Week 4 Buy and Sell: Wide Receiver and Tight End

Guess what I did? I didn’t listen to myself from past articles, I didn’t sell Desean Jackson, I bought him and boy did that come back to bite me: lesson learned. As all great fantasy lovers do, we soldier on. Here we look at my targets for week 4!

Wide Receiver 


Adam Thielen

He’s playing the Rams”, you may say. To you I say NO Marcus Peters and NO Aqib Talib. Through three games he appears to be Kirk Cousin’s favorite target with 44 targets to be exact. He has a 72% catch percentage and has looked like he hasn’t missed a beat and is building off the amazing 2017 campaign he had. I’m putting my chips here because even in a game where the Vikings couldn’t score and the Buffalo D looked surprisingly good, Cousins looked for him often to the tune of 19 targets. I suspect a similar outing coming with the pressure that Suh and Donald can exert and with their coming schedule. Make a package and get him.

Mike Williams

Through 3 games, his target share isn’t much – only 15 targets. I know we in the fantasy community use this a gauge to see if a quarterback is looking one way or another but I think this is deceptive with him. He’s ranked 4th on the depth chart but is the clear number 2 receiver, maybe even number 1 for the Chargers.  When they got within the 20, he saw more targets than Keenan and had a clearly higher completion to touchdown ratio. I’m very excited for this kid going forward and seeing what he can do against a 49ers secondary that is without Richard Sherman is the next test of his involvement in their offense. The chargers have a favorable schedule as the season goes which gives Williams room to grow.


Calvin Ridley

 His emergence could be starting. Coming off a fantastic stat line of 7-146-3, making the hands down WR1 for week 3, is making me feel like he’s starting to come to. Week 2 saw him with 4-64-1, a modestly good line opposite Julio. I think Matt Ryan continues to find his rookie but I’m cautious. Lets not forget week 1 when he disappeared for an 0-0-0 line. I don’t think this repeats ever again in this kids career but going into Cincy against a formidable D, I sell him this week, expect the fire to tone down a bit, you could use him to get an upgrade to a legit wide receiver 1.

Jordy Nelson

He’s old, he had one flash of a game, and his team looks terrible all around. I don’t like him going into Cleveland, a team that is certainly on the up-swing and who’s defense honestly looks like one of the top units in the league. Before last week he had a combined 5 catches for 50 yards on 8 targets. I’m not high on his overall potential to be a weekly starter but some people still buy off hype, now’s your chance, preach his history and make the sale.

Tight End


Trey Burton

This Chicago offense has been very underwhelming through 3 weeks. We thought they’d take a step forward and really be a well-rounded powerhouse team but I think Mitch is holding them back. His targets have been consistent averaging 5 a game, and week 1 was an outlier where he only caught 1 pass. At some point, this offense has to get going and the brought Burton in to be a pillar for Mitch. My bet is this team starts to figure itself out, week 4 is usually where teams get into a grove and I hope it happens here. Going against Tampa, a game that will more than likely be a shootout, I see big opportunity for Burton and big opportunity for you to buy him on the low.


David Njoku

Baker time baby! Which some would think means Njoku should see a boost, right? Wrong. Through 2 games with Tyrod, he saw 14 targets, pretty solid numbers warranting a start. Game 3 he only saw 2 targets and there is the problem. Baker played the entire second half and was in with more than 2 minutes to go in the first half. He had plenty of time to throw the ball and he needed to in order to win the game. The fact that his targets didn’t go Njoku’s way tells me he loves his WRs and RBs and the fact that the Raiders only solid looking defensive piece are their linebackers signals to me that Njoku can see another down week and could see a down year with Baker at the helm. sell em!

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