Week 7 RB/TE Start ’em/Sit ’em

My, how the week got away from me. Let’s get this out there without any further ado.

Running Back: Start ’em

Kerryon Johnson (Detroit Lions)

The Lions face the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins have been spending the last 3 weeks being very giving to opposing running backs. 88+ points in 3 games (0.5 PPR) is an average of almost 30 points per game. Do I anticipate Kerryon getting 30 points? No, they still have LaGarrette Blount vulturing the goal line work. However, he should be in your starting lineup. And I don’t mean the flex spot (unless you’re stacked which is unlikely, these days, but possible).

Duke Johnson (Cleveland Browns)

After Carlos Hyde was traded to Jacksonville (excellent trade, Cleveland!), the Fantasy Universe sprinted to their league Free Agent list to add Nick Chubb. Great job to you! The other 9-15 people in your league were sad and had to “settle” for Duke Johnson. Does anybody remember that this is Duke Johnson?!? The dude is PPR gold when he has the opportunity. The phone is ringing, the caller ID says that it’s “opportunity.” You didn’t settle, you just won your week. Oh yeah, they’re playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Their defense stinks.

Running Back: Sit ’em

Lamar Miller (Houston Texans)

The Texans face the Jaguars. The same Jaguars who were destroyed by the Dallas Cowboys last week. It’s not a trend and Lamar Miller is NOT Ezekial Elliot. The Jags defense will rebound. Also, let’s not forget that Lamar Miller is not an image of health. You can definitely do better in week 7. I wouldn’t start Alfred Blue, either.

Tampa Bay Running Backs (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

This includes Peyton Barber and Ronald Jones II. I’m well aware that the Cleveland Browns are pretty bad against the run. This matchup looks delicious. But, I’m also remembering weeks 1-4. Winston at QB, instead of Fitzpatrick, certainly opens up the run game, but I have zero faith in the Tampa run system and consider last week to be a fluke. Hopefully, you have other running backs to consider. If you must flex one of them, I choose Barber. But, I’ll be cringing on your behalf until the game is over.

Tight End: Start ’em

David Njoku (Cleveland Browns)

David Njoku is coming off of a very fine performance AND they’re playing a Tampa Bay defense that loves to give fantasy points to Tight Ends. Tight Ends that play Tampa have finished in the top 3 every week except for week 1 (Ben Watson, so I understand). It’s David Njoku’s turn. Light ’em up!

C.J. Uzomah (Cincinatti Bengals)

Similar to Tampa, the Kansas City Chiefs (the Bengals opponent in week 7) also cannot stop the Tight End. Their opposing Tight End has finished in the top 5 every week except 1 (Chargers, so I understand). C.J. Uzomah has moved away from my honorable mentions. He can be started this week with confidence!

Honarable mention to Charles Clay (Buffalo Bills)

It’s risky. But, we’ve seen in the past how much Derek Anderson likes to throw to Tight Ends. If you’re in a very deep league or in bye-week-trouble, this is a great dart throw!

Tight End: Sit ’em

Cameron Brate and/or O.J. Howard (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

The matchup is mediocre, according to your league coloring. The only reason it’s yellow is because of week 4 when Jared Cook scored 2 touchdowns and had a bunch of yards. That one week skewed the results. If not for week 4, the Cleveland Browns would be RED in your matchup column. Throw in the position share between Brate & Howard and you’re left with a lot of doubt. If you can, start somebody else.

Hayden Hurst and the rest of the (Baltimore Ravens) Tight Ends

As if it weren’t enough that the Ravens are still playing duck-duck-goose with their Tight Ends, they are also facing a New Orleans defense who have been very stingy against even the good opposing Tight Ends. Avoid Avoid Avoid Avoid (That’s one for every Tight End that the Ravens might use today).

Good luck to each of you in week 7! Unless you’re facing me. In that case, I hope you have an incredible child who is living at college 2.5 hours away from you and that today is the only opportunity that you will have to see him/her making you miss your lineups. (Happened to me with this article, yesterday.)

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