Buying and Selling WR/TE Targets for Week 8

We all know the NFL trade deadline is approaching and teams are making move, the Raiders gave away a fantastic talent in Amari Cooper (He’s still a sell candidate) and I can only wonder what else is to come. We in the fantasy world have a luxury of being able to trade often and whenever, depending on your league rules. With that in mind, here’s some buy and sell targets ahead of week 8.

Wide Receiver, Buying

John Brown

He has been a wonderful surprise this year and is currently WR11 in standard leagues. Through 7 games he has a stat line of 54 targets with 28 receptions, 558 yards, and 4 touchdowns. I like it, it’s not solid gold, but I like it. His catch percentage of 52% isn’t thrilling but I don’t know that we can put it all on him. He’s seeing 18% percent of Flacco’s throws in a season where Flacco is on pace to throw almost 600 times. I think he has massive upside just off that knowledge alone, not taking into consideration his big play ability. Oh, lets also talk about his schedule – favorable matchups against Pit, Atl, TB, KC, Oak – he looks ripe to continue a breakout year.

Cole Beasley

Boy, I wish I could see the puzzled look of concern on your face when you see his name popup. Beasley has potential to dominate the field and the looks from Prescott, we saw it in week 6 against Jacksonville where he walked away with 9 for 101 and 2 touchdowns, a monster stat line. He saw consistent targets and catches last week against Washington but failed to reach the endzone. I think the addition of Cooper breaks the field open a bit more for him. To date, he’s seen 43 targets and caught 33 of them, I expect this number goes up much more. Oh, the best thing, he’s available in almost 80% of leagues on ESPN, go get him for free, consider him a WR3/Flex play based on match-up, and benefit.

Wide Receiver, Selling

Brandin Cooks

He’s back! To his old ways of boom or bust, with a sprinkle of injuries. I loved him on the pats because he gave us a great speed threat, on the Rams he’s still that player but he’s on an offense with too many options. 44 targets for 32 catches and 569 yards, a solid stat line, add in 2 touchdowns and he definitely has his boom games. It’s this reason that you can trade him for valuable pieces, use him and the fact that the Rams are so dominant to get you a potential RB1/WR2/3 package, that kind of trade is out there.

Any Jaguars Receiver

Jacksonville isn’t quite the team we thought we’d see this year, specially after their dominant week 2 win against the Patriots. There is definitely turmoil going on as Bortles continue to flounder and his receivers are suffering. As a whole, they average about 256 passing yards per game, that’s not a ton to go around to begin. They have varying degrees of usage and targets and no constant denominator. Hell, the player with the second highest amount of receptions is T.J. Yeldon, a running back! With no receivers having more than 31 receptions going into week 8, no one higher than 404 yards receiving, and no one owning more than 2 touchdowns, I’m just not a fan of any wide receiver.

Tight End, Buying

Jimmy Graham

I’m back tracking here but only because I’m loving the stats and usage he’s seen the past 2 weeks. He’s seen 20 targets for 11 receptions, 180 yards but no touchdowns, averaging a respectable 9 yards per target. Rodgers is looking his way more and more (45 targets on the season) and he’s catching them more and more. They have a tough defensive matchup this week against the Rams but after that, no defense scares me for them. I think he progresses and continues to gain Rodger’s trust and teeter-totters on the second or third option in that passing attack.

Tight End, Selling

Oj Howard

There is such a fine line between weekly, startable options at TE that it’s hard to justify anyone sitting in the top 15. Except, you can. Howard is a consistent TE, generally bringing 4 or 5 balls a game, averaging yards in the 60/game range. It’s not bad, it’s good for 10 PPR points a week, but it’s not great. It’s not wowing me. I will bet there’s someone in your league with a need at TE, it’s just how things go. You can offer him up and get a nice trade that swings your way. Well, who do you replace Howard with, you may ask. There are a number of tight-ends available that can be sufficient, see CJ Uzomah (available in over 60% of leagues) or Ricky Seals-Jones who’s offense may turn around for the better and add value to him (available in 80% of leagues) There’s talent out there for you to make a move at TE to upgrade another roster need, you just have to look.

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