Will Fuller: More Than Boom/Bust

Since entering the league in 2016, Will Fuller has gained the label of a Boom/Bust player in fantasy football.  A Boom/Bust player is someone who has a high ceiling and a low floor.  I believe that this was a fair label to place on Will Fuller.  He has been a player that when healthy, has been very inconsistent with his play and fantasy production.  However, I think that things are turning around for Will Fuller and I believe he has the capability of becoming a reliable low end WR 2 in fantasy football.  Here are a few reasons for my optimism and why I am buying Will Fuller in dynasty leagues.

Fuller + Watson = Perfect Match

It is well documented how incredible Deshaun Watson was in his first 6 career NFL games last season, prior to tearing his ACL. One of the biggest beneficiaries of those performances was Will Fuller.  In 4 games in 2017 with Watson, Fuller saw 22 targets, which led to 13 receptions for 279 yards and 7 touchdowns.  Coming into 2018, we knew that there would be regression for Watson.  And there definitely has been.  Watson has only put up 5 passing touchdowns through three games and has a completion percentage below 60%. But this hasn’t effected Fuller’s fantasy production.  In 2 games played, Fuller has put up 13 receptions on 20 targets for 214 yards and 2 touchdowns.  It’s becoming evident that Watson and Fuller have this connection and that Fuller is becoming Watson’s favorite target.  Fuller has become a reliable asset when playing with Watson.  We are reaching a point where we have enough evidence of this not being a “fluke”.  As long as Fuller and Watson are both on the field, I am very comfortable having Fuller as my WR2.

The Texans Are Not Good

Another thing that will help Fuller be a consistent fantasy contributor is the fact that the Houston Texans just are not a good team.  They have been playing poor football so far in 2018 and if this continues, they will be trailing in games, causing the offense to become even more pass heavy.  According to Pro Football Focus (PFF), only three members of the Texans defense are performing at a High Quality or Elite level, based on PFF Grades.  Also according to PFF, all of their offensive lineman, tight ends or running backs are performing at an Average level or lower.   The only thing this team can do really well is pass the ball.  All of this is giving me optimism that Fuller can become a more consistent fantasy asset, when healthy. 

DeAndre Hopkins is a Beast!

DeAndre Hopkins has become one of the best wide receivers in the NFL.   According to PFF, Hopkins has a top 10 grade and has been on the field for the second most snaps amongst all wide receivers graded.  Hopkins is a stud that is always on a field, and that is great for Fuller.  Defenses have to game plan for Hopkins and are going to give him a ton of attention.  Fuller is going to find great opportunities down the field while the safeties are occupied with where Hopkins is on the field.  It is a similar situation to what JuJu Smith-Schuster is experiencing along side Antonio Brown.  When you are playing alongside one of the best wide receivers in the game, there are going to be opportunities for you.

Published by

Mike Colaianne

Mike is a recent college graduate, now teaching Physical Education in the Chicagoland area. Growing up as a die-hard Chicago sports fan (except the Cubs), he has always had a passion for sports. As a P.E. teacher with way too much time on his hands, Mike quickly started to gain a new passion, fantasy football. When not teaching, he can be found either coaching lacrosse or watching his Chicago sports teams. Find him on twitter @theFF_MikeC

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