Redraft Waiver Wire Targets: Week 5

We’re ¼ of the way done with the season and this week was filled with very exciting matchups, a lot of high scoring affairs and some season ending injuries. Come with me as I scour every single team for pickups that will add to your chances of winning EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

Due to our scheduled releases, this will be completed before the Monday night games as well as before I’ve had time to digest every game in depth. So with that being said,  stay tuned to my tweets @THEffVigilante throughout the week for more gems later on in the week.

Cameron Brate

ESPN Own %: 10.6

Yahoo Own%: 24

With O.J. Howard down for 2-4 weeks and Winston back under center, this is a good grab and stash choice. Everyone knows how much Winston favors Brate and now he’ll be by himself for a small period of time and should be serviceable in a position that has become a wasteland. They have a bye week this week so you may be able to sneak him off waivers. With bigger bye weeks looming, this is a preemptive strike should you choose take action.

Mohamed Sanu

ESPN Own %: 49

Yahoo Own%: 15

A lot of people probably drafted him and due to the emergence of Ridley, he has begun being dropped. I wouldn’t just yet. In the last couple of shootouts he has had 7 & 9 targets. My thing is always when you see consistent volume you follow it. He knows how to produce and has two juicy match-ups in the coming weeks against PIT and TB. A side note to this would MAYBE be that Hooper is another good grab with the short yard routes, but the Steelers D gives up everything this days so start everybody!

C.J. Uzomah & Tyler Kroft

If you saw the injury, you saw how gruesome it was. You know now that he has made his way to the IR for the rest of the season. Prayers go out to the big fella. Sometimes, players just can’t stay healthy. It’s very similar to guys like Brandon Roy, Greg Oden and Sam Bowie. Could have been really good but stayed hurt a lot (sorry Trailblazer fans). Which brings me to his possible replacement/s:

ESPN Own %: Available

Yahoo Own%: Available

There’s no reason to check their own percentage because they’re both under 5% for now. These two are both in their prime breakout season for the position which is between the 3rd and 5th year. I wrote a whole piece on the position and tight ends to watch out for this year. These two were guys  coming into their 4th seasons I liked in the case Eifert went down. In times where Eifert missed, they’ve both had chances to takeover the target share for the position (Uzomah in 16’ and Kroft in 17’). They were almost identical in catch percentage, yards per catch, and red zone usage. The only edge either really has is that Uzomah is a lot faster/agile and he’s 20lbs heavier which means he’ll probably be the one with his hand in the dirt (on the line) more often than Kroft. He’s even spoken about it, doing what the team needs. What I like about that, is he will have more time on the field, thus having more chances or opportunity share. This is a Callaway/Higgins situation where you need to go towards one or the other and hold to see their involvement. MY choice is Uzomah. The people’s choice will probably be Kroft because recency bias.

Antonio Callaway

ESPN Own %: 32.5

Yahoo Own%: 38

My money is still on this kid becoming a solid wr2. People are going to get frustrated with him and that is where you must step in and snag him if you can afford it. Remember guys, it’s all about roster construction. What pops out to me with him is not only his targets but how Todd Haley utilizes him in the offense. He was touted as a first rounder that ruined his stock with off the field issues. He’ll get it together, we just have to be patient. He’s had 10 and 9 targets the last two games, that’s volume I can ride with. After Baltimore this week, he and the Cleveland options get LAC, TB, PIT, KC, ATL and CIN. That’s a very good stretch for of exploitable defenses. It’s a long season and growth takes patience, hold the line.

Joe Flacco

ESPN Own %: 16.5

Yahoo Own%: 25

He has been over 250 yards the last three weeks and that wont change playing against a rookie QB who will give them good field position due to their defense. Not to mention the fact that Derek Carr just dropped over 400 yards on them in week 4. A good spot for Flacco and the gang. With the way Cook had his way against the defense, I wouldn’t be surprised if he targets his TEs similar to how he did against the Steelers.

Keke Coutee

ESPN Own %: 0.4

Yahoo Own%: 3

Keke, are you re-le-vant?

Will you pro-duce?

Will you drop 100 yards on them Cowboys?

‘Cuz we want ya, off the waivers,

I think your time is now

I should be close to finishing this article, but here I am writing lyrics for a waiver pickup (lol). I don’t really care that he went for 11/109 off 15 targets, it’s that he did that in his first time out on the field. On top of that, Golden Tate just put up 110+ as well. I’m not saying he will duplicate that, but the potential is there. He immediately went to 3rd in targets on the team in one game and clearly has Watson’s trust. Even if he is taking  backseat to Fuller and Hopkins, he will still see a trustworthy amount of targets due to the lack of shots to the RB and TE. He is the short yardage, in space guy they needed. Pick him up while you can. I like Dallas and Buffalo match-ups for him in week 5/6.

Chester Rodgers/Zach Pascal/Nyheim Hines*

ESPN Own %: Available

Yahoo Own%: Available

With T.Y. Hilton not playing on a short week, these three will be absorbing those targets he leaves at the table. Chester is the more consistent one here out of the receivers with Pascal seeing his only bump in targets in week 4. Hines is the third leading receiver on the team (the highest owned at 15%) and I imagine Luck will look to get him the ball as well early and often. These are your guys that, along with Ebron, will see the bulk of the target share especially if Doyle misses too. He was listed as a non-participant on Monday while Mack was listed as limited. Keep your eye on the injury reports throughout the week and prepare accordingly, this is a Thursday game. These three are all under 16% owned, but I’m sure this changes come wednesday.

Kendrick Bourne

ESPN Own %: 0

Yahoo Own%: 0

This guy is a hold for me. Just keep your eyes on him for the moment. Add him to your watch-lists (redraft “taxi squads”) because I like this kid. I liked how his connection with Beathard looked throughout the game with his 4 targets.  

C.J. Beathard

ESPN Own %: 2

Yahoo Own%: 3

He’s going to be in a lot of shootouts because his team won’t be able to stop much. I like him as a low-end streamer. His play looks better than it did last year and I like their rest of season schedule. Besides LAR in week 7, DEN week 14 and CHI in championship week, all the other matchups are ones where he’ll be able to succeed especially with a decent run game that will keep teams somewhat honest.



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