Bills/Vikings game. A lot of folks had some rough weeks with their teams and received beatdowns similar to the Vikings. I bring this up because I want you all to remember my weekly reminder to KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE WAIVER WIRE. Someone will rage drop players or make a bad waiver transaction. Be ready to pounce on mistakes. Seasons are won in the trenches and it takes effort unless you play with shlubs. Be alert.

Due to our scheduled releases, this will be completed before the Monday night games as well as before I’ve had time to digest every game in depth. So with that being said, stay tuned to my tweets @THEffVigilante throughout the week for more gems later on in the week.

This week, there is going to be tons of people bidding for Josh Allen (one of my league mates for sure), Rosen (if he’s named the starter) and Mayfield. With that being said, I have to emphasize watching who they drop in exchange for one of those guys. With this being a redraft article, most didn’t have those guys on their rosters to begin with in traditional 1QB leagues. People forget that Bye-Week-APolooza begins this week. So that means key guys will possibly be dropped in order to plug a hole in their rosters. The teams on bye this week are Washington and Carolina.

Ok! Now that we’re past formalities, waiver edicate and warnings, here we go

Christian Kirk

ESPN Own %: 6.2

Yahoo Own%: 3

The last 3 weeks he has seen a steady uptick in targets going from 2-4-8. While I don’t think it will continue to rise, he is becoming an option in this offense. For the season he is catching 80% of passes thrown to him which is also encouraging if he’s to see consistent targets. Rosen was also just named the starter which bodes well for Kirk because the two have a history with each other. At the very least, teams have to watch David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald so he will find himself open quite a lot. He’ll face SEA and SF in the coming weeks which are good matchups for receivers.

Calvin Ridley

ESPN Own %: 40.8

Yahoo Own%: 44

He just torched New Orleans and he’ll always see less coverage than Julio. His target share progression funnily has followed Christian Kirk’s trajectory exactly almost (2-5-8). He’s touted as the best receiver from this draft class and is worth a look if he’s still available especially if Matt Ryan starts slinging it like I know he can.

Tyler Boyd

ESPN Own %: 23.7

Yahoo Own%: 17

Might as well go three in a row with a teams young wr2. Tyler Boyd has been Andy Dalton’s safety valve when pressured and there’s a reason why many in the analyst community love him. When Dalton just can’t get it to AJ Green, Boyd is right there waiting on him. Averaging 7 targets a game, he’s seeing enough opportunity share to be successful. He draws ATL next which has a possibility of consistently being a shootout game with them having lost key pieces in their secondary.

Tyler “I’ve Hurt Myself” Eifert

Yes, he’s perennially hurt, but with the other normally hurt tight end off the table (Jordan Reed), he’s an option. Like Boyd, he has a great matchup against ATL for his position with them missing Deion Jones for the season. In both Espn and Yahoo  he is about 50% owned. If you need him, there’s a 50/50 chance you can nab him.

Antonio Callaway

ESPN Own %: 16.5

Yahoo Own%: 33

I told you guys last week to go grab him and you may have been disappointed. I was not. The opportunity share he saw was very encouraging with both QBs. He’s going to have struggles ad chemistry issues, but this will change for the better I’m sure of it. His snap count has been steadily progressing since Game 1 over Higgins. Eventually volume leads to production and Callaway has the profile to go with that production, his only knock was extracurriculars. Another team’s wr2 served up on a platter for you. Go get him if you haven’t already.

Mitchell Trubisky

ESPN Own %: 22.2

Yahoo Own%: 15

I don’t like his play as a QB right now, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because he’s learning a new offense. He gets Tampa in week 4 who have seen QBs throw for 300+ yards through 2 weeks (possibly 3 w/TB v PIT sure to be a barn burner). This is as good as it’s going to get for awhile for him. Need a spot start because you lost Jimmy G, Cam, or Alex Smith? This is an option.

Case Keenum

ESPN Own %: 27

Yahoo Own%: 17.1

He has a another pretty good offense at his fingertips, a defense that will give him good field position and Kansas City in week 4. They have given up a bonkers level amount of yards to Rivers and Big Ben with Jimmy G was 50 yards shy of 300. This is a good matchup for Keenum looking to bounce back from a tussle with the Ravens.

Geronimo Allison

ESPN Own %: 34.3

Yahoo Own%: 34

Still looking like a great pickup from last week, if you don’t have him, you should. Barring another Buffalo destroyer of worlds game, Aaron Rodgers and Co will have plenty to gain in this matchup. Still widely available. Currently averaging 4 receptions, 70 yards. Give or take a TD that’s a great wr3/flex.

Mike Williams

ESPN Own %: 33

Yahoo Own%: 56

As he continues to grow as a receiver, Mike Williams has grown into a decent #2 for the Chargers. He’s also 3rd in targets behind Keenan and Gordon who will have their own feast against a beatdown 49ers team. With their offense in shambles, I can’t imagine the offense being on the field that much which means they’ll be worn down and big plays have a higher chance of happening. I really like Mike’s chances in this game to at least come away with 4 receptions, 50 yards and a possible touchdown with SF focusing on the Allen and Gordon.

Andy Dalton

ESPN Own %: 28.6

Yahoo Own%: 33

You can’t talk about two Bengals’ chance at relevance without throwing out their QB as well. Even if they are without AJ Green, I don’t think he will be that bad off. Like I’ve mentioned before, he’ll have a weaker ATL defense to go against. Since they lost key pieces in their defense, ATL has allowed two 300+ yard, 3 TD passing games to opposing QBs. If he can even sniff that, he’ll be fine. He’ll have plenty places to attack as well. Cam spread the ball around having 3 receivers with a TD and Funchess with 71 yards. On top of that, Mccaffrey had 102 receiving yards and then Kamara turned around and gave them 124! Which to me means on a lower scale, Gio can have a great night through the air right alongside Green (maybe), Boyd, Ross, Eifert, Uzomah and Kroft.


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