Week 4 Buying and Selling QBs and RBs

3 weeks of Football is a small sample size. Last year after 3 weeks JuJu Smith-Schuster was averaging less than 4 catches a week. Dion Lewis was on pace for 2.4 fantasy points per game. Even Keenan Allen was being questioned as a weekly play at this point last year. So we have to be very careful what we covet and what we discard.  Three weeks is a small sample size but it’s all we have to go on so let’s try and sift through what is real and what is fantasy so far in 2018.



Derek Carr

Carr is averaging 11.8 fantasy points per game so far.  You might be thinking that I put him under the wrong category but I am buying. Especially in 2 qb leagues. Last year at this point Phillip Rivers was averaging 14 fantasy points and Eli Manning was averaging 12. Both went in opposite directions the rest of the season. With all the talent on Oakland I’m willing to gamble that Carr’s numbers improve the way Rivers did in 2017. 11.8 is not an encouraging  number but Carr is number one in the AFC in pass completion percentage. Hes also number one in interceptions (cough Amari Cooper letting balls go right through his hands cough) He’s also number 2 in the AFC in passing yards.  Whether or not this team can get everything going at the same time is an open ended question.  Whether they can do it or not averaging over 35 past attempts per game is going to produce fantasy numbers.  If I m the Jimmy Garoppolo owner in your league or my number two QB is underperforming I’m looking at Carr.


Eli Manning

Manning had looked horrible the first two weeks then came through as the number 10 fantasy quarterback last week. How many more top 10 finishes will he have this year? I don’t think it’ll be too many.   Hate to beat a dead horsE but most leagues have a sad Jimmy Garoppolo owner this week looking to find someway to replace what they thought was there solid QB one for the rest of the season. This is the perfect time to use Eli’s top 10 performance to snake a nice running back or receiver from the Garoppolo owner. You’d also be dumping off what is probably your number two quarterback and bye week replacement  for something way more valuable.

Running Backs


Carlos Hyde

Hyde touched the ball on 52% of the snaps last week and finished as a top-five running back.  Couple that with Hue Jackson’s insistence to get Duke Johnson involved (that never came to fruition) and you’ve got what looks like a Bell Cow. It is Cleveland so maybe we should call him the Bell Calf. I know it’s hard to get behind this team but I think Jackson (brought over from Cincinnati as a running game specialist) might finally have what he’s been looking for.  What’s the most encouraging is it hide was on the field when Cleveland was coming from behind. That bodes well for major share touches the rest of the way as long as he can stay healthy. Finding a way to pick up Nick Chubb might be wise as well as Hyde has had a history of not being able to make it through the season.


Duke Johnson Jr.

Johnson has had a major role on the Cleveland Browns for the better part of 3 years. Hes been a PPR specialist on a team that is always coming from behind and needing to throw to a scat back.  It seems that era in Cleveland has come to an end. Johnson has averaged 3.1 fantasy points per game so far.  He is simply not getting it done.  Like I said above after three weeks last year Dion Lewis was averaging only 2.4 fantasy points per game. The rest of the way he was 12.6. Last year after three games Adrian Peterson was averaging 3.6 points per game. Peterson was only able to bump that number up to 5.4 for the rest of the year. I see Johnson going the way of Peterson last year and less the way of Lewis . If you can find someone in your league who still loves that name Duke Johnson then get what you can for him.  Otherwise I would cut bait and just find a handcuff for one of your other stud running back‘s.

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