Redraft Waiver Wire Targets: Week 13

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We’re done with byes, playoffs are starting or will start for some in week 14 and everyone is at full strength. The question now is what do you do? Well, injuries still happen as well as roster tinkering. Just because you made it to the playoff doesn’t mean waiver wire picking stops. You ride that skill to the championships!

Due to our scheduled releases, this will be completed before the Monday night games as well as before I’ve had time to digest every game in depth. So with that being said,  stay tuned to my tweets for more gems later on in the week and Follow THE Fantasy Vigilante HERE!

Case Keenum

ESPN OWN %: 9.2


Being a Steelers fan, this pains me to even have him on this article. However, in this line of work we must remain unbiased so here goes. You’ve lost Alex Smith, Bortles got benched, Dalton is out for the year and there just isn’t a lot of guys you feel comfortable starting. Case Keenum should be worth taking the shot. His schedule is relatively easy down the stretch so that should be some extra confidence for player looking for a QB replacement. For reference his remaining schedule is: CIN, SF, CLE, OAK.

Josh Allen

ESPN OWN %: 1.5


I’m not saying shirk your starters for the guy, but if you need a QB replacement, give him a shot. He just performed pretty well against JAX who isn’t a slouch defensively although they’ve been under-performing. His slate only gets easier to wind down the season with the next 3 being MIA, NYJ and DET.

Matt LaCosse



Heuerman is out for the season and Matt should be the next man up. If you need assistance at the TE position and maybe in a deeper league than normal, Matt could end up being good for you. He didn’t look bad at all out there against the Steelers and like Keenum, he has a decent schedule ahead of him.

Chris Herndon

ESPN OWN %: 9.9


Again, another replacement level TE, Herndon gets enough opportunity share to be a viable option. He’s also getting looks in the redzone which is one of the better ways of measuring the players chances of getting into the endzone. His opportunity seems to have not changed between McCown and Darnold, so his production should be safe despite which QB is in.

Josh Reynolds

ESPN OWN %: 33.8


He may be out of range for you Yahoo players, but as always ESPN is behind the curb. Reynolds is in the Cooper Kupp role and so far he hasn’t been bad. If you need a decent flex option in a pinch, Reynolds is definitely an option. With an offense like the Rams, he’s gonna see his fair share of opportunity to produce.

Adam Humphries

ESPN Own %: 28.2

Yahoo Own%: 30

This offense spreads the ball around a lot and Adam has been benefiting from it. In the last month he has been very easily a great flex option out performing expected production. Getting roughly 6 targets a game, he’s worth a shot to shore up your receiver corps.

Bruce Ellington



Purely based on the targets alone he’s worth a shot. With Marvin Jones down for the season he has to be a big part of the passing offense along with Kenny and Theo, so he’ll have a high floor on a nightly basis.

Dontrelle Inman

ESPN OWN %: 8.3


Consistent and a high catch rate. Two things I want out of my fantasy options and Inman gives them to you. With the news breaking about Jack Doyle being down for the year, I expect him along with TY and Eric to see more looks the rest of the season. From what I can see, he seems to be a trustworthy option for Andrew Luck.

Curtis Samuel

ESPN Own %: 6.3


My guy Hilal @hjchami on twitter beats the drum for this guys harder than anyone I know and I’m starting to see why. Samuel’s month of production has been with limited touches but he does SO much with them. With his uptick in production, he and Moore should see more work and make Torrey Smith ghost and maybe even steal some show from Funchess as well. He really is a high ceiling-low floor type of guy.

C.J. Uzomah

ESPN OWN %: 30.1 


From what I’ve read and looked over, his production wont change with Driskel at the helm. Even though he’s not blowing the doors off, he’s contributing enough to be a viable option at your tight end spot. If they decide not to bring AJ Green back, he’ll see a lot of targets alongside Boyd.

My new plea to you all for this part of the season is to continue to watch the waivers. Not because of bye weeks wrecking teams, but teams are out of the playoffs so drops will happen. Also, with teams back at full strength, “placeholder players” will also be dropped and if you’re struggling with depth, this is still a great time to continue to tinker.

You set yourself up in the draft, you win through waivers! Go get your #waiverxmas on and come home with a #Top2TypeVictory!

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