Redraft Waiver Wire Targets: Week 14

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Inhale deep, now exhale and give a Rick Flair-esque “wooo!” because you’ve made it. It’s playoff time and you’re ready to tinker and tweak those lineups to advance past round one!

Due to our scheduled releases, this will be completed before the Monday night games as well as before I’ve had time to digest every game in depth. So with that being said,  stay tuned to my tweets for more gems later on in the week and Follow THE Fantasy Vigilante HERE!


Let’s be honest, if you made it this far, it wasn’t on the backs of some of the guys that are left. I won’t suggest QBs that are left at less than 50% own rate because they’re all bound to lose you the first round. Moving on.

Wide Receivers:

Tre’Quan Smith

ESPN OWN %: 43


Frequently mentioned on this article, Smith continues to be a waiver wire darling ( I still have him in a few places). Tampa Bay is the team you want to green light all your players against and Smith is healthy. If you’re in need of a flex against a bad secondary, he’s one of the guys you should seek.

Adam Humphries

ESPN OWN %: 41.2


Humphries has been having a quiet but great 4 weeks averaging 14.7 PPG. Even with the possible return of Desean Jackson looming, he won’t effect what Adam has going on. Godwin is another possible candidate here with the way he’s catching everything that comes his way, but may be stifled by Jackson’s return. Keep both in mind as wr3/flex plays this week.

Curtis Samuel

ESPN Own %: 12.5


Didn’t even bother to take Curtis off from last week because I believe in him and the matchup he has. With Greg Olsen down, Funchess, Moore, CMC and Samuel with shoulder a heavier load going forward, not Ian Thomas. Which means more end around/motion plays that get him and Moore open where they can create in open space. Cleveland is that get right game for the Panthers and with no real #1 right now all three will have time on weaker defenders (even though CLE isn’t a pushover).

Running Backs:

Rashaad Penny

ESPN OWN %: 21.5


With Mike Davis not running well and Carson injured, Penny could be in line for some heavier work. Minnesota isn’t shutting down the run game but they aren’t a walk in the park either. I look for this to be a matchup where he can manage to be a flex play at best with Mike Davis still getting most of the targets (Penny hasn’t been targeted in the last 4 weeks).

Ty Montgomery

ESPN OWN %: 13.1


One of my favorite “scat-backs” from the offseason, Ty Mont is becoming a viable weapon for Lamar. He’s over 50 yards and at least 3+ receptions in the last two games. That should continue against KC seeing how Richard looked against them (126 yards from scrimmage). Depending on how Lamar slings it, I’d call Ty Mont a back end RB2. Gus Edwards should have a flex worthy game as well with the offense being more run oriented.

Jeff Wilson Jr.



With Brieda missing this week (alert dropped while writing this) and Jeff having a great game last week, that makes him a great flex play against DEN. We have to expect Alfred Morris to be active but if Jeff sees any where close to what he got last week, he’ll be a fine play with RB2 upside in an offense that allows production.

Tight End:

Mark Andrews

ESPN OWN %: 1.6


If you’re hurting at the position and can’t just let your TE spot sit empty, Andrews is your guy out of the few that are available. He’s the most productive TE on the team and KC isn’t exactly limiting any one position, especially the TE. In the last three games, they have allowed over 100 yards to the position.

Trust me, I’m right there with you in the waiver battlefields. I’ve tried every form of drafting strategy and they have little to no effect on my rosters because of, say it with me now, WAIVERS! As far as my redraft leagues go, 3 out of the 5 teams I have are going to the playoffs and most of the 21 teams I have lead the league in scoring and I hope this article has helped you accomplish the same.

You set yourself up in the draft, you win through waivers! Check the transaction wire and go get your #waiverxmas on and come home with a #Top2TypeVictory!

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Christopher A.E. Nelson

Christopher Nelson is a very avid fantasy football fan and analyst. Currently writes/evaluates college prospects through the off-season being part of multiple mock drafts with other entities and making #VigilanteViDSesh threads for public consumption. He loves music and marvel comic lore just as much and tries to find time for all three. Fantasy football has taught him the love of numbers and bolstered his drive for research making it only right that he writes. You can find him @THEffVigilante on Twitter and the_o.f.i.s on Instagram.

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