Week 5 Wide Receiver and Tight End Buy/Sell Targets

Week 5 is on the horizon, look alive people! We’re past the quarter mark of the season and week 4 certainly did not disappoint. Right about now, you’re either panicking and giving up on fantasy football or you’re strategizing how to bounce back. We take a look at some targets for you to capitalize on and cash in with.

Wide Receivers, Buying:

Robert Woods

We’ve known Woods can play in LA, dating back to last season he was a very viable fantasy option. This year, it seems like he’s found himself teetering on the edge of the WR 2/3 position in LA. Even so, his target share is huge. 34 targets through the first 4 weeks with a 72% catch rate that is lessened purely because of his week 1 match-up where he caught 30% of the balls thrown his way. Now, coming of a 5 for 5 week where he had over 100 yards and a touchdown, I think you buy him. To be honest, you buy anyone in the Rams offense. It may be hard for you to get him away from his current owner but his continued volume and the Rams offensive ability makes him a great buy target as he’s not necessarily the top receiver in LA.

Taylor Gabriel

Here’s a deep one for you. A name that doesn’t elicit sparkling memories of fantasy dominance. Gabriel is showing he is a weapon for Trubisky and is getting the looks needed to make him valuable. In week 4 which was an absolute blowout for the Bears, a game where they didn’t need to throw but kept doing so, Gabriel saw 7 targets and caught them all. He had over 100 yards but the most notable and important thing is that he was the redzone target. Both of his touchdowns came when they were 3 yards out from the endzone. He’s showing that he can be trusted when it counts to his QB who has already supplied him with almost 30 targets. I want Gabriel on my team, specially as the Bears find their identity.

Wide Receivers, Selling:

Marvin Jones Jr 

It hurts me to say this, I love MJJ. But, The lions offense, as good as it can be, isn’t good enough to feed the mouths they have. Golladay is emerging as a younger, more efficient target. Tate is consistently a PPR machine and is showing amazing athleticism for his age. MJ has 29 targets through 4 weeks with only 15 targets, catching barely half the targets he gets. Combine that with low yardage, 58 yards on average through the first 4 games, he is seemingly touchdown dependent. Sell him and get a package or someone who has a currently better catch percentage.

Devin Funchess

He’s so..meh. Maybe it’s cause it’s early in the season and they had a week 4 bye but even so, his stats of 21 targets, 14 receptions and 185 yards and 1 touchdown just aren’t thrilling me. He has potential, look to last season where he saw over 100 targets, over 800 yards and 8 touchdowns. I think his problem is still his catch percentage, last year it was 56%, this year, so far, it’s sitting around 65%. It’s a concern and I’m just not feeling him at this point.

Tight End, Buying:

Vance McDonald

He missed week 1. Week 2, he saw a slightly increased role, week 3, he solidified his position as TE1 in Pittsburgh. Week 4, 5 catches on 5 targets for 62 yards. A very modest stat line and if he was a WR, no one would be overly jazzed about him. But, he’s a TE, and this year it feels like there’s no Grade A, high volume, high yardage TEs. Big Ben will look for him and going into a game against Atlanta where they’re missing their coverage backer, I think Vance is poised for another massive game. I scooped him where I could and look forward to reaping the rewards.

Tight End, Selling

Rob Gronkowski

What? The all time great of the TE world? Sell him? Yes. I’m a Patriot’s fan, I love Gronk and all that he does, I love his loyalty to Brady. But I do not love his attention he receives from other teams. Through 4 weeks he’s seen 23 targets, a low amount for the number 1 option on the Patriot’s offense. Week 1 was a boom of a week with over 120 yards and a touchdown, he hasn’t seen the endzone since. 4 catches for 44 yards in a game where the Patriots blew the Dolphins out, say hello to double coverage. Yes, Gordon is getting healthy, Edelman is coming back, their offense should be humming soon. But, defenses will always focus the biggest target on the field and that is Gronk without a doubt. Sell him and get the RB1 or WR1 your team needs and a few role players too.

One thought on “Week 5 Wide Receiver and Tight End Buy/Sell Targets”

  1. I sold both Gronk and MJ earlier this week. In my 2qb league I traded Gronk, Luck, and Kerryon for a package containing Kamara (too much context behind that deal to write here) and then shipped off MJ for Jordan Reed since I lost Gronk. Feel pretty good about it


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