Dynasty Trash Pile: Week 14 Edition

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I’ll be digging through the trash for your next waiver stash. This week on the Trash Pile, we are trying something different. I’m going to be recommending 3 stash players for next season each week from now until week 17 that are owned in 15% or less in all FFPC leagues. The list may range from veterans to first round busts, but should be interesting nonetheless. If you’re in a rebuild and you are looking towards the future, maybe there is a guy that sparks some interest between now and week 17. If not, thanks for reading anyway. Here goes:

1. Jonathan Williams, RB, Indianapolis Colts
(12.91% owned in FFPC leagues)

Jonathan Williams was projected as a high draft pick (possibly even the first round) after his junior year at Arkansas. An injury in his senior year before the season started killed his draft stock, and he was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the 5th round (156th overall) in 2016. Since being drafted, Williams has bounced around between a few practice squads and has also served a suspension of 4 games. However, Williams possesses many traits that any team would look for in a running back.

He is a great pass protector, has good vision, runs with power up the middle, has pass catching ability and is known for being slippery when defenders go in for the tackle. Currently sitting on the Colts practice squad, he has also had stints with the New Orleans Saints and Denver Broncos that both resulted in his release. He seems to always be the “next man up”, but then is passed over for whatever reason. The Colts have activated Williams this season on 3 separate occasions, but he has only received 3 carries for 0 yards.

In the coming weeks, it is possible the Colts could push Williams into action a few more times to see what they have in him. If this happens, it could be an audition for a roster spot next year with the Colts, or another team. Williams is a gamble for sure, but there are 13% of FFPC owners who obviously believe in his talent.

2. Kevin White, WR, Chicago Bears
(14.7% owned in FFPC leagues)

I already know a majority of fantasy football owners hate Kevin White and I should too. I drafted the guy in my own Dynasty league and got burned. Injuries have derailed his career severely and that is a known fact. White still carries that high draft pick pedigree (selected 7th overall in 2015) and there will be a team that will take a chance on him next year because of this.

This season he has played sparingly. Most of his production came on a hail-mary pass in the game against New England where he hauled it in for 54 yards, but could not gain the extra yard to help the Bears secure a victory. It’s true that Kevin White has lost a step (his speed was his best asset), but he might have that chip on his shoulder mentality that could make him a serviceable roster option.

As of the writing of this article, his career stats are 24 catches for 263 yards and no touchdowns. I have no idea what the future holds for Mr. White, but I am certainly intrigued. If you are in the 85+% of leagues he’s available in, a $1 would probably get you Kevin White and that’s not a bad price coming from the Trash Man himself.

3. Teddy Bridgewater, QB, New Orleans Saints
(7.61% owned in FFPC leagues)

Teddy Bridgewater is a player I am definitely rooting for. Bridgewater is a former 1st round draft pick by the Minnesota Vikings (32nd overall) from the 2014 NFL Draft out of Louisville. After a breakout season in 2015 where he would end up making the Pro Bowl, Bridgewater tore his ACL and dislocated his knee joint in a gruesome injury in practice before the start of the 2016 preseason.

Since that time, he has been rehabbing and trying to make a comeback. In 2017, Bridgewater did the unthinkable and came back to play in week 15 against the Bengals. After a standing ovation, Bridgewater would end up tossing an interception in one of his only 2 pass attempts that season. After the conclusion of 2017, the Vikings would release Bridgewater. He was then signed by the New York Jets and after a decent preseason that saw him toss 316 yards, 2 td’s and 1 INT in 3 games, he was traded to the New Orleans Saints for a 6th round draft choice.

So far this year, Bridgewater has done nothing but take kneel downs for Drew Brees. However, the Saints could view him as the predecessor to Brees. In the Saints highly potent offense, this should excite any fantasy owner with a pulse. $1 would probably get Bridgewater on your roster. I’ve spent $1 of FAAB on worse players who would never sniff a Pro Bowl and I’m sure you have too.

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