Redraft Waiver Wire Targets: Week 6

Just a reminder that week 6 byes are Detroit and New Orleans. You’re losing a lot of firepower from your rosters and here are those names:




Prater/Lutz (yes kickers, sue me)

Also, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for add/drop transactions. Someone always drops valuable players during the waivers.

Due to our scheduled releases, this will be completed before the Monday night games as well as before I’ve had time to digest every game in depth. So with that being said,  stay tuned to my tweets @THEffVigilante throughout the week for more gems later on in the week.

Niles Paul

ESPN Own %: 0

Yahoo Own%: 0

He’s really not a tight end and some how he is. He’s 6’1 and a converted WR. However, with the TE landscape looking the way it has, he’s another option to those looking for help. He recently went out a had 9 targets for 7/65/0 and a red zone target. He will get some looks for sure, but be wary of JAX’s passing game as there are bigger receivers on the roster that could be better red zone weapons.

Mike Davis

ESPN Own %: 14.5

Yahoo Own%: 19

He and Chris Carson are doing their best to bully Penny from touches in that backfield. They both have looked really good regardless of the down they’re in on. I would say they’re a thunder and lighting type combo, but they aren’t. They’re like more like two parts of sonic-boom. In all of my leagues, he’s taken and I should have gotten him last week. However, he is still available for most of you guys out there. Go get him. This will be your last week to do so after that performance.

C.J. Uzomah

ESPN Own %: 10.2

Yahoo Own%: 26

Again, not a sexy pick-up, but he’s a tight end that breathes an isn’t injured. He had 2/43 which isn’t bad at all. Kroft left early with an injury and at the moment that just solidifies Uzomah as the starter. He will see a lot of single coverage and is no slouch athletically. If you need help, this is your guy who has potential to be a season-long starter in a good offense.

Taylor Gabriel

ESPN Own %: 14.5

Yahoo Own%: 19

After a great game in week 4 followed by a bye week, he is unsurprisingly very available. His targets have been above 5 all season which is really good as far as target share goes from a a guy who isn’t the main option. He won’t replicate week 4 too often because Trubisky was on fire, but he is a great option just due to the volume. He’s going to give you a better baseline than most boom bust guys out there currently. I have him in a few places, so should you.

Josh Reynolds

ESPN Own %: 0

Yahoo Own%: 0

This one is a deeper league type waiver add. With Brandin Cooks (in my opinion) out for this week for sure, Josh Reynolds becomes intriguing. Add to the fact that Kupp may also miss, and he becomes a must add in deeper leagues. However, I would pay attention to injury reports throughout the week. What I saw after Kupp and Cooks went down was that they went heavy Gurley along with utilizing both TEs (Everett and Higbee). This is a one week thing so be careful about your decision making.2

Keke Coutee

ESPN Own %: 19.6

Yahoo Own%: 34

As we told you last week, go get this guy before the getting is all gone. Now that he’s playing he has been a viable option and will be going forward playing with guys like Hopkins and Fuller who demand respect. This is probably the last week he will be obtainable, go get him.

Kyle Juszczyk

ESPN Own %: 0.8

Yahoo Own%: 0

Before you quit coming to Top2Sports for all your information, hear me out. This guy is the secondary safety valve for Beathard behind Kittle. He is literally becoming the pass catching back for the 49ers while Brieda and Morris handle all of the run work. I’m not saying he’s a must add for 12-team and under but would be worth a shot in deeper leagues. Strictly PPR for this one. Essentially what Blount is for standard.

Christian Kirk

ESPN Own %: 11.4

Yahoo Own%: 9

Another gem from last week’s article. Go get him while you can. He and Rosen have a connection from pre-NFL days and it seems to be working in the NFL. This will be the pass catching tandem for the future I’m sure. He’s been targeted at least 5 times in the last few and that’s the volume I like to see for my receivers.

Wendell Smallwood

ESPN Own %: 7.5

Yahoo Own%: 7

Corey Clement

ESPN Own %: 28.2

Yahoo Own%: 24

These two will be the hottest pickups of the week because of Jay Ajayi’s ACL tear. That means it will become a timeshare with the possibility of Josh Adams working his way in as well. Let’s not forget about Sproles once he’s healthy as well. These two however, should see most of the work. Smallwood will be the more popular pick because of recency bias, but just like with Uzomah v Kroft, I see Clement being the better option. Recency picking is how you get yourself in trouble. Clement was above Smallwood on the depth chart for a reason and has looked better going back to 2017. In saying this, Clement looks to be the easier get because he’s injured and they have a short week. I’m not starting either this week as I’m waiting to see how the workload can potentially shake out.

Rishard Matthews

ESPN Own %: 13

Yahoo Own%: 12

A free agent recently set free from the Titans is now working out for a few teams. Whoever he signs with will immediately become a must add. He still has plenty in the tank and is young similar to Dez. There’s a lot of teams in need of an established veteran at receiver and he’ll get enough volume to be worth the add. This is a stash for later pick if you can manage.

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