Week 6 RB/TE Start ’em/Sit ’em

Sanity was not restored in week 5. The Saints said the Alvin Kamara, “Meh, we know you’re awesome and are a game changer, but why don’t you chill out this week.” Week 5 is in the rear view mirror. All I can say is, “Wow! That was interesting!” Meanwhile, Kenyan Drake scored a touchdown! 21 points in 0.5 PPR is impressive. Too bad most of you likely left him on your bench after being burned for the 4 previous weeks. On to week 6!

Week 5 Recap

RB Starts – 1 out of 2. Both Chris Thompson and Javorius Allen had decent days, neither were particularly stellar. At least they didn’t tank!

RB Sits – 2 out of 2 – Lamar Miller was active, but not really. Jay Ajayi is done for the season. Honestly, I do not like getting the “sit ’em” category right because of injury.

TE Starts – 1 out of 2 – Jordan Reed completely flopped. I was stunned! However, Austin Hooper did right by all of us with 9 receptions for 77 yards. AND, we might go back to that well this week! Bonus points! CJ Uzomah wasn’t great, but for the Tight End position, he didn’t kill your week, either!

TE Sits – 2 out of 2 – Nick Vannett wasn’t terrible, but didn’t make you smile, either. At least he didn’t kill your week. Meanwhile, I hope you listened about Hayden Hurst. There are just too many options in Baltimore for him to have a great first week back.

Running Back: Start ’em

James White (New England Patriots)

Quit being stubborn and just put this monster in your starting lineup! If your league has any level of PPR, he better not be in your flex unless you are stacked to the gills. Put him in that RB slot and get a good night’s sleep. James White is a weekly play. This week, they’re playing Kansas City IN FOXBOROUGH! I don’t care about who the Patriots are playing, though. Putting James White in your RB starting slot is a recipe for some delicious fantasy points.

Tevin Coleman (Atlanta Falcons)

I know that Ito Smith has been a vulture lately. This is a regularly scheduled reminder that Tevin Coleman is in a contract year. Davonta Freeman’s injury is a perfect opportunity for Tevin Coleman to showcase his lead running back abilities. As if this opportunity wasn’t enough, the Falcons are playing the defensively inept Tampa Bay Bucs in Atlanta. Sweet sweet fantasy points. No, I’m not sharing!

The only negative is that dynasty players won’t be able to trade for him for a discount at the end of the season.

Running Back: Sit ’em

Alex Collins (Baltimore Ravens)

As if Alex Collins’ mediocre performances lately haven’t been enough, the Ravens travel to Tennessee to play the Titans who are not allowing running backs to get you any points. Do not attempt to enter this quagmire. You are very unlikely to escape and, if you do, it won’t be worth the journey.

Dion Lewis (Tennessee Titans) OR Derrick Henry

On the other side of the ball, we have the Titans running backs. Neither of them have been good lately. This is not the week where they turn it around. Las Vegas has this game at a 41 point over/under. Unless defense gets you excited, this is going to be a dull game. Baltimore has allowed exactly 1 rushing touchdown this season. Find your running back points somewhere else because there aren’t any in Tennessee.

Tight End: Start ’em

Austin Hooper (Atlanta Falcons)

Another wonderful matchup against the Buccaneers. As offensively dull as the Baltimore/Tennessee matchup listed above will be, this one will be the polar opposite. Neither the Falcons nor their opponent, the Tampa Bay Bucs, have defensive abilities in 2018. There will be points and they want to share them with your fantasy team. Oh, did I say points in this game? Well that brings us to………….

Cameron Brate (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

We filled up a bench spot with a Tight End on bye in week 5 just so we could enjoy the fruits of our fantasy labor! The Falcons couldn’t stop a snail carrying a suitcase. In addition, Jameis Winston has historically thrown to his Tight Ends. I don’t believe that will stop here. I am more comfortable putting Cameron Brate on this list than any other players in this article.

Honorable mention part 2 to CJ Uzomah.

He wasn’t stellar last week, but the Bengals have a juicy matchup against the Steelers. He’s not a definite start, just like last week. However, you could do worse. If you’re stuck with injuries or bye weeks, CJ Uzomah isn’t a terrible choice.

Tight End: Sit ’em

Niles Paul (Jacksonville Jaguars)

This recommendation carries the most risk. The Jaguars do crazy things and Niles Paul has inherited an incredible opportunity. The reason I say “sit” this week is because the matchup is against the Dallas Cowboys who aren’t too bad against the Tight End. Las Vegas has this game with a pretty low over/under at 41.5 (I would take the under) so there won’t be a lot of points scored. This game will turn into a battle of running backs.

Any Tight End from Buffalo or Houston

They weren’t likely on your radar. Due to bye weeks, injuries, and the position as a whole being a rotting boil on your pinky toe, you might be looking for a warm body to fill the starting position. Do not look here. A 41 point over under (again, I’ll take the under) and the strength of the Houston Texans’ receivers leads me to believe that this will be a 21-10 kind of game with Hopkins, Fuller, Coutee, and McCoy/Ivory getting the predicted touchdowns. The tight ends will be ignored.

Best of luck to each of you in week 6. Unless you’re facing me. In that case, I hope your significant other makes you decorate for Halloween and you’re so tired afterwards that you fall asleep until 4pm eastern on Sunday.

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