Redraft Waiver Wire Targets: Week 11

This is the last time you may be able to steal wins and have to deal losing a lot of essential players. The last bye-pocalypse is upon us! Those teams that are on bye are as follows: Bills, Browns, Dolphins, Patriots, Jets and 49ers.

QB-Allen/Barkley, Mayfield, Osweiller, Tom Brady, McCown/Darnold, Beathard/Mullens

WR-Benjamin, Landry/Higgins/Calloway, Stills/Grant/Amendola, Gordon/Edelman/Hogan/Patterson, Enunwa/Kearse/Anderson, Garcon/Goodwin/Bourne

RB-McCoy/Murphy, Chubb/Johnson, Drake/Gore/Ballage, Michel/White/Burkhead, McGuire/Crowell, Breida/Alfred

TE-Croom/Clay/Thomas, Njoku, Gesicki/O’Leary, Gronk, Herndon, Kittle

PK-Hauschka, Joseph, Sanders, Gostkowski, Myers, Gould

Due to our scheduled releases, this will be completed before the Monday night games as well as before I’ve had time to digest every game in depth. So with that being said,  stay tuned to my tweets @THEffVigilante throughout the week for more gems later on in the week.

Josh Adams

ESPN Own %: 5.9

Yahoo Own%: 13

In the last 4 weeks, his snap count has gone from 0-31%, slowly but surely he’s climbing to the top of the heap in PHI. He’s been proving himself and producing with limited targets and carries. In the last two weeks he’s been outproducing his backfield mates as well. It’s tough sledding ahead as far as the schedule, but he’s becoming the back to own with at least bye week/dire RB2 value. I listed him first because he’ll be a hot acquisition this week, if you need RB help, he can provide some help.

Josh Reynolds

ESPN Own %: 1.1

Yahoo Own%: 2

You should always have this guy cued up in any league because he’s the next man up in this high flying offense. When someone goes down, he’s next to takeover. Sadly, Kupp has torn his ACL and is done for the season. What that means is Woods will takeover in the slot and Reynolds will move outside opposite of Cooks. Now this doesn’t mean he’ll have Kupp-esque numbers, but it does mean his opportunity share rises quite a lot. His floor is always decent enough in an offense like the Rams’. Again, he’s not a week savior, he’s a bye week filler/bench help in case one of your receivers goes down.

Maurice Harris

ESPN Own %: 9.7

Yahoo Own%: 37

He lead the team in receptions and yardage, he’ll be a valuable asset going forward even when Crowder comes back. We told you to pick him up last week and this week is no different, especially with all the teams on bye.

John Ross

ESPN Own %: 17.6

Yahoo Own%: 17

Still widely available, the speedster John Ross is a decent pickup. As long as AJ Green is out, he will be the direct beneficiary of extra targets while teams focus more on Mixon and Boyd. He’s fast and like Hill/Goodwin, he’s bound to beat his man somehow at least once. It’s a term you all should know as fantasy players and that is “boom-bust”. He could break one open for chunk yardage/TD or he could kill you by not catching much of anything. It’s the game we play and I like high risk high reward players.

Mike Davis

ESPN Own %: 45.7

Yahoo Own%: 52

I don’t normally do this, but yes, here’s player that is right at 50% owned. I like his capabilities in the passing game as well as the run. When it comes to the messy backfield, he’s your guy. Everyone is going to run to the waivers for Penny when Carson will be back this Thursday against GB which give them a 3-headed monster. Why I take Davis is simple, targets. Since the bye, Davis has been targeted the most on the team and that’s what I like for PPR, opportunity for receptions. He’ll also get some carries and to me, that makes him the more valuable pickup than Penny who realistically could just cannibalize Carson’s work (ugh).

Rashaad Penny

ESPN Own %: 13

Yahoo Own%: 15

Due to the game he had, he’ll be the hot pickup and he should. He’s looking better and better as the season goes on. He’s more obtainable than Mike Davis and could be in line for more carries alongside Carson. GB isn’t exactly stopping anything out of the backfield in the last 3 weeks. If you’re in a pinch, go ahead and grab him.

Tyrell Williams

ESPN Own %: 35.8

Yahoo Own%: 54

There’s a huge disparity in own % of the better Williams brother, but ESPN players, I need you to do better. I haven’t had much time to toot the horn of Tyrell this season, he’s the real number 2. He may have a lower ceiling than Mike, but he’s just simply out playing him. The have near the same target share and not the same production. Tyrell, at the moment, is the WR32 while Mike is 49. One is a WR3 the other, a fringe WR4. You know what to do.

Dontrelle Inman

ESPN Own %: 0.1

Yahoo Own%: 0

If you have to, go get him. If not, put him on your watchlist. He’s seems to be slowly inserting himself into the WR2 category for the team over the other receivers (which isn’t saying much). He’s catching almost everything thrown his way as well. In an offense like this, you want the pieces that produce. He could be a great sneaky bye week filler and help down the line if his role continues to expand. He’s had two back to back flex worthy games so if anything, he’s a great deep dive pickup for larger leagues.

Dak Prescott

ESPN Own %: 30.2

Yahoo Own%: 35

You need a QB and Dak should be your guy this week with 6 teams on bye. ATL over the last month have given up either +300 or multiple touchdowns to every single QB. Those QBs were Alex Smith, Baker Mayfield, ELI MANNING and Jameis Winston who doesnt even start anymore. I don’t think this is a boom-bust, I think of it as a safe play against a sub-par defense. If there’s any time for Dak to do it, it’s here and he’s available.

Marcus Mariota

ESPN Own %: 15.5

Yahoo Own%: 30

He’s put it back together over the last few weeks and looks good. IND defense isn’t exactly stopping people these days and this seems like a good spot to pickup and start Mariota. Over the last couple of weeks they’ve only made Derek Anderson (?) have a bad game. Derek Carr, Sam Darnold and recently, Blake Bortles have all had startable games against the Colts and Marcus has the chance to do the same.

As always, I beg of you, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for add/drop transactions. Someone always drops valuable players during the waivers. Bye weeks are actively wrecking some teams that have multiple players on the same bye, valuable players will become available in the coming weeks. You set yourself up in the draft, you win through waivers! Go get your #waiverxmas on and come home with a #Top2TypeVictory!

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Christopher A.E. Nelson

Christopher Nelson is a very avid fantasy football fan and analyst. Currently writes/evaluates college prospects through the off-season being part of multiple mock drafts with other entities and making #VigilanteViDSesh threads for public consumption. He loves music and marvel comic lore just as much and tries to find time for all three. Fantasy football has taught him the love of numbers and bolstered his drive for research making it only right that he writes. You can find him @THEffVigilante on Twitter and the_o.f.i.s on Instagram.

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