Buying & Selling QBs and RBs: Week 5

Let’s face it, the running back game flat out stinks this year.  Unless you drafted Christian McCaffrey , Todd Gurley or Alvin Kamara you’ve probably been singing the running back blues more than you’ve been whistlin dixie!  We just don’t have enough teams willing to commit to one guy in the backfield.  What used to frustrate New England Patriots running back owners on a week to week basis seems to be the norm in the NFL this year. And we all know how infuriating it’s been trying to figure out who the New England guy is for more than a decade. On the other hand this season has been a virtual feast for the quarterbacks. So far my advice on scooping up Jared Goff and Derek Carr have been profitable. There’s been an amazing amount of passing so far this season and only so much of it is going to the running back’s. There are a few guys who stand out though and could be in line for much more consistent seasons than anyone thought.

Buying Quarterback

Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans

Marcus Mariota Is most likely someones back up in your league.  It might’ve taken four seasons for his true coming out party and last week and was cause to celebrate for sure.  Yes Mariota has had good games in the past but this was against a very good defense and a team they were not supposed to beat. The emergence of Corey Davis (15 Targets) is another great sign for the young quarterback who hooked up with Davis for 9/161/1. Everything gelled in that second half for Tennessee and it could be a sign of things to come.

Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago Bears

Another QB I’m in on is Mitchell Trubisky.  Sure he beat up on the twerpy little punk we call the Tampa D this year. A defense that can make my grandma look like a pro bowl QB.  It’s easy to say he should’ve beat them up but as we all know sometimes that doesn’t happen. The fact remains he did. He did beat up on the twerpy little punk he was supposed to beat up on. So I’m not necessarily sold on him being my starter the rest of the year. But if he doesnt have the same bye week as my number one guy,  i sure would like to take a chance on a guy who threw six touchdowns to be in there during the bye week. Check your league, I bet hes still available.

Selling Quarterback

Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens

I truly believe Joe Flacco is on borrowed time. In August I didn’t believe that the reigns would be turned over to Lamar Jackson until 2019. Im starting to waiver to the other side. The Baltimore Ravens handed the Pittsburgh Steelers an embarrassing home loss last Sunday night and Lamar Jackson was on the field quite a bit. I think Jackson’s going to take over the full job after the bye week (Week 10)  or Flacco has an implode game before hand.  Following the great win in Pittsburgh Flacco  definitely raised his value.  I believe he’s at top value for the season and will only be plummeting.

Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins

A QB I’d be getting rid of if he was on my team is Ryan Tannehill. I know most of you didn’t even draft him but some of you might’ve had to take a chance on him over the past couple weeks. If you’ve been relying on Tannehill  and have some depth at running back or wide receiver Id try to package Tannehill and that other offenseive player for a leaguemate  who might have two good quarterbacks and can’t figure out who to play each week? Most leagues have a Pat Mahomes owner right now who drafted him as their back up. Snaking who they thought was going to be their number one QB might be an option?

Buying Running Back

Nyheim Hines, Indianapolis Colts

Nyheim Hines is a little dude.  I usually try to stay away from these little guys because they are great candidates to get hurt but if the team is going to keep using him like they are I’m going to have to give it a try.  A stat line like 4/10 in the rushing game will not make anyone happy. Couple that with 9/63/2 In the passing game and you have my attention, friend. Andrew Luck threw the ball 58 times before the overtime even started on Sunday.  I stated when I first started talking to you investing in running backs this year has been a tough row to hoe.  Most teams have showed us that they’re not interested in a bell cow per se.  Hines is  as close to a pass catching bell cow as Christian McCaffrey so far.  The Colts defense started off the season awful and continues to stink up stadiums across the country. As long as that’s the case and Andrew Luck is slinging that ball so heavily then i’m all in on Hines.  With all the confusion so far with Wilkerson or Mack, Hines is  still available on many waiver wires.

Sony Michel, New England Patriots

Until the Patriots bring a few new guys in then this backfield is owned by James White and Sony Michel.  Michel being the goal line guy I’m more inclined to invest in him. The injuries to Jeremy Hill and Rex Burkhead are unfortunate but have been music to the Michel owners ears. He is being used more than any rookie Patriots running back since Lawrence Maroney. Knowing that the patriots have been getting off to a slow start to the past few years and ending in Super Bowls, Michel could be more valuable than any of us expect. If you are hurting at RB (like everyone) and he’s not on your team find a way to get him there.

Selling Running Backs

Peyton Barber

Peyton Barber!!! I’ll make this quick. The guys isnt doing squat. I do believe Ronald Jones is going to take over that job pretty soon so move fast. There may be some seriously desperate owners in your league who need anything at running back and this may be your last chance to get something for Barber.

James Conner

James Conner’s days are numbered  as the starter in Pittsburgh. Conner touched the ball over 30 times in game one and those numbers have gone down and down in the weeks since. There is serious talk of Lev Bell coming back to the team after week 7 and I have to think this wouldn’t be much of a consideration if Connor was doing better and the team hadn’t started off to such a bad record.  For now he still is the starter and if you’re one of the lucky owners in your league that has depth i’d cut bait and get what I can for him right now.

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