Streaming Quarterbacks: Week 12 Edition

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Last Week’s Results: My choice of Dak Prescott was overall a disappointment,scoring 14.82 fantasy points. He did rush for a TD which is one of the things that gives him fantasy upside, but overall the Cowboy defense was able to keep Atlanta from turning it into a high scoring game and Zeke dominated the game on the other end. Those factors combined to limit the need for Dak to do as much and capped his potential fantasy production. This week brings the weekly average for my main streaming options to 23.4 fantasy points per game, which is a higher point per game total than Kirk Cousins, Deshaun Watson and Tom Brady.

This week there are only 2 bye weeks, but both are big names for fantasy QBs with Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff not available they are currently the number 1 and 2 QBs in fantasy. Mitchell Trubisky is also expected to miss action this week so that is 3 relevant QBs unavailable this week, so here are some streaming options I like to fill in for them.

Main Streaming Option: Jameis Winston

Tampa Bay continues to play musical chairs with the QB position and this week it is Winston’s turn again. He has the chance to blow up and get benched, but the situation is a great one. The game has the 2nd highest over/under of the week at 54.5 and Tampa Bay is favored by 3.5 points, which means it is expected that they will score in this game.

They are playing at home against a team that has to come across the country as well. The Buccaneers have enough options in the passing game for Winston to put up a big fantasy day. He is likely to turn the ball over, because that is the player he is at this point, but I expect the good to out weight the bad against a favorable match up.

Tampa Bay will being doing everything they can to win this game as their coach tries to keep his job and their defense is known to give up a lot of points so they should come out attacking in on Sunday.

Alternate 1: Lamar Jackson

There is not much evidence yet that Jackson can throw the ball at the NFL level. He is someone I like as a high floor option due to his rushing. He carried the ball 27 times in his first start, with a combination of some designed runs as well as him looking to take off. He only threw 19 passes in his start and at times when he dropped back it didn’t look like he ever intended to throw the ball. I expect him to run often again this week, if he gets into the end zone on the ground he will have a very good fantasy day.

Baltimore is a heavy favorite in this game and they will likely play it safe on offense, keeping the ball on the ground a lot. Jackson also has the potential to be valuable down the stretch if he keeps the job, his rushing could potentially make a big difference in deciding fantasy leagues this year.

Alternate 2: Nick Mullens

After his initial breakout Mullens came back to earth in his 2nd game. Last week they were on a bye and it is time to see what Mullens can do after having very different games in his 2 starts. He is playing against my main streaming option in a game where there is expected to be a lot of points.

Tampa Bay is the worst in the league at giving up fantasy points to the QB and what I really like is that Tampa Bay is 2nd worst at giving up fantasy points to the TE. George Kittle has been great this season and I expect the 49ers to exploit that match up and heavily feature him in the game plan. We do not know if Mullens is any good at this point, other than safely being able to say he is better than Nathan Peterman it is hard to judge exactly what he is. I

f he is unable to exploit this match up then he is likely unplayable the rest of the season, but I am with Vegas expecting this to be a higher scoring game and there will be a lot of fantasy points scored.

This is the last of the bye weeks, but there are always options out there for streaming. Check back next week for more streaming options.

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