Get the Squirrel: Week 7 Buy and Sell Targets for WR and TE

Week 6 was a fun week for some tight games like the Pats/Chiefs and the unexpected excitement of the Packers/49ers. A lot happened, a lot of boom happened to be more specific. I won this week on the back of a wide receiver and I expect that to happen frequently. Lets take a look at who you should buy and sell to improve your team.

Wide Receiver, Buying:

Julian Edelman

You should have seen this coming. In his return he saw 9 targets, 7 catches, for 54 yards. Not a big boom in the return but if you’re looking for pure stats, you’re looking at this wrong. He saw 9 targets in his first game in over a year, him and Brady didn’t miss a beat and to me that spells money. In his week 6 game, he stayed consistent, 4 for 7 for 54 yards but adding a touchdown, I love his usage. In his last full season he saw over 159 targets, that pegs him as one of the highest, if not the highest, targeted receiver from 2016. I suspect we will see similar volume over the rest of the season, his almost 16 targets through two games tells me this much. You may be able to buy him cheap if someone isn’t confident in his longevity but he also may be a hard buy.

Davante Adams

I had my doubts early. Being the number one target isn’t always easy and full of amazing games. Unless your Adams and just so happen to be Rodgers favorite target. 71 targets through 6 games, catching 47 of them for a nice 66% catch rating and getting 557 yards. He’s on track for a monster season. But he’s also on track for 16 touchdowns. He’s average 1 a game and coming off of this past week where Rodger’s only 2 touchdowns were to Adams, I’d say his value and worth are astoundingly high. You may read this and tell me I’m an idiot for even saying to buy him and that this may be an impossible feat but if you’re in Dynasty, do it, he has many more years with this kind of production. If you’re in redraft, do it, he can be a week winner.

Wide Receiver: Selling

Will Fuller

Can you say touchdown dependent? His big play ability is the only thing that saves him but he is the biggest boom-or-bust player outside of Amari Cooper at he WR position. To date, he’s seen 31 targets for 21 receptions with 3 touchdowns, not bad for someone who missed week 1. You may question why I say sell, look at the previous years; 2017 only 50 targets with a 56% catch rate, 2016, 92 targets with a 51% catch rate. He’s generally good to catch half the balls thrown his way, which means low yardage, which means touchdown dependent. He’s had a solid start to the season but I don’t think he plays the full rest of the season nor does he keep up the pace he currently has. He’s coming off two consecutive down weeks with 3 targets, 2 receptions, and averaging 24 yards, but you can still sell him on the previous production.

Jarvis Landry

What a target animal, 66 targets through 6 games. Sell a target monster? A PPR machine in past seasons? Yes, a 50% catch rate tells me to sell him. 1 touchdown tells me to sell him. Catching 2 balls last game on 9 targets tells me to sell him. Barely reaching and breaking 100 yards twice tells me to sell him. As much as we love Baker, as much as we love Landry’s opportunity in Cleveland, he’s not catching them like he has in the past and that worries me. You can definitely sell him for some great pieces and I think you do it. Can this bite you in the butt down the line? Definitely, it just depends in what way.

Tight End, Buying:

CJ Uzomah

He assumed the starting role in Cincinnati this weekend and made the most of it. 7 targets which is a great indicator for me, 6 receptions which is fantastic to see, and 54 yards, a modest number for the first time as the lead tight end. I think Uzomah has potential to breakout for Cincy being that Kroft could potentially miss the rest of the season if he has surgery or significant time if he doesn’t. Historically, CJ isn’t great because he’s never had the opportunity to be the guy, now he does. Cincy has a great offense when they’re clicking and I think that will keep him relevant and reliable.

Tight End, Selling

Jesse James

Low volume, 21 targets through 6 games to be exact, and a third of that coming in the last game, but an exceptional catch rate at 81%. He had one monster week that is keeping him in the top 10 at the TE spot and hasn’t done much else outside of that. He saw 7 targets last game and caught 5 of them but only netted 25 yards, that’s crazy to me because you had Vance McDonald opposite him getting big chunks, why couldn’t he? Oh, that’s right, because Vance McDonald is there, too. But, that’s who he is, he’s boom or bust, more often, bust. Sell him for whatever low-end flex play you can get at the WR spot because you can get more value there.

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